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I'm just a 30-something girl living in Minneapolis in my own sweet bachelorette pad. I've gone back to school, which means I'm still in college and will be forever for years. Sooner or later, you'll have to call me Dr. Nic.       No, seriously. 

I'm consistently budgeting, reevaluating my lifestyle and coming up with new projects to keep busy. I am ridiculously, annoyingly dis/organized. I am always reading and listening, often at the same time. I love recipes. I bike daily, for school-work-play. I really like bikes and sometimes I touch them with tools. I run and jump and play and climb in literal ways. I am attracted to bright // shiny things and my camera is only a pocket away. I am eco-friendly and have been transitioning my consumer practices to reflect this. I am giving myself permission to let these things seep into this blog, as my life is a factor in my weight loss journey; wait... it's the other way around. 

I have a lot of ideas. Subsequently, I have a lot of opinions.  I have a Manpanion who is my favorite hairy partner-in-love. His name is Paul, and while I've constructed that sentence awkwardly enough, he is a Man and not a dog. I love dogs. I don't have time for a dog between working (as a social worker turned two restaurant waitress), school (to be a Doctor of The Sex), feeble attempts at health care, social pursuits and very (very) comfortable sleep.

My Fat Story

In the summer of 2003, I joined Weight Watchers for the first time. In 3 months, I was able to successfully shed 28lbs. I was extremely proud of this accomplishment, so proud, in fact, that I believed I didn't need to continue following the program and that I had learned everything I needed to know to get down to my "goal weight" and maintain it.

HILARIOUS! Oh, Me. You're so silly sometimes. 

Four years later, there I am. Tipping the scales at 199lbs and feeling pretty crumby about it. At 5'2"  and the heaviest I have ever been in my life, I became a plus-size. Now, I don't really feel there is anything wrong with being plus-size. The women of my family all have "big bones."  We are a hip-y bunch. Obesity runs in our veins. If you eat a cupcake, it is automatically transported into the folds of your thighs, and it was always a goal of mine to never reach this point. But, as I watched my neck disappear under many new chins, I had to admit that I had a problem. A weight problem, and an "eating as a solution to everything" problem. As I stepped onto the scale I had stolen from a previous roommate, I saw the number 199 and I signed up for WW right away.

_______   _________   ________

It's been a hell of a ride. Over the last 5 years I have learned so much about myself.

My favorite thing I've learned is that THIS NEVER ENDS. 


I'll always be paying attention to what I eat. I'll always care what I put in my body. I will always want to exercise my body's awesome ability to move me around and do things that are fun like rock-climbing or riding my bike or hugging my Manpanion or more-than-hugging my Manpanion. 

You are here, on this earth, and that is both a joy and a responsibility. 

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80poundsdown said...

You are the greatest! I have a similar story. What I didn't understand is that it never ends that once I lost that weight everything would go back to normal but... no it doesn't. But this change is good and its great. Good Luck on your last Twenty I am rooting for you !