Friday, November 22, 2013

Working from Home

New daily adventures in online workout videos....

HOW CONVENIENT. Seriously. How am I so so so so late to this game? Here's the uber-super-quick one I tried today. It burned.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Doing Things.

In an effort to be less isolated this Winter, I've been attempting to set myself up with some new groups, hobbies and classes.

Last night, I took a bike overhaul class at a local bike/walk center. I met some really neat folks and I'll be going for the next 3 Tuesdays to learn a few things about my various bikes. Last night's introduction was just a refresher for me, teaching people how to change or patch a tube (something I've done 8 billion times and have even won a prize for my speediness at Tour de Fat) and then we worked on doing a hub overhaul. I'd never done that, and I wasn't able to get to my own bike's hubs, but I did observe and assist on a front hub, which was fascinating.

I've also been having a hard time motivating myself to get to the gym as of late. I don't think I made it once during November thus far. I also hadn't been working out because, y'know, I bike and walk everywhere. That changed today when I took fate into my own hands and tried an Internet workout video for the FIRST TIME EVER.

Can you believe that? I've never worked out with my laptop. It was awesome!

Here's the video I tried. I loved it. I will be working out with her again soon!

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I'm not expecting anything. We had a weekend away with my family for an Early Thanksgiving Celebration. We were in the woods and didn't take much time to walk, and we drove so I didn't get any bike rides in. I was relatively sedentary and I ate A LOT. I also drank a lot. Hey, it's the Holidays. I've cut myself some slack and released all guilt about it.

But, I don't expect a loss and I'm already prepared for a gain.

Time to shower away the thin layer of sweat from my Barre workout!

Have you ever worked out with your laptop? What are some of your favorite workout videos that I can find online?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Month Lost.

Well hello there.

I have made absolutely no progress since I last posted, which seems to be the theme of the last few years.

I think I'm finally starting to accept that I am VERY MUCH in maintenance mode. I just don't have the time or the energy to plan, and because of that, I can't be upset that I'm not making progress in the downward direction. I could make time, but I think that'd be stressful and painful, and then would I be happy with the results? Is a smaller number on the scale really worth putting myself out right now?


I'm kind of growing into this accepting place. I've been using My Fitness Pal for some time now, and it's definitely fun to track all my activity through Endomondo and have it show up in the app for me as calories I can eat... but I do eat them. All of them, and more, every time.

Between this semester coming to a close and the Holidays approaching, I'm ravenous. I'm stress eating, but also I'm human-powered transportation 100% of the time now. I'm walking and biking EVERY WHERE, and I've been really hungry as a result.

My current solution has been to turn to freezer meals like Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine to assist with portion control and the reality that I get home and I'm already starving, and I just need something... like, now.

I've gained about 2 pounds over the past month, but that's an easy number to flux, I think.

I'm so very excited for Holiday break on campus, because I am going to reinstate my gym routine, which is now more than a month absent.

It is officially time to get back on track.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Weighing In - 10/17/2013

Confusion, friends.

I have been tracking for 10 days straight with My Fitness Pal and consistently coming in below my goal after my fitness calories have been added to it.

This week, I gained 2 pounds.

Excuses aside, it was a strange month, and I'm having some lady issues that have been recurring every few months that we now believe to be indicative of PCOS: Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome, which basically encourages weight gain to begin with.

I feel like I truly am trying and I'm not losing weight, just slightly gaining all the time, enough to completely thwart my efforts.

I'm going to keep tracking, because I think keeping an eye on what I'm eating is really important, but I'm also going to mope a little, because 10 days of meal plans and exercise packed on another 2 pounds. I could have definitely used the rest and relaxation I gave up to work harder.

I've contacted my OB/GYN and we're going to move forward from this, but that doesn't mean it will help my weight gain this year.

Oh, bodies. You are so mysterious.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Weighing In - 10/10/2013

A slight gain of 0.6lbs, to be expected at this time of the month. Y'know... Time Of the Month.

This week, I started tracking with My Fitness Pal. I had intended to double track between this app and my Weight Watchers app, but that became annoying really quickly. Since I've been a Weight Watcher for a decade, I thought maybe I'd give something else my undivided attention for a bit... plus, it's FREE.

What I love:

  • It's FREE!
  • SO MUCH NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION with MFP. I can see Calories, Fat, Sodium, ETC. I can track it all and see where I'm over-consuming and what needs to get reigned in. It's designed to teach you, and it makes sense. PointsPlus don't make sense. (To be fair, points used to make sense.)
  • Reasonable and explained caloric goals based on height/weight/activity level and age. 
  • I can connect MFP to other fitness apps that I use (like Endomondo!) to track activity.
  • MFP recognizes spelling errors. That's one of the WW application's HUGE downfalls in my opinion. 
  • MFP also has a GIANT database of prepared foods. I was able to find absolutely every branded food I searched for this week in only one attempt. WW can't even compare on that front. 
So, I've been tracking every day, because it's new. It's a new toy, and that's always work at least 2 weeks of dedication. I'm hoping I can make it three (21 days makes a habit) and keep on trucking. That's the goal, and I'm pretty motivated right now. 

I'm not at all deterred by this tiny gain, because I had an AMAZING workout yesterday at the gym. I haven't truly gone and cranked it out in about 45 days. I've been busy with school and I came down with a crazy cold that, while mostly gone, is still lingering a bit in my nose and chest. It felt so good to get covered in sweat because I earned it and feel it today in my sore muscles. Can't wait to do it again tomorrow. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Weighing In - 10/03/2013

-4.6 pounds.

Well, I was really really sick, so it makes some sense. I didn't work out at all, and I didn't even go to work until last night. Since last weigh in, I was laying in a heep in my bed, all sweaty and full of soup and snot.

I bet I blew out 5lbs of snot! (I genuinely do.)

It's a new week however, and I'm going to continue to track as I have been doing, keeping an eye on my points. I've been trying to eat more protein and snack less, because I eat a lot out of boredom, so I'm focusing on 4 small meals and a lot of water this week.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Sick Haze

Today I went outside for the first time since Thursday afternoon.

Somehow, during my school day, I caught the plague. I was knocked out for two days and hobbling around for one more.

I did a lot of boredom eating, all of which I tracked to keep myself accountable. I tried to make good choices, like snacking on frozen grapes instead of eating 39490384903 popsicles. And really it's genius because snacking on frozen grapes is LIKE eating billions of popsicles. WIN.

I also did a lot of sleeping and a lot of watching TV and not a lot of moving in general.

Today, I was out of most everything. Carless me had to get out there and get stuff done. I made a run to the bank on my bike and swung by Target to grab some decongestants and tissues. Next up was the coop to grab some groceries to make some food for the week.

Currently I'm brewing up some ham and potato soup in the crock pot, a WW recipe I found online that seems easy enough and good for busy days. I also got a ton of vegetables for roasting.

This is always my favorite time of year because everything can just be roasted and it tastes like heaven. Brussels Sprouts? Perfect. Cauliflower? Delicious. Squash? Onions? Apples? ROAST THEM ALL.

I'm excited to get back into the world tomorrow and try to have a normal day, though Tuesdays are my longest and busiest day of the week, so not necessarily the best one to ease into, but best to throw ones self back in the routine, eh?