Monday, September 30, 2013

Sick Haze

Today I went outside for the first time since Thursday afternoon.

Somehow, during my school day, I caught the plague. I was knocked out for two days and hobbling around for one more.

I did a lot of boredom eating, all of which I tracked to keep myself accountable. I tried to make good choices, like snacking on frozen grapes instead of eating 39490384903 popsicles. And really it's genius because snacking on frozen grapes is LIKE eating billions of popsicles. WIN.

I also did a lot of sleeping and a lot of watching TV and not a lot of moving in general.

Today, I was out of most everything. Carless me had to get out there and get stuff done. I made a run to the bank on my bike and swung by Target to grab some decongestants and tissues. Next up was the coop to grab some groceries to make some food for the week.

Currently I'm brewing up some ham and potato soup in the crock pot, a WW recipe I found online that seems easy enough and good for busy days. I also got a ton of vegetables for roasting.

This is always my favorite time of year because everything can just be roasted and it tastes like heaven. Brussels Sprouts? Perfect. Cauliflower? Delicious. Squash? Onions? Apples? ROAST THEM ALL.

I'm excited to get back into the world tomorrow and try to have a normal day, though Tuesdays are my longest and busiest day of the week, so not necessarily the best one to ease into, but best to throw ones self back in the routine, eh?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Weighing In - 09/26/2013

                         09/26/2013 164.4 (+3.0lbs)

09/19/2013 161.4 (+1.6lbs)
09/12/2013 159.8 (-3.2lbs)
09/05/2013 163.0 (+4.8lbs)

08/29/2013 158.2 (-0.8lbs)

08/15/2013 159.0 (+3.6lbs)
08/08/2013 155.4 (-0.4lbs)
08/01/2013 155.8 (-0.4lbs)
07/25/2013 156.2 (+0.2lbs)
07/18/2013 156.0 (-0.2lbs)

07/11/2013 156.2 (+1.8lbs)

Guys. Look at this. 

Since I quit smoking in early July, I have netted a 10 pound gain between all the losses and gains. I'm so frustrated, but I realize that frustration doesn't help the situation. 

Something is not clicking. I've removed a giant pacifier for my life, and I'm clearly rewarding myself with food. 

I feel like I'm starting all over again, but with less gusto and motivation. I have forgotten everything I know. I've NEVER gained this much weight back since my initial loss. 5 pounds, sure. But 10? No. 

I might have to change this blog to the-last-thirty. 

I am committed to tracking 5 days this week, with a REAL goal of 7 days. I am attempting to plan my meals as best as one can when their life is severely unpredictable. 

If you have ANY tips for getting back in the swing of things, please please share. I'm desperate. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Weighing In - 09/19/2013


Something in me just isn't clicking.

I open my tracker every morning. I track through lunch and then it all goes south. Like super South. Hellaciously SOUTH.

I gained again this week. I would really like to stop this trend.

However, I'm off to a wedding weekend today after school. Long weekend with family and friends is a dangerous combo, though I am in charge of decorations and reception fun for this wedding, so I'll have a job and a distraction.

Best of luck to me. I apparently need it.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weighing In - 09/12/2013

-3.2 pounds. 

Not quite taking off last week's gain, but it's at least a step in the direction I'm trying to go.

I met my goal of tracking 3 complete days last week, but it wasn't easy, so I want to try to meet that goal again this week. It's tough to get back into a routine now that my schedule is hectic, but I know that when school is in session, my days largely remain the same as far as timing of various projects go and when I can commit to a routine or find something that really works for me, it will be easy to keep it up.

I bought a new bike on Tuesday. Well, not a new bike, not at all. I got a 80s Raleigh Horizon mixte for $50 on Craigslist and then rode it by my local bike co-op and picked up a used bike rack. Then a quick jaunt to the hardware store where my friendly associate Floyd picked out all the hardware I'd need and even installed it for me because I was chatty. I didn't ask for help and I don't think Floyd doubted that I could do it myself, but it can be really nice to take something off someone's plate. I was grateful.

So now I'm outfitted with an errand bike to do my grocery shopping. I had previously sold the only hybrid bike I owned, so I didn't have anything with a frame that could carry a rack that could carry... anything of any sort of weight. I have a tendency toward pretty racing/road bikes. It feels really silly to be riding super upright, but it's also REALLY fun. I feel super tall, and my posture is great and it's a really calming ride for me. I tooled around most of Tuesday night, and all of Wednesday morning getting the things done that have been put off for the last 2 weeks while I've been adapting to the absence of a car.

I made to the gym yesterday: for real. I've been stopping by the gym to scan my card because I've been riding my bike so much more that I was using that as exercise, but now I'm sure I've adapted and I shouldn't count it as intentional exercise. I cranked through my favorite superset weight lifting routine and saw my new gym/school friend Tracy. We're in a class together this semester and we recognized each other from the gym, so now we are chatty, which feels great. I love having allies at the gym, but it's hard to start conversations that aren't awkward.

Since I was able to get some grocery shopping done, I've managed to start making my own food again. I had really been convenience fooding it for a couple weeks between my car falling apart and my microwave breaking. It was just easier to pick something up since I couldn't prepare anything super fast the way I needed.

This week I've made a quinoa salad with roasted cauliflower and chickpeas dressed in a spicy lime vinaigrette, sweet and sour spicy cucumber/zucchini noodles and delicious caprese skewers.

So this week I'll be:

  • tracking AT LEAST 3 days, but try to shoot for all 7. 
  • preparing at least 60% of my own meals 
  • get to the gym at least 3 days
  • shooting to NOT gain
Any new goals for you this week? I'm interested to hear tips on getting back on track, I'm having a tough time recommitting with this empty space in my metabolism where nicotine used to speed it up. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Weighing In - 09/05/2013

4.8 pounds.

That's how much I've gained this week.

13.4 pounds.

That's how much I've gained in 4 months.

7.6 pounds.

That's how much I've gained in just the last couple of weeks.

Quitting smoking is a drag.

Though I totally don't get what's going on this week. I want to suspect the burrito I had for dinner last night which was completely salty-rice laden for this morning's completely ridiculous gain. I had a decent week. I moved so much more because my car is completely dead and gone forever.

There was some damage to the subframe and a few of the bolts were stripped and stuck in the body, which basically made it a ridiculously time consuming rescue. I had decided to junk the car and was feeling very sour about the $300 the yards were offering, when Manpanion made the fantastic recommendation to list it on Craigslist and see if anyone would bite.

The car only had 90k miles on it, and it was technically repairable. I was completely transparent and honest about all of the damage and the hassle. I asked $1k figuring I might get 500 from someone's lowball offer. I ended up selling it less than 24 hours later for $600, which was probably the best deal I was going to get. The man I sold it to is a mechanical engineer (like Manpanion) and is going to tinker around with it as a winter project. He was very nice, and his last name was Carr, which made me giggle given the context.

So now I'm carless, which means I am riding my bike daily and for more miles than I was previously.

School is back in session which is making it harder to get to the gym regularly, but I am also eating a little less because I find snacking during class a little distracting. However, school is back in session which means I'm consuming more alcohol at Happy Hours.

I'm not in a real hurry to find a car, especially because we're encroaching on my favorite season here in MN: Autumn. I will probably try to make sure I find a good deal on something before the roads ice over, but until then I'll be perfectly fine.

Manpanion and I had the unique opportunity to attend a private Mayoral town hall forum on Tuesday night, hosted by The Growler and Fulton Brewing here in Minneapolis. I had submitted a few questions to ask the candidates and I was selected to attend (with a +1) and also to ask my question. It was a great experience and definitely gave me a swift kick in the ass to do a little more research about the candidates. I have been VERY spoiled with the world's most fantastic mayor for many years and I'm still a little bit in denial that R.T. will not be in charge of my awesome city anymore.

OH! In addition to my car, my microwave broke last night. Normally, I'm not sure this would bother me, but I am a busy student and I work, so I don't really have all the time in the world to prepare food. I'll do some creative assembling for the next week, and find someone to give me a ride to Target to pick out a new one. Maybe a red one this time! Hooray!

Not too much else is happening for me. I'm going to promise to myself that I will track at least 4 whole days this week, no excuses. That's not even committing to the entire week, and so I should be able to accomplish this. I will start with today.

Hope all is going a little better for y'all than the universe has thrown at me the last couple of weeks, but I'm laughing my way through it.