Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weighing In - 02/28/2013

Previous weight: 152.6
Today's weight:  154.0

This week's results: +1.4lbs

A gain, an expected gain. Between the incredibly fun weekend we had and the sickness that followed (and continues), I definitely went overboard this week. 

On Friday, we had our Valentine's day redux to give the day some attention as we were attending a funeral and supporting friends on the holiday. There was drinking and eating and tap dancing and squeezing of oranges for the friend-brunch we held on Saturday morning. 

I made donuts. Before they looked this amazing, I screwed a ton of them up... and thus, ate them. Paul came up with a genius copy-cat recipe of Haute Dish's Vanilla Frozen Screwdriver (think Orange Julius with booze) and I may or may not have had that, and some brisket hash, and quiche, and  yogurt with blueberries and DONUTS. 

Sunday was my Mom's birthday and we went out to Barrio, a local latin-flare restaurant. Margaritas, tons of tacos, guacamole, etc. BOMB. 

Monday, I was completely sick and while I attempted to go to work, I was sent home only an hour later for puking in a garbage can. I had been dizzy all morning. I remained dizzy all day. Tuesday I woke up with a searing sore throat that I assumed was from... ahem... vomiting. However, it followed with stuffy nose/head/face/ouch. I went to my morning lab but I skipped all my other classes and slept the day away. 

However, yesterday I powered through being at the airport from 9:30am (for a job interview) until 9pm (at the end of my shift). I got another job at the airport and I'm going to split my time between the two restaurants and see which one is the best deal. I need to leave my current job by September because they'll be shutting down for construction for more than a month and replacing all the servers with iPads, so... this is good progress. That is NOT scheduled to happen at this new restaurant, and hence it is extremely attractive to me. 

So, an off week. I am not showing you my tracker because I kind of stopped tracking somewhere around Sunday night. 

I'm determined to be back on track today. I have my tracker open, and very limited options for food, so health is pretty much the only option now. I'm downing copious amounts of apple cider vinegar diluted in water because it has long been my head cold solution of choice.

How did your week go? 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

All of the Ailments.

I have been all kinds of sick this week. It came on fast, and seems to be weakening. On Monday, I had spinny-dizzy-pukey sickness that resulted in a horrendous wretching into the trashcan at work. However, puking in a trashcan is an immediate "GO HOME," in my line of work, so I did.

Later that afternoon, the dizziness gave way to a sore throat, crazy body aches and 13 hours of tossing/turning sleep.

I attended  my science lab on Tuesday morning but skipped all remaining classes in favor of laying in bed, sleeping on and off between episodes of New Girl.

It's Wednesday now and I have a toothache. What is happening to my body!?!

I know a lot of people lose their appetite when they're sick, but I seem to gain someone else's. I've eaten a ton of terrible things the past few days, probably out of desperation for comfort and the useless convincing that I need LOTS OF FOOD to help fight off my various infections.

I'm very interested to see what this will do to my weigh in tomorrow, but way more interested in just feeling normal again.

Today I have a job interview right before my 9 hours shift at work. The other restaurant I'm interviewing for is also at the airport, so I'll just be at the airport all day from 9:30am to 8pm with a weird haze of sick slow dancing in the background.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weighing In - 02/21/2013

Previous weight: 153.2
Today's weight:  152.6

This week's results: -0.6lbs

HOORAY! Another loss. A smaller one, obviously, but a loss none-the-less, which keeps me heading in the right direction. 

On Valentine's Day we attended a funeral. I had classes in the morning and left the house without eating breakfast by mistake. I didn't leave myself enough time to get anything to eat, nor did I pack snacks, so by the time the service was over, I'd been up and moving for almost 9 hours without anything to eat. When they put out the church basementy buffet, I SNACKED. I ate a lot of terrible things and I tracked it as best I could. 

After the service, we went out to happy hour at a hilarious chain restaurant in the suburb we were in. This was very novel for Manpanion and I because we're foodie snobs and very rarely eat at big chain restaurants. There was a lot of crappy food passed among the group, most of which I passed on because I had filled up on little cream cheese sandwiches and cookies at the church. I did entertain myself with a Long Island Ice Tea because they were $3 and I haven't had one since before I was old enough to drink legally. Those things are FULL of points (and booze). 

As you can see, I didn't get in as much activity this week. That's because on Monday I had the genius plan to attempt my own HIIT (high intensity interval training) on the track at the gym. I walked 3/4 way around the track and then sprinted the remaining 1/4, repeat. I did this for an hour. 



Sprinting is not something I do often, so this was a terrible idea. I have delayed onset muscle pain/fatigue and now work has become extremely uncomfortable since I have to walk around for 10 hours with limited use of my shins. I'm walking like a duck. 

Tracking my food is obviously helping out, so I'm continuing down that track this week. I'm not changing too much in the way of how I'm eating, I'm just keeping it all in the log and trying to listen to my hunger signals and ignore the boredom snacking signals. I'm hopeful the shin pain will subside soon so I can get back to my regular level of activity and get some serious sweat happening. 

How was your week? 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Weighing In - 02/14/2013

Previous weight: 155.2
Today's weight:  153.2

This week's results: -2.0lbs!!

YAY! A two pound loss. This week, while I didn't have much of a plan for eating, I did keep an eye on my tracker and attempt to rebuild my Weekly Points Allowance whenever I dipped into it. The point in the Weight Watchers program where I was able to lose the bulk of my weight was when I only ate my Activity Points, and not my weeklies. I "earned" any extra calories or treats I chose to consume. Somehow that in//out view works well for me... probably because it's backed in science. Hmmph. 

As you can see, I definitely ate this week. Saturday being the heaviest of days (and a date), with most of the days coming in a bit above 30 pp/day. 

I earned nearly 75 Activity Points this week. I cranked up my activity during intentional workouts at the gym, and also did a fair amount of shoveling and small bursts of cardio throughout the day which I decided to track this week. Running up a couple flights of stairs and back down to the floor I was originally intended to go. Cutting through deep snow when I could take a sidewalk. Anything to challenge my muscles. Seems to actually work out!

I also went back to a cardio class I had taken last week and burned 600+ calories in that hour. I think I will make that class a regular outing, but I need to find new outlets for favorite cardio. I had mostly eliminated anything that wasn't walking from my routine, and it's pretty obvious that I need that hard cardio for results, and also just for my body type. 

I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing this week and hope the results keep showing up. 

Happy Valentine's Day, by the way. This is a surreal holiday for me, one which I don't normally celebrate heavily either way, but today I'll be attending memorial services for a friend's father who passed earlier this week, so it's not a very romantic day. Though this man lead an incredibly joyous and romantic life, so it certainly still can be once people start reminiscing of him at the service. 

Until then, I'm heading off to the gym for a strength training session and then back here to shovel... again... before heading out to my classes for the morning/afternoon and then out to the services. 

I hope YOU have a lovely Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Weighing In - 2/07/2013

Previous weight: 156.0
Today's weight:  155.2

This week's results: -0.8lbs

I earned almost 70 APs this week, which is fantastic. I ate them all, however, and additionally all 49 of Weekly Points Allowance and each of my 26 pointsplus each day. I ate a lot, as I often do, and I still lost a little even on this eve of TOM. 

Tracking definitely reigned me back in a little this week, though not on Sunday, which was the Superbowl Party, nor on Monday, which was a date night for Manpanion and I. Those were two high-point valued days. 

I'm going to continue this experiment another week, though I'm slightly resistant. I found myself saying, often, this week that I "shouldn't" eat something or that I "felt guilty" for something I'd eaten. It's a dangerous hole that "dieting" can take me down, and I have all the knowledge to maintain. I just need to keep my strength and wit about me to try to maintain a healthy relationship with food during this time that I readjust my expectations of serving sizes and what constitutes a "normal" meal for me. 

In other news, like actual life stuff and not just food life stuff, it is my last broomball game of the season this evening. This is bittersweet, as I love broomball, but will be happy to have Thursday nights back without obligation. 

As I begin trying to plan for this new week, what classes I might take and where I might fit in secret activity, I see that Valentine's Day is very soon! 

Are you planning a fun and healthy night with a sweetheart? 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Triumphant Return to Tracking

I've been tracking again for 48 hours.

One of those days was a school day, and the other a work day. This gives me a pretty nice view of how I eat in those two separate sectors of my life.

As a reminder, I work in a restaurant. The benefit to my (also triumphant) return to serving over a year ago now, is that I'm constantly on my feet. I left my somewhat active but arguably ridiculously stressful and underpaid job in the nonprofit sector for a new concept at the MSP Airport. I'm glad I did. I not only make more money in less time, but I am better able to focus on school.

Because I work in the airport, and MSP Airport specifically, I get a LOT of walking in. Just to arrive at my restaurant I already have to walk nearly a mile from the LRT (train) to and through security and to the restaurant. I then proceed to walk, stand, pivot and lift for around 7-10 hours each shift. The traffic at the airport is also very different because everyone starts to trickle in near the same time, and they all MUST LEAVE BECAUSE THEY NEED TO CATCH A FLIGHT all at the same time. This happens about once every 1.5 hours. Restaurant fills, restaurant empties. I'm busy most of the time I'm at work, and so grabbing into the fry bowl used to be an easy fix for a desire to snack.

While I've mostly kicked my fry bowl habit, I have graduated to slices of baguette with peanut butter. Not necessarily a lesser evil, but at least contains a shred of nutritional value. Aside from that, I bring a small stainless steel lunchbox full of raw fruits and vegetables to snack on for those moments I exercise small self-control.

Yesterday's work day was slightly out of the ordinary. I was called in early for a coworker who wasn't feeling well, so I worked 9am to 9pm instead of 11:30am to 9pm. That means I missed my morning workout. However, I got in extra steps at the airport, and I think it may have evened out, AP-wise. We were busy most of the day and I drank tons of water. I snacked on only 3 pieces of baguette with peanut butter but stuck to my box of veggies and fruit for the most part and ended the day with 1 daily point left.

Thursday, my first day back to tracking, was a classroom day. On Tuesdays I'm in class from 9am to 2pm, and on Thursdays I only have the last two classes which drops my day to 11am to 2pm. A short one, for sure. I spent the morning in the gym and ate a healthy breakfast and lunch prior to class, but I brought carmel corn to class and that was my first mistake. I ate all of it. When I returned home, a friend for whom I had done some contract data entry work had contacted me with a quick project that took me less than an hour. I ate more carmel corn while I did it.

Thursdays are also my Broomball games. This particular Thursday was -25degrees. The game wasn't till 9pm. It's hard enough for me to stay up until 9pm, let alone be enthusiastic enough to play broomball that late. I did it though, and I earned 11 APs for my game. So even though I over did it on carmel corn, (and cheese and crackers, and some other stuff) I only used a few Weekly points in addition to the activity I earned for the day between the gym and my broomball game.

And because the tracker works retroactively, the activity that I earned yesterday and didn't use gets swapped back to Thursday, so I have 7 activity points remaining in my bank thus far.

This morning I've used my food scale to measure out my yogurt+cereal breakfast, and I'm about to head to Barre class, which I've never been to. This sets February out on the right track because I'm taking that new class I said I would, and I'm measuring and tracking my food.

Superbowl Sunday is tomorrow, and I'm sure I'll blow my APs and Weeklies, but maybe not. I want to try to eat things that only seem worth it, like Emily's pulled pork, because it is so delicious. I'm planning to just bring a boring veggie tray, which I'll appreciate once I'm there.

Do you have a plan for Superbowl Sunday?