Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weighing In - 01/31/2013

Previous weight
: 155.0

Today's weight:  156.0

This week's results: +1.0lbs

Another gain this week, and while I'm celebrating only gaining 1 pound in 2 weeks, the overall trend is UP, and I'm not delighted about that. 

I started 2013 at 155.8lbs and this morning I am 156lbs. A net gain of .2lbs is definitely a pretty good way to spend a month, I'll be honest, but I feel that I'm straying and being a little too generous to myself with the treats. 

I am tracking food today on my Weight Watchers planner. I'm not going to follow the pointsplus program too seriously, because I don't feel like I'm "allowed" enough food for my high level of activity - even when factoring in all the weekly points allowance and the points I earn for said activity. However, I'm in need of a little accountability for the things I'm deciding to ingest, and tracking definitely provides that. 

I think this week will be challenging as I'm still trying to separate guilt from food. I never want to feel guilty for deciding to eat something, and I think being on any sort of "diet" program, no matter how awesomely long-term oriented it might be, is something that encourages good vs. bad foods. Categorizing things this way leads to a desire for "bad" things, and that desire leads to large-scale binging. 

In good news, I've made my GymPact every single week since I've joined the program. I've earned over $20 just for going to the gym, which I would have done anyway. The last two days in particular, I've managed to push myself back into HARD workouts, something I'd been slacking on for a couple weeks. 

One of my silent New Years Resolutions was to try to make it to a new fitness class every month. I had very good intentions to do this on Tuesday (nearly the last day of the month...), but called upon my BFFfffFFF to rescue me from my committment and we drank sake and talked about the whole range of private girly things that caused the male bartender (who was the only other person in the whole place) to blush. We care not.

I'm feeling excellent and on top of things. I've been spending a lot of time alone, and most time that I am alone I spend reflecting. Well, reflecting and drinking wine, but I think that's a given. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weighing In - 01/24/2013

WHOOPS. Totally forgot it was Thursday and I've already preformed my entire morning routine, but at Paul's house. The variables are all off, so I guess I'm not weighing in this week.

Things are going very well. I have met my GymPact goal every single week since I have joined, which means I'm also getting my medical insurance gym discount, and, in short, that I'm getting to the gym for at least 30 minutes 3x a week. CONSISTENTLY.

I definitely could be working out harder, and I intend to up my game this week on that front.

I also could be eating better, and my latest trip to the coop is going to help with that. Work has been incredibly slow and my budget is going to force me into eating at home nearly always, so this will be very good for my ass, but probably not as awesome for my mental health. I crave going out in the winter because it has been below zero here in Minnesota for more than 4 days in a row. Talk about stircrazy.

Another week, all the habits. Here we go!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Weighing In - 01/17/2013

Previous weight: 153.4
Today's weight:  155.0

This week's results: +1.6lbs

Gain! I don't see this as a derailment from my project of not tracking my food, I see this as a complete and utter lack of care this past week. I ate everything, all the time. I was ending TOM, and I went to a bunch of much needed, soul-soothing happy hours where I ate whatever my companion was eating whether I was hungry or not. I had about 16 beers this past week, which is about 12 more than I had had the month before. A gain was expected, though I was secretly wishing the universe would toss me a weird miracle where I could drink a bunch of beer and still lose weight. 

Oh well. Universe wins.

This year, as a whole, is going very well. I've lost more than I've gained, which nets me numbers in the "right" direction, or rather toward my goal. I'm taking care of business, and I'm the Foursquare mayor of my local YWCA, which is actually quite an accomplishment, as my location is actually pretty huge. I've maintained this mayorship into the new year, which means I'm still more gung-ho about the gym than any new resolutioners (with Foursquare, obvs) and I'm still excited to go. It is officially a giant piece of my week and I look forward to my work-outs as little bouts of alone time where I get to psych myself up for being awesome. 

Today I even did extra lunges. FOR FUN. 

FOR FUN, you guys. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weighing In - 01/10/2013

Previous weight: 155.8
Today's weight:  153.4

This week's results: -2.4lbs

So, it seems that my new project is working. I'm sleeping more, I'm eating when I feel like I'm really hungry and not eating when I realize that I'm not. I'm actually working out slightly less and even as I weighed in, I'm in the midst of TOM. 

I'm happy to feel rewarded with a loss this week. I've been monitoring myself daily, and treating myself also, but mostly I've been not stressing out about food. 

I think we need a few more weeks of this to see where it's going to go. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Weighing In - 01/03/2013

Previous weight: 156.6
Today's weight:  155.8

This week's results: -0.8lbs
I barely tracked this week. I popped in here or there to record some things, but mostly fell off the face of the WW planet. 
Seeing a (small) bit of resulting loss has me feeling that tracking is stressing me out a bit at this time of the year. Now, don't get me wrong, I think Weight Watchers is a fabulous program, and it's helped me lose weight numerous times, but when I am participating in the program, I think about food ALL THE TIME. 

I wonder what I'll have for my next meal, how many points I'll use, how many points I have left and how hard I'm going to have to work to even out the guilt. I don't want to feel guilty about food, but I do want to lose weight. 
Part of my New Year's Resolution(s) is to get more comfortable with food. I don't think I'll ever reach the point (being that I live in America, land of the guilt-ridden everything) where I don't feel a twang of guilt for overeating, I would like to worry less about where my next meal is coming from, because I'm obviously never going to starve to death. 
Part of that resolution is simply to cook at home more. Simple. I don't really use butter, and I know how much oil I'm putting in anything I make at home. When I make my own food, I always have control, and I have 10 years of knowledge from healthy eating routines to fall back on. If I don't buy something unhealthy, I won't eat it, and I'll save big money to boot. 
So, I'm ringing in 2013 with a small loss, which I'll celebrate. 
I'll continue to meet my GymPact goal of getting to the gym 3x a week, which I've been exceeding two-fold for the past 5 weeks. I'll continue to monitor my hunger and try to eat only when I'm hungry, and allow myself treats whenever I feel it's truly worth it (which is pretty often, let's be honest). I won't fret over the scale, I'll keep my eyes in the mirror where I continually see new muscles taking shape and old lumps smoothing out. 
And I'll smile more.