Thursday, December 27, 2012

Weighing In - 12/27/2012

Previous weight: 156.0
Today's weight:  156.6

This week's results: +0.6lbs

I have managed to gain only 1 pound while putting nearly NO restrictions on the holiday celebrations except to try to stop when I am feeling full. 



I, like... tripped my daily target on a semi-regular basis and only gained 1lb in two weeks. 

No regular weigh in post from me today. I'm going to head to the gym and start working on getting back on track to take this pound off before the resolutioners overcrowd the place!

Hope you had a great Christmas season and are starting to plan for the new year!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, if that's your gig! The holidays have rolled around and we took the opportunity on Tuesday to get some family pictures taken.

Oro + all of his adults. 
Me, Manpanion, Monica and Steph! LOVE!

One big happy family indeed. It is so much fun to have these memories, and have them be so lovely and full of joy. We had a lot of fun with our photoshoot, and intend to give the pictures as gifts to grandparents and parents alike. They'll LOVE them. 

Be sure to over photograph. Even when it feels like too much fluff, you'll enjoy them for years to come. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Weighing In - 12/20/2012

Previous weight: 155.6
Today's weight:  156.0

This week's results: +0.4lbs

I'm not really in the mood to make a weighing in post, but I did want to weigh in regardless. I definitely wasn't very OP this week, and I ate pizza, and a burrito, and drank a lot. I also cranked up the fitness in a lot of huge ways and this was all during TOM. 

I feel that gaining half a pound is a total maintenance move, and I'm feeling that I'm moving toward that right now as Christmas is next week and I don't want to put a damper on the holidays and spending time with family. I want to enjoy it. 

This week, however, I ate about 10 pointsplus over my daily target each day, earning an average of 8 APs per day. Even though I didn't lose (I could have made far better food choices for the points), I feel this is a sweet spot for me, and I'm going to try to eat better foods around the same pointplus range this week and see how it works with my body. 

Are you all set for Christmas? 

I've wrapped most of the presents, but I haven't MADE the biggest part of the holiday gift giving, which includes 13 sets of a gift that I've come up with for this year. Ooops. I know what I'll be doing this weekend!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Weighing In - 12/13/2012

Previous weight: 157.0
Today's weight:  155.6

This week's results: -1.4lbs

WOOOO! I'm not going to even try to dissect how this happened. I will admit that I wasn't super honest in my tracking this week. I skipped things by accident, and I diminished things on purpose. I probably ate about 20-40 points more than I tracked, so I don't know what to think about this. I've had weeks before where I ate every point available to me, and I gained. I've had weeks where I mostly stuck to the plan and I've gained. 

Either way... 

Here's my tracker:

I ate. A LOT. Honestly. But I worked out pretty hard too. I don't know what to say about this week. Crazypants.  

On to the celebrations!

I celebrate that I earned an average of 6.7 Activity Points per day this week, and I met my pact with GymPact, AGAIN!

I celebrate that I am keeping on. I definitely slacked off with tracking this week, but I had a chat with myself about whether or not that would get me closer to my goals, and it doesn't. So, more honesty this week. My body knows what I ate, so why would I alter my tracker? 

I celebrate that I lost! FINALLY. I've earned this a couple of weeks over without getting it, so I'm glad to see the scale move down. 

This week I need to focus on:
  • Eating only what I earn. I definitely didn't do this this week. I need to plan better meals, though I am still struggling with stretching out 26 points over such long and active days. 
  • Getting back to basics.  Again. Need to measure and weigh food. I need to grocery shop. I need a plan. 
  • Positive Self-Talk. Still love this goal!!!
  • EXERCISE! I took two days off of cardio this last week, and I wish I hadn't. My mood was effected immediately and I am starting to realize that my body really NEEDS to work to keep me healthy and happy. 
Ok. I need to get to planning. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to Spend a Snow Day.

Sometimes, it snows a foot in a period of 10 hours. When that happens, you can choose to stay inside watching movies and sipping hot cocoa (a valuable option!) or, you can go to a 6 year old's birthday party and JUMP.

Today was Oro's buddy Dylan's birthday party and he was holding it at Zero Gravity. I don't know how popular trampoline parks are in your area, but they're starting to spread here in MN and I couldn't be happier. Last year I purchased a Facebook Deal to go to another one in a nearby suburb, but ended up letting it expire before we made our date to go. Wah-wah. Today, I got my 2nd chance. Thank god for 6 year olds and new kindergarten friends!

We jumped for 1.5 hours and I estimate I burned HUNDREDS of calories. I never thought to bring my heart rate monitor, but I worked up a sweat! I also discovered that maybe I should have been a cheerleader, because I do a pretty good jumping split. 

Oro and the kiddos had the best time and I had a blast too! I am so happy to be with someone who is such an involved and fun parent, because I love to play! I'd always rather be hanging with the kids, engaged in activities, than standing (or sitting) around talking about them. Let's play! I did accidentally inhale 4 pieces of pizza in the party room, so I cancelled out my activity and then some, but it was worth it. Correction: the pizza wasn't worth it, but the jumping was. 

When I finally got home tonight, I had to shovel my car out from under a foot of snow and clear a portion of my sidewalk. I am blessed with amazing neighbors who shoveled for me while I was out today, and that cut down on my back breaking shovel adventure, though that would have been worth another handful of APs!

Here's to hoping my morning class will be cancelled and I can enjoy a quiet morning to myself. 

Snow Day!

5 inches and still falling!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Weighing In - 12/06/2012

Previous weight: 156.4
Today's weight:  157.0

This week's results: +0.6lbs

GUYS. WHAT THE WHAT? Aside from Saturday//Sunday and Tuesday being a ball full of points, I had a totally OP (on plan) week. EVEN WITH the weekend, because I had the points. I am beyond baffled, and this means I need to revisit a few things. 

Here's my tracker:
So, there were 3 days I went over points in a way that would present these results. Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. ALL other days were at or very close to my daily points target with 28, 25, 26 and 25 respectively. 

Are Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday (66, 47 and 47) enough to cause a gain even though I ended the week with 7 Weekly Points left? Am I really sensitive enough (with my weight) that I can only eat the points I earn with Activity? Am I even able to do that? 

This will be a week of discovery for that, I guess, because I'm pretty tired of working all week and seeing a gain. Granted, I definitely had some fun over the weekend. I'm not pretending those numbers aren't there, and I'm bringing them to you honestly, just like my gain. 
On to the celebrations!
I celebrate that I earned an average of 6 Activity Points per day this week, and I met my pact with GymPact. 
I celebrate my determination in the face of these gains. I need to figure out how the plan is going to work for me and really get down to the business of losing weight. I know that I'm making it more difficult for myself by following the New Rules of Lifting for Women, because it's not a program to lose weight, and it causes my hunger to spike, and I'm building muscle... but it's a goal parallel to this program and I'm determined in both. I celebrate my commitment to tracking my weight even though I'm annoyed that I'm annoyed about it. 

This week I need to focus on:
  • Eating only what I earn. While Weight Watchers allots me 49 Weekly Points to play with, I'm finding out more and more that I can't eat those and lose (OBVIOUSLY). So, I will need to step up my activity in order to earn extra points if I intend to eat over my daily target. 
  • PLANNING splurges. On Saturday, Manpanion and I planned our date night. I looked up what I wanted to eat and we sought it out. We enjoyed ourselves, guilt free. Sunday, however, was an accident. I had a caramel roll on an impromptu buy-some-time trip to the coffee shop while waiting for the electronics store to open. Late that evening, we had an impromptu date with our friends and I ate a very heavy meal I had no intention of having. Sunday should not have happened. I should have planned better or said no. 
  • Getting back to basics. I didn't do very well with this goal this last week because I happened to eat out so often. When at home, I made a point to measure about half of the time, but I'm committed to weighing/measuring all of my food this week.  
  • Positive Self-Talk. Still love this goal!!!
  • EXERCISE! I've started the 2nd stage of NRL4W and it's very difficult. I'm trying to work in cardio around it, but the two combined feels hard on my body. I'm not sure I"m willing to give up the benefits of cardio to follow the program and vice versa, so I'm slowly figuring out what will work for me. However, exercise will be critical this week as I figure out how to stay closer to my daily target, something I have been meaning to do the entire time. 
This is not a big change from last week. In 2 weeks I've gained a little more than a pound, but I also did a little celebrating. However, I'm worried and frustrated that I could be gaining from staying within the programs outlines. I didn't eat over the points I was allotted or the activity I earned, so what will maintenance look like for me? Will I just be gaining .5lbs a week until I'm back up to the start? 

I'm worried that in order to lose, I'm going to have to be incredibly restrictive in a way that I could never maintain. It's a scary thought. 

Until then, I'm going to hit the gym and give this week an honest try. I'm going to PLAN my days and stop eating when I've hit my target. No late night ice cream if there aren't points for it. Time to wise up. 

Monday, December 3, 2012


I had a FANTASTIC weekend.

It was a horrid weekend, as far as the plan goes, in comparison to a carefully planned one, however, Manpanion and I desperately needed a fun night out. Finals are coming up and we've been lucky to see each other 1-2x per week for the past 5 months, so we were due for a great date night.

We met up in the afternoon on Saturday (after I attended 1 hour of Zumba) and went rock climbing for 2 hours, so I definitely earned the APs for a dinner out. I researched what I wanted to eat online before we hit the restaurant, and I stuck to my plan. It was definitely a high point evening, counteracted only by an hour of dancing at the end of it. I have no regrets.

Aside from this, Thursday and Friday went very well and I hit my points target daily. On Thursday, Manpanion made us this delicious dinner:
wine braised cabbage, sauteed green beans, tilapia ceviche and an apple. YES.

Our date night was Saturday, and it kind of spilled over into Sunday when we went to run errands without first checking to see if the store we needed was open. It wasn't, and I was easily convinced into a soy latte and half of a caramel roll. And a bloody mary. Oops. And then later that night we agreed to meet some friends out for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in town that will close its doors forever in just 2 weeks. OOOOPS. 

So, I am down to 13 Weekly Points after burning through my 23 APs and 36 of my Weeklies between the 2 dinners out. C'est la vie, right? I mean... life is about experiences, and I wouldn't trade either of those back in for the extra calories. 

I've been avoiding the gym all morning but I'm dressed and trying to psych myself into it. I'm not very excited, which is slightly unlike me, but I've bargained myself into a relatively short incline workout on the treadmill. I just need to GET there and spend at least 30 minutes working out, however hard. That is my deal with myself, and of course, with GymPact. 

How'd your weekend go? Any thrilling dates or exciting dinners?