Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rearranged Goals.

Rather than focus on the broken promises, I'm considering them "rearranged goals." I haven't earned a single AP since I last told you my goal for the rest of the week was to stock-pile activity points in order to counteract the Halloween party points+ mountain.

Instead, I've gotten ahead on my homework, which only ensures that next week will allow for lots and lots of mind-clearing activity.

I've managed to remain OP. Despite not reaching my activity goals, I've been eating well. Last night one of my girlfriends came over and sat at my kitchen counter eating the gluten-free pumpkin donuts I baked this weekend and drinking hard cider while I prepared a week's worth of meals. We caught up. I multi-tasked. It was lovely.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend.

Halloween weekend used to mean costume parties and bar-hopping, but the last few years it's been more about trick or treating and entertaining the kiddos. This weekend was no different. After a party for the young ones last night, we carved some pumpkins today and kept it low-key. 

Our little family dressed up as Plants Vs. Zombies characters and had a blast at Manpanion's sister's party for his niece Mayme. 

pea-shooter, sunflower, bucket head zombie.

I made some healthy(-ish) snacks for the party. 

apples + almond butter + mini marshmallows

And this afternoon, I carved my co-op's emblem into my pumpkin to further celebrate my commitment to healthy and local food. 


I definitely  may have gone a little overboard on the points+ last night in the face of delicious halloween-y snacks. I dipped my grubby little hands into the SmartPuffs, the kettle corn, and the tortilla chips, and had TWO hot dogs (no bun though). I skipped the delicious looking spider cupcakes and opted to eat two of my little apple mouths instead to get my sweet fix. I also had a beer. All in all, it was worth it. It's a holiday weekend, and I'll be at work while the kids are trick or treating, so I'll miss out on all the bite-sized temptation. I'm confident most of the candy will be gone by the time I return, and/or I'll be way too tired to steal from a 5-year-old. 

The rest of this WW week will be focused on earning APs to counteract the damage I did on Saturday night and attempting to eat clean. I don't have much food in the house, so I'll be scraping things together until I get the chance to grocery shop tomorrow night. I have a feeling I'll be visiting the Lund's salad bar tomorrow while on campus, which is already a great plan for lunch. 

How did your Halloween weekend go? 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Hard Stuff.

I've had two totally OP days. This is good.

The sudden back-on-trackness has a lot to do with some self-actualization.

After some reflection, I've realized I'm having a difficult time with motivation because...well,  I'm just not fat anymore. I know we're not supposed to say that in the WL-blog-o-sphere, but c'mon. I was a fatty. I lost 40 pounds and I've kept it off for almost 4 years. It genuinely makes it harder to get fired up when your motivation is not to shed your big fat ass.

I know some of you are sitting there saying, "Well, it's not super easy to get fired up to shed your big fat ass, either, you brat!" But honestly, re-losing the weight, or heading toward the last few pounds of the journey is so much different than the beginning. I've been there (more times than I'd like to count), and this is just... different. There are no more 3lb losses to excite you, less people notice your progress, and all around the results are less obvious, and therefore, less rewarding in regards to motivation to keep it up.

Trying to reframe, I know that (on better days) this is a healthful journey for me. I want to live well and have adventures for a long time. I want to keep up. I want to be energized. That's what diet and exercise will do for me. On other days, I feel shallow, and I just want to look good naked.

But I think I do. I've gone beyond accepting my body, to kind of loving it right where it is.

Sure, I'd love to tone up - if there were a way to make tummy jiggle and saddle bags disappear without losing an inch anywhere else, and while also being able to eat ice cream when I want and a huge pork sandwich... - but for the most part, I'm a-oK.

So what's in my motivation bank? Language.

I've just been saying I "should" do this. I "need" to get to the gym. I don't know if that's helping.

I definitely have to spin this into an attractive activity. I get to go to the gym. I GET to go to Zumba this morning (SO EXCITED) and I GET to move and jump and play because I GET to take care of my body.

I CHOOSE to eat healthfully.

Saturdays are such a great starting point for me with this goal. I try to never set an alarm. I just let my body wake up when it wants. I stretch in bed, in the light of the morning sun. I linger over coffee. I get to Zumba with a bunch of ladies who look forward to Saturdays as much as I do, and I generally feel empowered by all of these choices.

Do you ever pay attention to how you talk about yourself in regards to your WLJ?


Well, I have a habit of being slightly un-gentle. With myself and with others. I'm blunt and I speak too quickly. I am the most loyal, want-to-help-you friend you'll ever find, but I've been conditioned to respond to things with arrogant perception (i.e. MY way is the best way). I'm sure Manpanion would agree that I have the best of intentions at heart, and I am working so hard on communicating with compassion - to myself and to others, [Mothers really can ruin you, just sayin'] but I have 30 years of habit working against me... just like weight loss, and man if we're aren't just bitches sometimes.

I have an inkling that when I can be nicer to myself on a regular basis, I will accept that my body will never look like anyone else's, just like mine. I AM ONE OF A KIND, except this kind came with an engine that needs to be serviced a little more often.

That's ok, I've got really nice fenders.

...I took that metaphor one step too far.

What's your language like?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weighing In - 10/25/2012

Previous weight: 159.0

Today's weight:  158.4

This week's results: -0.6lbs!

And... the Tracker for the week.

On Thursday, I definitely dipped into all the foods at work again. I'm not doing well with this goal. I'm at a loss for strategies. I'm drinking TONS of water at work, but I just want to snack. So far, no amount of snack I've brought with me has defeated little servings of soup and handfuls of fries. I did earn 10 APs on Thursday and swapped 7 of them with my snackiness, so I still stayed OP. Friday I earned 15 APs between the gym, work and a night of dancing with coworkers. This is the night I ruined my Saturday by accidentally drinking too much (because I'm a lightweight) and spending the very late/early morning hours spewing the spins into the toilet. TMI, eh? I swapped out 8 APs in alcohol, which I tracked, despite giving it up to the porcelain gods. Saturday was spent hungover and cursing the ruin of my favorite day of the week. Normally I'd head to Zumba and do all my lady-like things that help me get in a great mood for the week ahead. Instead, I stayed in bed until 4pm eating snacks, only getting up and out of bed to have a HUGE smokehouse dinner with Manpanion and then lay on the couch together watching The 5-Year Engagement and falling asleep. I had to earn back a bunch of APs that ended up being the 27 that I swapped this day. WOW. 
Sunday was a totally OP day where I actually ended the day with 5APs left over. I had picked up a short shift at work and managed to stay out of the fry bowl in exchange for a few pieces of baguette (which is my serious downfall). Luckily, baguette is a MUCH better choice than french fries. I was still worn out from Saturday and still full from the meal we had that evening. 
Monday was another stop out whilst shopping with Manpanion who needed pants more than I needed to eat a slice of chocolate cake, but both happened. I swapped out 13 APs for a Moscow Mule, a black bean quesadilla and a piece of chocolate cake. Dammit. Tuesday was another picked up shift day that ended with extra Daily Points. When I am shook out of my routine, I tend to leave the fries and baguette alone. I need to retrain my clock!
Finally, Wednesday netted 9 APs, but swapped 13. This was due, in part, to the dessert choice I made after an otherwise pretty OP day. I wanted yogurt and granola for dessert when I got home around 9pm, and that's what I had. Granola packs quite the pointy punch at 8 points+ for 1/2 a cup and I had a little more than that, so I would have ended at a perfect day, but instead I had the yogurt (4) and 9 points+ of granola. It was delicious, and I don't feel bad about my choice because granola brings far more nutrition to my body than ice cream. 
The week ended with 42 APs earned and swapped, and I ate 29 of my Weekly allowance. 
I celebrate the 42 APs I earned. I could have worked much harder, and I will this week. But if 42 APs is the lazy-woman's earnings, that is NOT half bad. 
I celebrate the ability to pick up 2 extra shifts, still get all my homework done, and not drive myself crazy. 
I celebrate the spirit I had to muster this last week as I faced some hard challenges in my personal life, amidst the extra work and 3 midterm exams. 
(which I got As on. All of them!)
I celebrate the 12th visit of the gym this month which earns me my medical insurance discount for October! I haven't gotten this in MONTHS! So psyched. 

This week I am going to focus on...
  • Positive Self-Talk. I spent a lot of time cursing myself and my choices this week. I want to do some reframing to be easier on myself and the challenges I face, but also to find ways to praise the things I AM doing right. I need to be kinder to me.
  • Morning Workouts.  I skimped out on the gym this week. I made TOM excuses and I made hangover excuses and I was at work sometimes when I'd normally be taking care of myself. It's time to get back to me. 
  • Get more sleep. I am doing a pretty good job with this goal, but I think it needs to be a staple in my routine. Between work, school, friends and my family, I don't get to log a lot of ZzzZs, but I need to do some balance and shifting of the schedule. 
  • Drinking my water. I set a goal of 2 water bottles a day for last week and hit it every time IF I included the water I sucked down at the gym. This week, I want to drink 2 bottles (mine is 32oz) outside of the gym, each day. 
I'm happy to see the scale inch in the right direction. I know that half a pound isn't some amazing loss, but it is a LOSS and that is all I'm hoping to see each week. I'm in no rush, I'm well aware (10 years in) that this journey is for a lifetime. I'll be chipping away at this FOR-EV-ER, and being conscious of all of these things is the most important part. 

So, if you were me, constantly faced with fries and finding them irresistible, what would be your next step? Do you have any advice for me? What might be a great replacement snack? Help a sister out. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I didn't quite hear that...

I've been doing a lot of listening to my body this week, trying to be kind to myself during TOM. Unfortunately, I keep thinking my body is saying "SALT // SUGAR PLS!" So, I'm not sure how well this week is going.

I still have 25 weeklies left, and I have been kind of wimpy on the workouts, with only 29 APs so far this week. I skipped workouts this weekend because I may have accidentally gotten obliterated on Friday night. I may have also lost my non-existent dinner after dancing it up. Luckily, that part came way later after I'd gotten home (safely). I honestly thought about not tracking half of the drinks (which were only 3, anyway!) because I threw up, but that seems irresponsible (kind of like getting drunk enough to throw up).

There's nothing that helps you to feel like an adult more than the way you feel after a night of drinking when you're old. If you're 21-24, you do not KNOW what a hangover is. Wait a decade... it really paralyzes you for the day. Saturday was useless.

Because I'm skipping my workout today because I have a headache, I decided to at least make a decent breakfast.

Delicious brussels sprouts and an egg. I also cut up some apples and green pepper to take with me in my snack pack for work later tonight, a shift I picked up unexpectedly. 

Tuesday is generally my day to do all of my homework, but I somehow managed to do that yesterday in a long break between classes, so I'm feeling extremely productive. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Off the Map

It's been a busy few days. I'm still tracking and working hard and enduring my lady times.

Manpanion and I went out last night and I treated myself to several beers. It was lovely, but now I need to settle up and eat clean for the remainder if the week if I expect to maintain. There's limited time for activity in the next few days and I picked up a couple shifts which puts me in grabbing distance of the fry bowl. Time to regroup. Strategize.

Hope everyone is having a successful week!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weighing In - 10/18/2012

Previous weight: 159.0

Today's weight:  159.0

This week's results: +/- wash.

Hey, I'll take it! It was a weird week, and I suspect I actually lost and did myself in with yesterday's salty antics.

My Tracker for the week:

Thursday I came in at a perfect 26 points+. That's my daily target, that's where I should try to stick around. In addition to a great eating day, I also earned 14 Activity Points. A DAMN GOOD DAY. Friday did not go as well. While I earned 7 APs, I got into a bit of a snack zone, and then I ate half a loaf  some baguette bread at work. However, I swapped all 7 APs and used 1 more from the previous day which had been banked away, so not too shabby there! Saturday. Oh Saturday. I had a great workout at Zumba, earning 6 APs and the first half of the day went very well. I had a low point breakfast and a low point lunch, but ran into a snag when I unwittingly attended a pizza party that I thought was just going to be snack based. I made kale chips to share, and I made some of my PB2 popcorn, but I just couldn't resist the pizza and I used 16 points on it. WHOOPS. 
Sunday was our trip to the apple orchard. I think we all misjudged how long we'd be there, and so I had to eat lunch on the orchard out of necessity. I chose to get a hot dog and tossed the bun, but snacked on some Sun Chips as well because the nutirtional info was readily available on the little bag. I had a very unfilling 9 point lunch. Later that night, we made that delicious squash pizza which ended up being on the higher points side and we also made a delicious roasted apple + ice cream dessert. An indulgent day all around with limited activity to counter it. 
Monday ended up being a pretty OP day! Monday is a very routine day for me, where I have class almost all day, and then I typically grocery shop and prepare a good meal. That's what happened there. We went square dancing in the evening and I wore my HRM to the event for the first time ever. I paused it whenever we were not actively engaged in a dance and it netted me 6 APs! I like Mondays. Tuesday I had a great workout in the AM, stayed on track through lunch and had an emotional upset that sent me into a binge spiral. I ate a bunch of weird stuff and tracked it all, but I definitely regret that happening. It's been many many (many) years, and I'll still throw a temper tantrum silently by stuffing my face. I felt ill afterwards. And then on Wednesday I had to sample a whole bunch of stuff from our new menu at work. When I say "had to," I truly mean that. We take food pretty seriously and knowing the ins and outs of the menu is integral to my service providing. That added up REALLY REALLY fast, and I wasn't even hungry when I got home. No dinner needed. 

So, I swapped ALL of my activity points for the week and dipped 9 points into the Weekly bank. 
I celebrate the 50 APs I earned. I worked hard and moved my body often. 
I celebrate the 2 totally amazing (Thursday and Monday) OP days I had. 
I celebrate tracking every morsel of my babyish binge on Tuesday. 

This week I am going to focus on...
  • Not eating french fries at work. Again. Again. AGAIN. 
  • Morning Workouts.  Again. I've been having a fantastic time making new playlists for self-motivated activity like walking, running, cycling and step-milling. When I can move to a cadence or a beat, I am way more effective and into my workout. 
  • Get more sleep. This is still an issue, though I definitely did make a conscious effort to log more ZZZzzzs this week and it worked. I'm not sure it gave me more energy, but my mind felt a bit sharper. 
  • Drinking my water. I'm typically pretty good about this, but I've been falling behind as the weather gets colder. I always have a water bottle with me, I just need to remember to actually drink it. 
  • Keeping TOM in check. It's that time again, and I haven't made my trip to stock up on volume snacks to keep me safe. I'll be doing that tomorrow after my morning workout. 
Maybe, just maybe, the scale will move down a bit next week. Do any of you have secrets for staying on track/losing during TOM? I'd love to hear. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Listening in.

Catching up on blogs this morning, I have more than 50 tabs open in Chrome. I'm reading, ladies & gentlemen, and I know you are too! The page views have grown, so feel free to say "Hi" and break free from the lurking habit!

I had a rough day yesterday, and because my motivation is low, I'd rather point you toward some positive information! So I'll use my blog reading to perhaps bulk up your blog roll, get you some great recipes, or point you toward something far more profound than I could conjure up today.

Sheryl blows my mind by discussing Easy vs Hard and the language we use throughout our journey.

Snack Girl, Elana, Gina and Lauren are talking about stirring up delicious treats with pumpkin.  YUM.

Tiffany is singing the praises of green tea.

Jen discusses the support she finds in her relationship and opens up the bigger question, "what is support?"

Becky OWNS a whole bunch of things and reminds us all that she is [and the rest of us are] enough, and Cammy falls on a similar point of deserving to be loved no matter what.

Shelli is talking about tattoos, which reminded me of the tattoo I still plan [hilariously] to get at goal weight...
WW for Wonder Woman and Weight Watchers. HOLLA. 

Roni is detaching from the number on the scale and asking how you feel about what you see when you weigh in. 

The Calorie Count Blog is reminding us of 5 mistakes we often overlook on our weight loss journeys.

MizFit makes N.E.A.T. her life in some of the most fun ways possible.

What are some of your favorite bloggers talking about this week?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gray Day Snacks.

It's not super sunny in Minneapolis today, but it's not very cold either. We had a day like this on Saturday, and I got a little snacky, as I often do.

I wanted salt, but any salt would do. However, salty snacks tend to be loaded with starchy carbs, so I pulled out my bunch of kale that was getting limp and tore that sucker up. I mixed the pieces with a little olive oil and a couple cracks of rock salt.

I transferred the pieces to 2 cookie sheets lined with parchment paper (for easy clean up and less probability of burning my beautiful kale) and baked them at 310 degrees for about 15-20 minutes.

End result: KALE CHIPS. 

I'm sure you've read about these a billion places, and for good reason: they're awesome. Have you made them? They're oh so crisp and a fantastic vessel for a little salt on a gray day, or to top off a vegetable soup.

What's your favorite comfort snack? 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Spaghetti Squash: dressed up!

 One part of my haul from the apple orchard on Sunday was a huge spaghetti squash. I decided I'd try to dress it up instead of covering it in spaghetti sauce the way I usually do.

And so I decided to make turkey meatballs and SPICY spaghetti squash with zucchini and tomatoes!

Fresh herbs, minced. I chose marjoram, sage, thyme and rosemary.

gluten free bread for breadcrumbs

 egg + breadcrumbs + fresh herbs + turkey. Mix.
oops, forgot the shallots. 

mini balls.

baked and raked spaghetti squash (40 minutes at 375)

saute zucchini in garlic and TONS of red pepper flakes

mix everything together, top with a bit of parmesan and DONE. 


For me, this turned into a 7points+ meal. Not too shabby. Definitely full and had a great time making it. 

How are you dressing up your fall squash? 

Necessity doesn't have to mean negative...

I'm trapped on campus today between classes, studying for a test at 2:30pm. Knowing I need brain food but not wanting to spend a billion points at the cafeteria, I took myself for a two mile walk and doubled back to a downtown grocery store that has a very impressive salad bar.

Hello huge 3 point+ lunch!

I feel like pizza tonight, like pizza tonight!

In a spontaneous blur of veggies, we came up with last night's dinner of homemade pizza with squash as sauce, kale, potatoes, apples, onions, broccoli and mozzarella.

Completely delicious, though high in points for the day I'd already had. Definitely went a little overboard this weekend, once out of necessity and the other out of pure desire for ice cream. 

I'll be working a little harder this week, starting tonight with spaghetti squash from the farm. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

On Loving Peanut Butter.

I was just going to sit down and write a post dedicated to a new product, when I discovered that Tiffany at Skinny Jeans and a Healthy ME had already beat me to it!

I'll charge ahead anyhow.

I recently discovered PB2. I'd heard of it years ago, but I assumed it was chemical bullshit like most low-fat foods tend to be. Only recently, when searching for a way to make kettle corn at home without a ton of oil did I do some research. Someone mentioned using PB2 as a popcorn topping. I thought "Hmmm, that sounds pretty delicious, I should check into this again." Turns out, it's just ground, dried peanuts. Without the oil, the fat basically disappears. So I bought a jar on Amazon, along with a Choco/PB flavor.

My first experiment with the PB2:
You mix PB2 with water to get peanut "butter." Or, you can mix it with ANYTHING. 

mmmmm... gluten free muffin tops. 

 divide and conquer. 

 and some banana to bulk it up.

PERFECT solution to an afternoon sweets craving. 

According to my tracker, and the WW rules that fruit is free (which I'm still getting used to) this snack is a 5 points+ treat. The muffin tops are a moderate indulgence for me at 4 points+ a piece, and I don't generally WANT chocolate very often, so it's easy to keep away from them, but chocolate AND peanut butter? Hard for me to resist. 

I'm excited to think about the idea that I could make a mock peanut butter shake with a little almond milk and ice, or sprinkle the PB into ice cream to change up the flavor. 

My other new product discovery is the NordicWare Popcorn Popper.  This awesome thing is really just a BPA free bowl with a lid, but the material heats evenly (and without CANCER!) and the lid has a special venting system. The bottom line is: I can make popcorn without oil, and without all the plastic and paper waste that comes with 100 calorie bags of popcorn at the store. Plus, bulk popping corn is SO CHEAP. SO so cheap. Many servings for under $1. BAM. 

I gave this baby a shot and it made perfect air-popped popcorn for me, which I grazed on while watching Gossip Girl instead of reading 76 pages on gender studies. 

It's Saturday, which leaves me at home, still sweating from my amazing Zumba workout. I've skipped the Farmer's Market this morning because a) I don't need any food, and b) it is cold and drizzly out today in Minneapolis. It's a perfect day to drink too much coffee and read all those pages I was supposed to read while I was watching Gossip Girl. 

Do you have any recent discoveries to share? I'm always looking for new products that will change my world. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Back on Track.

Things that are good:

I hit my Daily Points Target on the head yesterday. I get 26 points+ per day, and that's exactly what I ate. I also earned 14 APs between my 4AP gym excursion and the 10 APs I received for the 7 miles I walked at work as per my pedometer.

I received my new sports bras in the mail yesterday! I am a HUGE fan of Moving Comfort sports bras. Specifically the Fiona style. I've had them for 7 years, and I recently needed to go down a band size again. Here's a secret: there is a website that sells them for super cheap.  It looks super shady, like it is run by a 12 year old, but I promise you, I've been buying (and consequently receiving) bras from them for YEARS. Quick shipping, deep discounts. Go for it! Thank me later.

Fiona by Moving Comfort. Best Sports Bra EVER.

Manpanion scored a bunch of Flavor Grenade pluots at the Eastside Coop. These are my all-time favorite fruit. They're only in season for most of August and September. SOMEONE had a late batch and he snagged almost all of them. I AM EXCITE.


I picked up a shift on Saturday night, which will help me to both make a little money and prevent me from spending even more. Sunday we're headed out to an apple orchard with the family. There's a petting zoo and a hayride and we'll pick pumpkins and gather apples. This is one of my favorite activities every year, so you can definitely expect a picture update on that one.

What has you pumped for the weekend?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weighing In - 10/11/2012

Previous weight: 158.6

Today's weight:  159.0

This week's results: +0.4lbs


So, let's take a look at my Tracker from this last week:

Thursday I had a big breakfast scramble and earned 3 APs at the gym. I did go a little overboard at work by eating an entire bowl of soup that may as well have been a bowl of heavy cream. And some baguette. AND the lunch and snacks I brought myself. I earned 6 APs from my pedometer steps and I ate a reasonable dinner when I returned home and had some peppermint tea instead of raiding the freezer for dessert, which is what I wanted to do.  Friday, I stopped to grab some groceries at the co-op and stopped at the hot bar to get myself some lunch after my AM class. I made a terrible choice of a super cheesy salmon pasta that just sounded too good in my starving state. I tracked it as something Olive Garden would offer, since they're insane. I bet I didn't track enough though. I had a very reasonable evening of food at work, eating the veggies and chicken I brought myself for dinner, but I did cave and eat a bratwurst that we were featuring in our dinner entree. I had earned 3 APs on my gym trip in the morning, and 5 more through pedometer steps at work. 
Saturday I made myself a large breakfast with the steelhead trout gravlax I brought home from work, and a small amount of cream cheese. This was all measured and tracked accurately. I had a great time at Zumba and earned 5 APs. I ate really well all day and treated myself to a beer and  a glass of wine in the evening while catching up with Paul.

Sunday was a harder day for me. I was feeling very "blah" all day. I couldn't get into Zumba and left early with only 4 APS instead of the regular 5. Paul (Manpanion) made me a very thoughtful egg white breakfast, and I did well at lunch. All in all, the meals were totally OP and the day only went sour when I dished myself a HUGE bowl of ice cream and dumped some granola on it, when I knew I didn't really "earn" that treat for the week. I'd been drinking and treating myself every day. That needs to end. As for Monday, I made the boys dinner and added tons of cheese to it, and also drank some bourbon and apple cider. Again, with the treating. I also didn't work out at all, so I earned 0 APs.  Tuesday, we went to the Birchwood for our semi-weekly dinner. I chose well, but again with the wine. I also skipped the gym in favor of 30 day Shred and saving a little time. That workout only netted me 2 APs, but a lot of pain on Wednesday. I eat about half a loaf of baguette at work. I just couldn't get enough. I knew that WI was today, but I just wanted bread. The seasonal change is always hard for me and I just want to get as many carbs as possible. I also ate a bagel with cream cheese and a few french fries. These were all tracked, but still. COME ON. I earned 8 APs with my pedometer steps at work. 
So, AGAIN, I didn't make a lot of awesome choices this week. I need to figure out a different reward system than alcoholic treats. I do love a glass of wine or a cocktail at night, because it's a really nice way for me to unwind with Manpanion if we're lucky enough to find ourselves together, but if I'm going to do that, I need to reign in the eating and make better choices. 

This week I am going to focus on...
  • Not eating french fries at work. Again. This is a big battle for me. 
  • Morning Workouts.  Again. And putting effort into them. I have such a short amount of time to workout these days between work and school; a half hour at best. I need to dig to bust through as many calories as possible in that time. 
  • Get more sleep. This is a huge issue for me. I generally get up around 5:30am and go to bed around 11pm. That's not a lot of sleep to begin with, and it leaves me with A LOT of hours that I'm awake and therefore snacking, wanting to snack, eating, etc. It's tough to make 26 points stretch over 18 hours. I'd like to go to bed earlier and get up just a little later. 
TOM is coming up next week, and I'm sure that will become a factor also, but I'm not too worried about it. I'm celebrating the fact that I've been tracking for a month, blogging for a month, and investing in myself for a decent chunk of time. 

Now that you see a part of my routine, and how I struggle with eating crap at work, what would YOU do? 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I'm suffering from buyer's remorse. Not from the amazing haul I got when I shopped with a girlfriend today, but from the dessert I just ordered, finished, and barely enjoyed.

You see, Tuesdays we typically go out to eat with Manpanion's sisters and his mom. We go to The Birchwood Cafe, which is a very delicious, organic, health driven restaurant here in town. Here's what they had to offer tonight as far as main dishes:
I ordered the Veggies and Rice, 2nd one from the top. It was completely and totally delicious. I also ordered a cup of Tomato Herb soup. Also totally delicious. 

Everyone ordered dessert, so I wanted dessert. I ordered Strawberry Rhubarb Fig cobbler. After I'd ordered it, I tracked it. EEEK. 13 points for a cobbler. I better only eat half. 10 minutes into a conversation and the cobbler was gone. I ate all of it, and I barely had a chance to enjoy it. PLUS, 13 points! ZOMG. Dammit. 

I don't regret ordering dessert, I regret not taking the time to savor it, because I basically just threw 13 points on the ground and stomped on them. LESSON LEARNED. Plus, I'd rather have the conversation than the dessert, so I probably would have been just fine without cobbler as it is.

Monday, we spent some time raiding the garden at Paul's to take the last of the bounty for the season. Here's Oro eating all the tomatoes we're collecting. 

The Brussels sprouts are still small and growing. We're hopeful that a couple of frosts will make them sweeter, the way it apparently does with Kale. I have no idea about these things, that's just what Paul said, and he's the master gardener, so I trust him blindly. 

My week is winding down. Even with tonight's lame 13 point throw-away, I still have 28 weeklies in the bank, so I've eaten 21 points+ of my WPA.  I've earned 28 APs with my short workouts (30 minutes, 4x week + my steps count for work shifts) and I've eaten all of those as well. 

I'm not feeling confident about a loss this week, but I've learned not to expect much movement on the scale at this point in my journey. I feel great about how conscious I am of what I'm putting into my body, and how much effort I am putting into moving it and appreciating it. THAT'S the important progress to me. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week end end.

A great weekend! Saturday's self-care ritual involved a great haul of veggies from the farmer's market and a very bouncy, smiley bought of Zumba. I brought a 2oz serving of steelhead trout gravlax home with me from work on Friday night and I turned it into a delicious egg white scramble with .5oz of cream cheese. YUM. I brought half of the veggies over to Paul's where we chopped, roasted, and ate the hell out of them.

and maybe also drank a bottle of wine. And maybe also by "maybe also," I mean mostly me. YAY! It was worth it. I haven't been drinking much since my return to Weight Watchers, because I'm still trying to learn to eat within my points, but as I'm getting more comfortable, I'm in. I prioritized wine last night, and had only veggies for dinner (and oil), with a couple slices of deli meat. I loved it. I put the veggies in the recipe builder to be sure I was accountable for the AMOUNT I was eating. A lot of people on WW will simply add everything to the tracker, because veggies are 0 pointsplus. When you build a recipe in the "Recipe Builder," it takes into account the nutritional information of everything, rather than just giving you veggies and fruits for free. I know there are still calories, especially in starchy root veggies, so my plate of roasted roots was 4 pointsplus. I tracked it. 

I went to Mighty Swell, a local vintage pop-up shop, and found myself a new dress and this fun hoodie. The weather is turning chillier here, and I don't have much to keep myself warm. I also found Manpanion the most awesome bright red shirt with red pearl snaps that fits him like a glove.

Sunday is my cooking day. After studying from 10am to 4:30pm and attending an evening class of Zumba, I got down to it. Here's what I made:
I had the brussels sprouts and acorn squash for dinner, and the other half of those dishes will turn into this delicious sounding hash. 

This week will involve some very strict planning for meals with LOTS of open room for snacks. I have TWO very challenging exams this week, and I'm prepared with volume snacks (popcorn, grapes, baby carrots, lollipops) on hand for any stress eating that might sneak in.

What do YOU do when you're coming up on a very busy stressful week? 

Friday, October 5, 2012


Once upon a time, there was a Google Deal. I bought it. Two weeks and $10 later, this arrived at my door.

I could NOT pass up the opportunity to have a Shake Weight for $10. I have no idea how to use this, so I'm pretty glad it comes with an instructional DVD, which I'm pretty sure will provide $10 worth of entertainment on it's own.

And with that.. I'll leave you with this:

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weighing In - 10/04/2012

Previous weight: 160.4
Today's weight:  158.6

This week's results: -1.8lbs!


Let's take a look at my Tracker from this last week:

Thursday I had a big lunch at work and between the gym and tracking my steps at work, I earned 11 APs. All in all, a successful day. Friday was spent on a long drive to Madison for the wedding weekend. I had a protein rich breakfast that was low in points, and we packed very healthy car snacks. That evening, we went out and I treated myself to a martini. The 5 APs were earned between the gym in the morning and walking through Madison that evening. Saturday was, of course, the wedding. That explains all of those. We biked to and from the wedding, which was about 8 miles. 8 miles round trip. 4 miles only takes about 15-20 minutes, so WW only gave me a small amount of APs for that trip each time, and I think this is where my success comes in for the week. The ride was literally uphill both ways, which is ridiculous, and we rode very fast and I rode in high heeled boots. Probably worth more than the 1-2 APs I earned for it. We did a lot of walking again that night, and Madison is apparently a pretty German oriented town, so there weren't a lot of beers that sounded appealing to me. That made keeping the booze low a pretty easy option. 

Sunday we had breakfast out, again, out of necessity. I ordered a la carte this time and kept the points very reasonable. I also skipped the Bloody Mary I'd had the prior morning, even though it was delicious. Every day can't be a wedding celebration! The rest of Sunday was spent in the car, far less enthusiastically this time. I may or may not have purchased a pack of Peanut Butter M&Ms at a gas station, and that explains that. As for Monday, I just wasn't in to it for the day. We had dinner out with Paul's dad on Tuesday, where I ordered the most reasonable entree available. It was boring and not at all satisfying, which led to me ordering a glass of wine and dessert. Later, after the planetarium, we went out for a beer. So there was the splurge there.  Wednesday I dipped into the french fry bowl a million times at work. Actually, I only had 18 fries. I kept a tally. That doesn't seem like a lot of fries but it is a LOT OF POINTS. Don't eat french fries that aren't planned. Man oh man. 

So, I didn't make a lot of awesome choices this week, but I never went all the way over my points. I still lost! I don't want to make the excess a habit, but I feel prepared now, and back into my routine, separate enough from the wedding weekend. 

This week I am going to focus on...
  • Not eating french fries at work. This is tough! Salt is so good. I work at the airport, which is extremely fast paced. People flood in pre-flight and RUSH out ("I'm kind of in a hurry, I have a flight to catch..") at the same time. There's about a 20 minute lull between rushes where we replenish everything and get ready for the next batch of travelers. People are often assholes, and assholes in a hurry are dangerous. So, I grab at fries for energy. I always pack snacks, so I need to just NIX the fries. Eat a carrot, Nicole. Eat a carrot. 
  • Morning Workouts.  It is really easy for me to talk myself out of working out in the evening. I need to get my activity in during the AM hours or the very early afternoon if that's even an option (which it's usually not). If I can get to the gym before work or class, I'm gold. 
  • Eat at home. After that whirlwind week of dinners out and drinks out and being out of my element in general, it's time to reign it back in and cook. I am completely aware of what goes in to food I prepare with my own two hands. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Remember yesterday when I was talking about having a hard time getting my mojo back?

Well, that trailed with me all day and into the night.

I splurged on dinner because someone else was buying and it didn't even taste good. Fail.

To compensate, I drank a big ol' glass of wine and justified dessert.

After the planetarium, I wanted to continue being social so Manpanion and I went out for some beers at The Happy Gnome, which has one of the best draft lists EVER. I love dark dark dark beer and they always have it. So, I also had a beer.

Looking over my Weekly Point Tracker this morning, I'm feeling a little eater's remorse. I Weigh-In tomorrow morning and I only have 5 weekly points left, no activity left, and I didn't even earn the activity amount I was shooting for.


Putting a positive spin on things is a practice I'm exercising. So, I'm disappointed in my performance this week. Acceptable.

It's just one week. I went to a wedding! I celebrated my friends! I allowed for more than 2 social outings in the same week which led to a splurge in points. GOOD FOR ME! I have friends.

I am still OP. I am NOT over what I have been granted in points, nor what I have earned by being active. WIN.

Life happens! I had a bunch of fun. WIN.


Fresh start. Can't wait.

P.S. the planetarium was awesome. Check it out:
In order to reserve the planetarium for a private viewing, we needed to be an official "Group." So, we coined ourselves the MN Astronomy Enthusiasts United and made ourselves these pins to seem more legit. 

all the things we've found outside of our galaxy

shadow puppets

control panel