Sunday, May 31, 2009

Struggle City.

I started out with such a bang this week, even continuing on through Friday. I let the guard down a tad on Saturday morning, helping myself to a second bowl of my favorite cereal, just because it sounded good.

It kind of snowballed from there, without any exercise.

Today is Sunday, a new day, a new start. I've only "screwed up" one day this week, and I'm hopeful that if I pick up the pace, I should still be able to see results.

I am mostly finding it rough to make time for exercise... like honest dedicated exercise time. I am being VERY active, riding bikes and walking everywhere. I even rode all over downtown on Friday in high heels, which was a new one for me. I don't do that often. I brought little slippers in my bike bag in case I found it to be impossible, but mostly it was completely fine.

I need to plan my next few days of meals to avoid a day like yesterday and I need to get my butt moving today. That's that.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Faultless Friday.

I'm trying a new outlook today for the blog, Faultless Friday. I am going to choose an area of my body and focus on the reasons why it is fabulous, only positives.

Today, an open letter to my legs.

Dear Legs,

You've carried me through this lifetime. Healing yourself after tattered abuse climbing trees as a child by relaxing on top of cool damp grass in the hot sun. You've carried me through so many phases of life; remaining silent and dormant as you sat crossed in your Ann Taylor under a desk at the Mortgage company to the Chuck Taylors of waiting tables at the Pizza Joint. You only slightly complained as your load continued to gather, knees screaming under the added weight. You've proven your strength, your endurance as you guide me through this particular journey. Sustaining hours of squats and sprints.

No one would describe you as "killer," Legs, but to me you are the ultimate. You power my bicycle, you dance with me, and you are the very reason I can play "airplane" with Eli even still as he now weighs over 50lbs.

I'm proud as I continue to see more and less of you, Legs. The definition in your quads, the heart shape of your calves, the reawakening of your kneecaps after years of a fatty folded shade. You were so brave when you made your debut in shorts. Not just shorts, but the shortest shorts ever made. You thought, "Well, it's been 10 years since I've worn a pair, I might as well go all out." And the world didn't collapse. Mothers didn't cover their daughters eyes. No one went blind. Instead, you got a whistle on Washington Avenue. Nice job, ladies.

I don't thank you enough. I'm especially thankful you were able to help me out in San Francisco - walking and biking up and down some insane hills. You really pulled through for me. You took the brute of the work and allowed me to enjoy my time with Justin with very little (but still some) whining and complaining.

You know what, Legs? I'm going to get you a massage. I promise. You've earned it.



Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back on Track.

Good news!

I got the cleaning position at Flex Appeal, however, it's not quite as awesome as I thought. The work itself doesn't look bad, about 3 hours a week and I can listen to my ipod. However, working for trade means if the class fills up, I'm the first to get booted, which means - potentially - that I could actually be working for free if the classes I want to go to fill up often, which they do. So, I'm not really sure what to do about that, but I guess I'll try it for a while and if it feels like I'm working for nothing, I'll just have to quit and explain that there's just no benefit to me and I'd rather continue to pay for my use of the studio.

Secondly, I thought I had a loss last night because my last meeting WI was on 5/6/09, but apparently I weighed myself at home the week after and had lost a bit. I thought it was weird when I entered my new weight into the online weight tracker and it told me I gained, but either way, I went on vacation and didn't WI for 2 weeks and I only gained .8lbs.

I'm very proud of this.

I feel really out of the loop when it comes to formal "exercise." I haven't been to the gym in a million years because I've been gone, and I'm not really motivated to get there. My pass at Flex Appeal doesn't kick in until I've worked at least one shift, which I won't do until this coming Monday. I need to find some motivation to get moving.

I had a fantastic OP day yesterday, and I've planned out my day today to be the same. I'm trying to take this seriously, but I'm definitely still only moderately motivated. I know I need to either be strict with the exercise side or the food side, obviously both at once would be the best but I'm just not operating on that kind of high motivation right now.

Maybe I need to buy a bikini or something to hang on my door.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm Back.

My first post in what seems like forever, I am proud to report (genuinely) that I had a fantastic vacation. Chock full of no restrictions on food or drink.

I'm also happy to report that according to my home scale, I only managed to gain about 2lbs. I'm ecstatic about this, since I've gained 5lbs in certain weeks where I chose to have strawberries for dessert instead of ice cream.

Tonight I am headed to Flex Appeal to meet with Erin to conduct an interview for the cleaning position. Hopefully I'll get it and I'll be extremely excited about that as well. That's at 5pm, my WW meeting is at 6:30pm, I'm hoping to do both.

Today is my first day back to work after more than a week off, so I'm only writing this short entry, but I promise we'll be back to struggles as usual sometime around 7pm tonight when I realize that counting points and watching what I eat is hard (again).

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

At Home Weigh In

So, I have basically been eating like I'm already on vacation for the last two days, but I definitely have stepped up the activity and I find that while I make some ridiculous indulgences (whole pints of ice cream) when left to my own devices, for the most part - my choices are quite reasonable.

I decided that since I'm missing my meeting today to opt for Happy Hour with the ladies, I better check in here, just so I don't get too lost. The topic of the meeting tonight is supposed to be Metabolism, and I'm just not sure that my leader knows enough about it to tell me something I don't know. I love her, but her exercise is walking and nothing else.

To be honest, I tend to avoid any of the meetings that have to do with activity or exercise. Because my group is so incredibly vocal, I get extremely frustrated to hear about the level of activity of the other women (and men) that helps them to have "huge losses." Like... climbing 4 flights of stairs, or walking a 1/2 mile, or doing yoga.

I know I shouldn't compare myself to these other people, but it's very frustrating to BUST YOUR ASS 5 days a week and remain consistent and/or gain on the scale - for the last 6 months.

However, I feel that something is finally catching up, because despite my poor eating habits for the last few days, I managed to squeeze out a loss!! OF AN ENTIRE POUND!

The second good thing happening, or at least hopeful thing happening, is that I was very anxious and worried this last week about having to discontinue my pole classes. They're simply too expensive. I had proposed a loan to my sister so that I could purchase an unlimited 6 month pass, which would cut the cost of the classes down significantly, and I'd also be able to try a lot of new classes that I haven't gone to simply because of the cost. She considered it for a long time, but eventually said no, which is totally fine and reasonable.

However, yesterday, when I was signing in to Power Pole Fitness, I noticed a sign at the end of the desk broadcasting that Flex Appeal was looking for 2 cleaning ladies to fill shifts on Monday and Thursday respectively in exchange for an unlimited pass. This would be 2 hours, every Monday afternoon in exchange for the pass. That is like an 80 dollar value if I made it to 4 classes per week. $40 dollars an hour is nothing to sneeze at!

I really hope that works out. I filled out an employment application, which I had a hard time with because I haven't filled one out since I was about 17 years old. I also topped it with a small letter explaining the situation and how reliable I am, etc etc.

Cross your fingers for me, otherwise, I won't be pole dancing much longer.

I really hope that's not true, because it has been such a gift to be able to enjoy exercise again because I can perform it in an unconventional way that simultaneously makes me feel strong and sexy.

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Word of Warning.

I feel WAY off the wagon this weekend.

I'm actually ok with it, and I intend to step it up as far as activity this week before I leave for San Francisco.

I wanted to stop by the blog and simply warn you all that I won't be doing much blogging for the next two weeks, most likely starting today.

You can, however, expect a whirlwind of entries when I get back from Vacation around the 26th.

Good Luck to you all! (and me as well!)


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hail Hungry, Full of...

Forgive me WW, for I have binged.

It has been 2 days since my last binge-fession. Yesterday was Justin's birthday. I swear WW, I was completely OP (on plan) until we reached our dinner destination, The Malt Shop. I arrived with good intentions, but I allowed my childhood favorites to consume me and push you out. Within 45 minutes I managed to consume half of a cheeseburger, 9 cottage fries, 1/4 cup of cottage cheese, 1/2 a turkey club sandwich and 20 oz worth of 2 flavors of malts. It didn't end there, however, as I had 3 Swedish fish and a handful of popcorn whilst dropping Eli off with my Mom so that we could go out and binge further. At La Belle Vie I consumed 1.5 sugary cocktails and then on to The Town Hall Brewery where further indulgences occurred.

For these, and all my other binges, I am sincerely sorry.

I really am. I am NOT going to let this ruin my week, but it does always make me nervous when I have NO flex points going into the week. It's literally only my 3rd day. I have technically 5 days until Weigh In. I want(ed) this to be a good loss. A good loss before I leave for San Francisco and gain - guiltless.

Only now, it will be FULL of guilt, because I haven't earned it yet.

Today is a new day. I am going to stay on track.

Friday, May 8, 2009

BioAnalysis and Brunch.

Jessica and I weighed out of the Meltdown Challenge this afternoon. After 5 weeks (and more than a few screw-ups with my eating) I still managed to lose .3lbs, 2% body fat and also to gain 3.8lbs of lean muscle mass.


I increased muscle strength in my entire body as well, a .3 increase in my arms, 1.8 increase in my trunk (core) and .3 increase in my legs. Additionally, I raised my Basal Metabolic Rate (metabolism) from 1367 to 1394! NICE!

I am so glad I participated in this challenge, and additionally that the Coordinator was interested in our comments as to how to improve it. Naturally, I had a lot to say about how it could have been better, and it was pleasant that she was very receptive to it.

The worst part of the day so far was that we were told not to eat at least 2-3 hours before our weigh out. I was starving. So when I got home, I made myself Brunch.

Egg Beater Scrambles + Turkey Bacon and Brussel Sprout Hash + Whole Wheat English Muffin and Sugar-Free Apricot Preserves = 6.5 points

Meal Appeal.

Brinner Fried Egg Sandwich (Veggie Slices Smoked Provolone + Avacado + Tomato + Spicy Mayo) on Whole Wheat English Muffin with Bacon and Brussel Sprout Hash.

Mixed Greens + Radishes + Carrots + Turkey + FF Cottage Cheese.

Brown Rice Spicy Rolls.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My 1.5 Year Anniversary!

I have been committed (more or less) to Weight Watchers for 1.5 years today.

It's the beginning of my new week and I'm extremely excited. I had an excellent meeting last night where I lost .4lbs. Normally I would preface that by saying "It's not much, but..." Not today. I'm elated at the idea that the scale both moved and moved in the right direction.

Our topic was about Positive Self Talk, which is something that I have a hard time with. Even when I'm celebrating my accomplishments (like a .4 lb loss) I usually try to balance it with something just a tiny bit negative so as not to appear to be bragging.

However, Diane (leader) went on to explain that our thoughts directly dictate our actions, so I want to proclaim that I LOST .4 POUNDS! I did it! And I will do it again.

I would love to ramble about the meeting topic, but I think that Bitch-Cakes did such a nice job summing it up.

There are a number of reasons I am proud of my performance last week. Despite 2 days of flubs, I managed to get 41 APs, which is amazing for me. When I first began Weight Watchers and was extremely committed, it was not abnormal for me to get 45 APs each week for a month. However, I also weighed close to 200lbs, so it was much easier to burn calories than it is now, 50lbs lighter.

I also didn't let those 2 flubs ruin my entire week.

I tried a new class and it kicked my ass. Literally. My ass hurt, along with my arms, shins, quads, shoulders, arms, etc. I'm totally going to go back. That class is a powerhouse and will absolutely whip me into the shape I want to be in.

I tracked everything, all week long. Even when I got myself into the red (again...). This habit of holding myself accountable has also helped me to realize the trigger foods that set me on a downward spiral. Armed with this knowledge, I'm better equipped to say no to those things and stay on track.

My goals for this week are very simple. Plan, Track, Exercise. The first 3 days of this week are planned as far as meals and exercise, and I intend to sit down tonight and make up a grocery list to complete the week.

Best possible scenario is that I will see the same number on the scale this coming WI as I did when I weighed myself Tuesday evening. With that, I will earn another 5lb star and it will be my THIRD 10% goal.

Dinner last night.

Risotto Primavera with Parboiled Asparagus (drizzled in oil, lemon zest and parmesan) = 5 points

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

PRE-WI Weigh In.

Just for fun, I hopped on the scale tonight at what would be my regular WI time on a Wednesday (tomorrow, the official weigh in) just to see where I was at.


That's a VERY large loss. I highly doubt that's going to stick through tomorrow, plus I had just sweat my butt off in a very difficult class.

Just knowing that the scale is MOVING though, that is such a huge relief.

Thursday is my 1.5 year anniversary of recommitting to Weight Watchers. What a wonderful decision that was.

Monday, May 4, 2009

OOPS - edit

Ok, just kidding.

I forgot about a few things I ate last night.

Consider this a really big OOPS.

I am officially 17.5 points in the red for the week, with 3 days to make up for it.

It's really disheartening to think that ONE day/night can totally ruin everything, but that's reality.

The game plan is to step up the activity (which I'm not really sure I can do!) and try to create a small deficit to make up the difference.

If I gain, I know why.


Oopsie Daisy.

Yesterday was the annual HOTB Mayday parade here in Minneapolis, and a fantastic day it was. Beautiful weather, great bike ride, good spot for the parade and a wonderful spot on the hill for the after celebration in Powderhorn Park.
NOT a good day for weight watchers. I didn't do too bad on that front, but I had a plan and I veered from it. I burned through the rest of my flex points for the week and ate into my Activity Points a lot more than I had intended - mostly with the couple drinks I had on the patio at Luce after we all (respective friends) headed home to feed and let our dogs out and meet back up. I also had literally no way to track my dinner, so I made the best guess and definitely made a good choice there.
I ate 4 mini donuts though, and that was what did it. It sent me into a wild sugar rage and I drank a lot of rum+pinneapple juice last night. Well, not a lot, but a couple. And managed to polish off that honey greek yogurt (that is massively high in points) when we got home from trivia last night.
Anyhow, today is a new day, it's all tracked and I've moved away from it.
It's supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny, so I am trying to get some work out of the way early this morning so that I can get out and enjoy it.
Tonight there is a potluck BBQ for my friend's birthday which throws me off in a couple directions. A) I can only control what I bring. B) I am missing Pole Dance class. C) It is very hard to control portions, drinking, etc in a potluck setting.
I'm nervous, but I feel confident. I am bringing my standby Quinoa Salad with apples, cranberries and walnuts.
By the way, I never updated the recipes site (secretly I knew I wouldn't) but I have scheduled it into my calendar for Wednesday afternoon, which is supposed to be a dull rainy day.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Still going STRONG!

I just got back from the gym. Today was Strength Training routine 2 + 15 minutes on the StepMill. I was feeling energetic so I cranked the StepMill up to Level 20, which is as high as it goes.

I literally thought I was going to collapse and die or have a heart attack. I toughed it out for about 3.5 minutes and then lowered it back down to 12, which is a level that is hard enough for me but probably won't kill me (which is a good thing.)

I managed to burn 540 calories in 55 minutes which earned me a cool 5 APs.

Yesterday was also such a great day with all the outside activity. I did spend Saturday night doing laundry, which is extremely unexciting, but it was necessary. I was feeling a little hunger pang as I was loading the car so I decided to have a snack to tide me over so I wouldn't be tempted by the vending machine at the laundromat or the delicious ice cream shop across the street.

I made myself this salad with mixed greens, radishes, carrots, tomatoes, red onion and Newman's Own spritzer dressing that is supposed to be like french (it is, just not the consistency). I chopped up a little deli turkey to throw on top of it for some added protein which was the ONLY thing in the salad that actually contained points... and only one of them. Pretty decent snack if you ask me!
After the laundry was all done and carried to and from the car for the fourth time, I was ready for dinner but decided to do the dishes first - since I didn't have a dinner plan. I wanted to think about it. By that time, I realized I wasn't as hungry as I thought, but I just *knew* it was time to eat. I'm getting better at monitoring my hunger and that's something I'm grateful for. I decided to have a semi-light dinner, wait a half hour and then see if I was still hungry after that.
I whipped up a spicy salmon pita with low-fat mayo, horseradish and Sirracha and sliced tomatoes + avocado. On the side I added baby carrots and more radishes (I LOVE RADISHES!) with some roasted red pepper hummus. The entire meal was 6 points and after I waited my half hour, I wasn't hungry.
I still had 5 points for the day, so I decided to indulge in some of the "accidental yogurt," Honey Flavored Greek yogurt I bought at the co-op without checking the nutrition information. It's 4 points for 1/2 a cup but it is SO creamy and delicious that it easily replaces ice cream. I topped it with some blackberries and I was completely set and satisfied.
Today is the annual HOTB May Day parade down Bloomington Avenue and at Powderhorn Park. We're going to ride bikes, as usual and set up in a good spot (I hope) so that Eli can see. We usually meet up with a bunch of friends once the parade makes it to the Park, so it should be a great day!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Workout Stats : Saturday (part 2)

Jack and I took a nice long stroll at the Minnehaha Dog Park. Clocking in at just under 1.5 hours and around 350 calories burned, it was a great time. Well, it was fun until Jack knocked me off a fallen tree I was walking on in an attempt to avoid a GIGANTIC lake of mud to get to the other side. I'm hopeful that my trail running shoes will someday return to their former color.

So, it's about 1pm and I already have 8 APs. I'm still a big ball of energy and it's still beautiful out. I can't decide what to do next. For now, it's lunch time.

Cucumber, Tomato and Cheese Sandwich + Chickpea Veggie Salad = 5 points

Workout Stats : Saturday (part 1)

Workout Stats : 507 calories burned
+1.25 mile jog
+10 sets of "Killers/Suicides" on the basketball court
+1.25 mile jog
+15 minutes Hoop Dance in the yard

Yes! It feels awesome to have 5 APs before 10am on a Saturday, and also to know there's more to come. I'm waiting on my breakfast now, water is boiling for some high fiber oatmeal. I'm thinking I'll take Jack (my dog) to the Minnehaha Dog park for a while so he has a chance to run around in miles upon miles of wooded trail while I walk in this beautiful weather and catch up on podcasts.

I'm still feeling extremely excellent about this week, even though last night I had a bit of a lapse and ate the remainder of Justin's pistachio gelato which ranks in at 6 points a serving. (I ate 9 points worth!)

This afternoon I have plans to stop at the grocery store for sandwich fixings since we're out of deli cut turkey and tomatoes. I'd like some avocados and sprouts to thicken things up a bit and I need baby carrots and strawberries as well.

I hopped on the scale this morning "just for fun" and it definitely was. I hope I can keep this up, because if I do, I'm in for quite a rewarding Weigh In!


Friday, May 1, 2009

Fantastic start!

I love making lists. LOVE IT. I also love making goals, I don't necessarily love the work that comes to get to them.

Yesterday, I'm so glad I spent the majority of my day telling everyone and everything about how I was going to get this done. I fell asleep trying to catch a little bit of "What Not To Wear" before my second stint at the gym for Zumba. I ended up waking at 6:00pm, with the class starting in a mere half hour and deciding I wouldn't go.

I kept telling myself I wouldn't go.

...even as I was pulling on my workout clothes and strapping on my heart rate monitor.

My head and my body were wrestling. I wasn't REALLY tired, I was just lazy and fell asleep because that's what I do. (As a back story, I can fall asleep anywhere at any time. I'm not narcoleptic, I just love sleeping.) I ended up going and I'm so glad I did. It helped me round out my day with 8 APs and feeling like I didn't really have to work SO hard to get them.

I made a delicious dinner last night. Cranberry Pear Chicken with Broiled Zucchini and Mushrooms, a side of Barley and some Balsamic Tomato slices.

In case you're interested, the Cranberry Pear Chicken was DELICIOUS DELICIOUS DELICIOUS and weighing in at only 4 points. Even though I haven't updated it in forever, I am going to add it to the recipes page this weekend. I have a cache of about 17 recipes I've fallen in love with since the last time I updated and I need to share them with the weight loss community. This one is a keeper though, mmmmm.
Today's schedule involves a trip to Eli's school for his Piggy Play, Strength Training and cardio at the gym, and then a huge gaping hole where a plan should be on a Friday night. I'm entering danger territory. I'd really love to go dancing, but I don't know anyone who goes dancing anymore since Missy moved to California. I will probably fill the gap with a big long dog walk as my second AP earner of the day.
C'est la vie!