Friday, November 28, 2008

No Way No Weigh.

So, I've screwed up this week. I admit it. The hilarious twist is that Thanksgiving Day was pretty much the only day out of the last 4, where I didn't go ridiculously overboard. I've decided that if I really intend to get back and stay back on track, that I need to relax. I overeat sometimes because of the pressure I put on myself NOT to overeat. I'm a rebel. I do anything anyone tells me not to, even myself.

Step one in the relax project is to give myself a "No WAY no WEIGH" out this Monday. I'm going to way myself for my own personal information and to size up the damage I've done, but I am not going to record it anywhere. Not on this site, not on Freewebs and not on Weight Watchers. I am free from making that a "real" number anywhere but in my head.

The plan then, is to (starting right now) plan my meals, eat according to plan, stock up on better snacks and DRINK MORE WATER. I am horrible with the water and right now it has so many other added benefits from the cleansing weight loss. The air is dry and my skin looks like hell. Water will help that, and I'm pretty sure I'm more concerned about my skin at this point than I am about shedding water weight.

I have taken the next TWO WEEKS off of work... well... at least off of being IN the office. I will be doing work from home and trying to prioritize and complete a project that is semi-overdue despite it's lack of a due date. I also have a small list of home things to do which I hope I can accomplish by Christmas.

To Do:
  • Clean, Organize and Label everything in my office closest. Build a cohesive plan so that things are accessible. Use the rod for coats and scarves.
  • Clean, Organize and Label everything in the storage closet. THROW AWAY THINGS we no longer use.
  • Clean, organize and toss things from the kitchen cabinets. I have far more baking pans and accessories than I will use or ever have used. Bring things to the Free Store when I check in on Terry.

That's really it. It's not a daunting list, and I guarantee if I buckled down, I could get it all done in one day. The problem is the lack of "normal" space in which to organize. Both of these closets are oddly shaped and ill-planned. It will take some time moving things around to really get it right.

My only goal for tomorrow is to get to the gym for the first time all week. (I told you, I was bad.)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Weigh In : Monday : 11/24/2008 A Loss!

Weigh In : Monday : 11/24/2008
155.2 lbs
Loss of 4.3 lbs
Yay! A payoff. I just hope that with Thanksgiving being this week it doesn't all go downhill again. I hate the yo-yoing and I really need to see a couple losses in a row. Obviously not gigantic losses like that, but again, the loss was a combo of eating really late at night and having that TOM, so a decent amount was water weight.
Yesterday I convinced Justin to come to BodyFlow with me. My reasoning was valid in that it's all balance and strength training using your own body weight, which would be very good for his knee and would give him some other ideas on how to build up his strength. He said no at first, but came after all and did a pretty good job given his situation. It wasn't that hard to convince him because there IS usually at least 2-3 guys in the class but this week there were 5 other than him. It's getting really crowded in that class, which tends to annoy me - but it is such a relaxing and personal experience that I barely even notice.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tis the Season.

I've gotten pretty busy again, and that's left limited time for food picture taking and eating in general. I'm having a pretty great week, points-wise and I feel confident that I should expect a loss tomorrow morning. Last night I had the opportunity to try out a new restaurant in Uptown called moto-i. It's the first sake brewery outside of Japan. I went with Jessica, Joe and Joe and we sampled the 3 varieties of sake. I only really liked the first one, but everyone seemed to enjoy all of them. I don't know much about sake and I'm not accustomed to drinking it. I suppose it's good I really only liked the first one, it gave me the opportunity to drink a lot less than I might have.

We sampled a variety of things. Here's the list of things that came to our table:
  • Taro Shoestrings with Spicy Chili Mayo
  • Soba Noodles with scallion, bell pepper, jimaca, soy sauce and seasame seeds
  • 2 buns, one had hen with spicy hoisin, green onion, thai chili and cilantro. the other was tofu, ponzu, cabbage, sweet chili and pickled carrot
  • Dumplings with shitake, pea shoots and carrots
  • Smoked Salmon Rangoon with lemon and sweet chili sauce
  • Bulgogi
  • Seared tuna ponzu
  • Grilled chinese eggplant
  • Sake Poached Pears with coconut sticky rice for dessert!

The whole experience was very fun and it was nice to be out with people in a new environment. I was the party pooper who didn't want to be out late, so after we ended at one of my least favorite bro-bars Mortimers, it was pretty clear I needed to find a way home. Everyone was rapidly on their way to becoming wasted as I was nursing my second drink of the evening, other than the 1.5 oz of sake I tried at moto-i.

All in all, I had a great time. I wish I had pictures of all the delicious food. I had no idea how to track it, I still don't, so I think I'll just let the scale decide tomorrow morning.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dinner : 11/20/2008 : Pizzzzzza

2 Slices Homemade Pizza + Wilted Spinach on the side = 11 points
Wow. This pizza turned out so well. Usually I only "make" (supervise) homemade pizza when justin is around, because he has been making pizzas for 15 years. I opted to make it myself last night and it was delicious. Hummus as sauce, spinach, red onions, chicken and shredded carrots with WW Moz cheese. I had a good workout at the gym last night, so I deserved it.

I also went out with a friend last night to talk about job frustrations. She is going through the same thing I am and we were just chatting about how odd it is to feel shame in wanting to leave the nonprofit sector and make a livable wage. It doesn't mean we care any less, and I will still volunteer loads of time towards things I care about, but at this point, I need to make a comfortable living. It doesn't help me help my clients when I am constantly stressed about money. It also doesn't help my "diet."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lunch : 11/19/2008 : Tuna Pocket + Root Hash

Wasabi Tuna Pocket + Root Vegetable Hash = 5 points
Yum. This was a super awesome delicious spectacular lunch. I finished up the root vegetable hash which was made from carrots, sweet potatoes and turnips all baked to perfection. The tuna pocket was a mixture of tuna, light mayo, sweet relish, red onion chunks and wasabi powder with some tomatoes tossed in the pita for good measure.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Breakfast : 11/18/2008 : Back to the Future

Quaker Crunchy Corn Bran.
My favorite cereal growing up has just become my new breakfast staple. I have no idea why I loved this cereal as a kid, there is absolutely nothing exciting about it. It's old people cereal, and I don't know why it was ever in the house - since my parents weren't very old. Anyhow, I adored it.
I was getting sick of my FiberOne Honey Clusters, especially since they're actually pretty pointy when you get to eating a whole serving with milk and such. I was at the grocery store and decided to get back to my roots... only to find that a serving of CCB is only 1 point! ONE! Amazing. That's on it's own of course, but when I add my light vanilla 8th continent soy milk, the total rises to 1.5 points - total. I'm in heaven.
This morning I had a bowl of CCB, half a banana and I'm going to get a skim latte in a moment, all for 5.5 points, which is what my cereal would have been if I stuck with the FiberOne.
Maybe there is hope for me after all. I need to stop thinking I've got it down, there is always some new trick to discover.
Grocery shopping ALWAYS puts me on a good start for the week.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Weigh-in: 11/17/2008 : Nicole's tips on how to have a HORRIBLE weigh in

Weigh In: Monday 11/17/2008 : 159.4lbs (+5.3)

I feel like that cat today. I'm tired, bloated, irritable, and now I'm angry about my weigh-in. I completely understand all of the factors working against me right at this very moment. Let's review them.

+Weekend in Duluth = Over indulgence.
This weekend I was celebrating my 8 millionth anniversary with Justin. I kept my ordering reasonable, but there was always desert to be had, and something else to eat. I estimate I used all of my flex points and then some. However, kudos to me for getting up early on Sunday a.m. and jogging the lake walk before getting a Northern Lite Latte at Caribou.

+TOM torture.
I am currently living my monthly nightmare. That, paired with a lot of carby salty food I ate this weekend, is allowing me to carry what I like to call a "water baby." I estimate about 3 pounds of this gain is all water retention.

Ok, so those are really the only factors working against me, along with the fact that it seems to be hilarious to mother nature to let me yo-yo week after week after week even when I'm trying. Today is another day, and I start all over again. It will literally take me months to take off these 5lbs, if I don't put on another 5 before them. It really terrified me to see the scale almost back up into the 160s. Why? Why do I fluctuate so much?

My goals for the week, to get rid of some of this gain...
-Go rock climbing at Vertical Endeavors (different forms of activity always help me loss)
-Give up lattes for the week. (even though they're a great way to get my dairy in)
-Earn at least 30 APs (this shouldn't be too hard, I don't have a very busy week)

I am hoping those steps will be in the right direction to minimizing my terror of the scale next week. I was thinking lately about how I could possibly inspire anyone when I can't even inspire myself. When I just keep losing and gaining, but gaining more than I lose. If nothing else, my inspiration from myself comes in the fact that I just keep trying.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dinner 11/13/2008 : LemongrASS Coconut Chicken

Kashi Lemongrass Coconut Chicken = 6 points
This tastes like pure lemon juice. It is far too lemon-y for me, but otherwise extremely tasty. I had a very long, very busy day today. I had very little time to consider what I was eating, and I was in a variety of meetings where there were snacks galore. I was very good during my training today, choosing to snack on unsalted peanuts and an apple, which I ate very slowly. I didn't eat lunch though, so when I went straight from that training into a meeting at Transit for Livable Communities, I CHOWED on cheese and turkey slices. I probably ate 7-8 points worth of cheese, at least that's my estimation. I'm still within my points for the day though, and I have 2.5 points left for dessert, so I'll probably have a coconut fruit bar, in honor of my dinner (and to kill the lemon taste!)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dinner 11/12/2008 Super Carbs!

Quorn Chik'n Cutlets + Butternut Squash + Green Beans + Stuffing = 8 points
Delicious dinner. I don't know why I chose the things I did, but it was really tasty, but full of carbs. Oh well, what difference does it make? I am also, strangely, finishing off the day with 7 points left over, plus 6 APs earned, which isn't good. I did overindulge yesterday, so maybe it will all even out. I'm truly full from dinner, so I don't see the point in trying to get in more food when I'm not hungry. That would only further bad habits.

Workout Stats : Wednesday 11/12/2008

Workout Stats : Wednesday = 627 calories
+2 miles on the track (23 minutes 42 seconds)
+25 minutes Strength Training with free weights
+15 minutes Elliptical
+Ab ripper 100
I love the gym in the afternoon. There's no one around and it's completely unintimidating. I felt great today, getting exercise after feeling completely emotionally empty for the last 40 hours. I feel about 70% better now.
This morning I had a lot of my morning coffee and a bowl of FiberOne for breakfast. I haven't eaten since then, so I should probably do that at some point.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Breakfast 11/11/2008 : Breakfaster

1 Egg + 1 Egg White + Black Beans + Diced Tomato with Chiles + sprinkle of WW Cheese = 3 points
What a delicious protein packed breakfast. I went to work this morning for about 2 hours, simply to have an interview with my High School students from Cretin Durham Hall and arrange a few things. I'm taking the day off because I've been extremely dizzy this morning, for no apparent reason. I was sorting through some bags at work and I literally fell over. I didn't trip, I just fell sideways. Later, as I was walking, I fell into a wall.

Obviously something is not right.

So I'm home now, I'm going to work on some of my boring data entry and then get back into bed and watch t.v. for hours. Later I'll head to the gym if I'm not feeling like a crazy vertigo victim.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Weigh In : Monday 11/10/2008: Good News.

Weigh In : Monday

154.2 lbs (-3.2 lbs)

I was able to maintain most of the loss I saw by checking the scale on Friday as a little sneak peek. I feel great about the numbers on the scale this week, and I hope that it means I am coming back from the dead (5 month plateau) and I will continue to have losses, be they large or small, each week.

The holidays are coming up soon, and my only goal for the end of the year is to get out of the 150s and stay out of them (forever)! If that's not possible, then to at least stay out of them until after the new year so I can meet the goal this year, and defeat the rest next year. I finished out the week with 32 Activity Points, which is fabulous for me lately. Last winter, I was so into working out, I would be at the gym 2 hours easily every day. I was larger by far so I burned calories faster without a lot of effort. Awe, how I miss the days of minimal effort. Last year I was averaging 45-50 APs per week.

I'd like to try to make this week as much a priority as I have the last week. I'm shooting for a goal of 30 APs, which I think might be do-able. My only day from hell this week is Thursday.

Yes! 3 pounds down. Time to get back to work.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Workout Stats: Sunday 11/09/08

Workout Stats: Sunday = 612 calories
+ 1 mile around the track (10 minutes 11 seconds)
+ 10 minutes Rowing Machine
+4 minutes Jump Rope
+50 minutes BodyFlow

I really love BodyFlow. I wish I made it there more often, it is truly relaxing and challenging at the same time. It never ceases to impress me the way I can move my body when I let my mind go a bit. I didn't have the steam to even try for the 20 minutes of c25k, I decided I would just try to pace myself for a one mile run and see how long it would take me to run it comfortably. I ended up finishing my sixth lap at 10 minutes and 11 seconds, which I feel is pretty respectable as a time for someone who literally sucks at running.

However, this easy going workout earned me 6 APs, which pushed me up to 32 for the week. I stopped at Target today to get sponges and happened upon the sporting goods aisle. I was actually looking for a new cardio dvd to do at home and I considered this Bollywood Booty something or other, but I happened upon an AM/PM Yoga dvd which sounded interesting. I'm not a huge fan of yoga, but I'm a big fan of balance, and I'm a big fan of calm people -- one of which I am not. Maybe yoga can change me? Jessica likes it, so I figure I should give it a shot. I'll save the latin grooves for next target trip.

We also went to Subway after the gym and I got my favorite sandwich (7 points). I'm going to back cookies later this afternoon and we are making hummus chicken pizza for dinner before weigh in. Now it's time to do the dishes.

Breakfast 11/09/08: Super protein breakfast taco.

One Kodiak Flapjack + 1 tbsp Reduced Fat Jif + 1/2 banana = 4 points

I love folding my food. Any chance I can get to roll things up in other things or stuff things full of other things, I will take it. It's fun to have little suprises.

I'm headed off to the gym in about a half hour, after I let this little pocket breakfast digest a bit and finish my 3rd cup of morning coffee. I always think it's a little strange that I start the morning coffee with soymilk, but refill multiple times without ever adding it again. Maybe I should just be drinking black coffee in the first place, but something tells me that's a bit to harsh for when I first wake up, and going straight to the coffee maker is literally the first thing I do in the morning. Even if I have to pee, even if the dog is whining because he's starving, I go stright to the grinder and get the beans all set.

What does that say about me?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dinner 11/08/08: Sister Supper.

"ants on a log" + amazing salad + smoked bbq chicken = 10 points

Tonight I went over to my sisters for dinner. When I got there, we ate some "ants on a log" and chatted. I also had a glass of wine, which ups the total to 12 points, but I didn't take a picture of that so it wouldn't have made sense in the sequence. The chicken was amazing, I pulled all the skin off of mine to save on fat and calories, but I ate A LOT of salad and the dressing is made with oil so it was pretty "point-y." A delicious dinner and always nice to see my sister and her ultra-fashionable house.

She also gave me an all-in-one deskjet, which is really helpful for work (scan, copy, fax and print) and a portable dvd player (with a screen) that she won at work and didn't want. Yes! Now if we ever take a real road trip with Eli, I won't want to blow my brains out.

I didn't make it to the gym today, which is dissapointing. I've been pretty proud of how many APs I've earned this week and I wanted to get up over 30, but I think I'll probably finish around 28 or so, and I'll be very pleased with that. I'm going to go tomorrow morning around 10am, run as long as I possibly can (going to try for the 20 minutes again, and see where I get after 2 days off of exercise. Something tells me having a break will actually help.) , then I will try this new intervals training I read about in a magazine that can be used on any cardio machine and is based on your RPE (rate of perceived exertion) for certain amounts of time and I will go to BodyFlow, one of my favorite classes that incorporates Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi all in one. It's extremely relaxing and a really good cool down to a hard workout. That should help me earn about 6 APs I am hoping, possibly more, which might push me over the 30 AP mark for the week.

Breakfast 11/08/08: Cereal for the Crawl.

morning coffee + 1/4 cup of light soy milk and 1 1/8 cup of Fiber One Honey Clusters Cereal with 1 cup light soy milk = 5.5 points

I always forget that my favorite cereal is kind of point-y, but I love it and it keeps me full for a long time, so it all works out. That, coupled with the fact that I ate breakfast at 11:45am when I had already been up for 4 hours still leaves me in a good place for the day.

We are headed out for the Seward Art Crawl for a while, and then I have no idea what the plan is. I hope to get to the gym at some point (I need to!) so I may have to go a little later tonight, perhaps around 8pm, which makes me the loser at the gym at 8pm on a Saturday, but hey... I am that loser.

There is some serious grocery shopping that needs to happen in the next day or two. We are running out of edible food and I can only be so creative with my recipes. I printed a whole stack of them off of the WW website, so I'm ready to try some new food. I'm hoping that will inspire me to stay on track.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Dinner 11/07/08: Brinner - breakfast for dinner.

brinner = crumbled biscuit + homemade "sausage" gravy + 2 eggs = 9 points
Yum. I know this is a lot of points and not a ton of food, but it sounded REALLY good and I just wanted to eat it. I had a humiliating day, so I'm probably eating off some stress. I didn't go to the gym because I'm too sore, but I'm going first thing tomorrow morning.

My favorite workout gear.

I try to work out daily, so the clothes I work out in definately need to have staying power. I wanted to show you what I'm into currently, as I highly recommend it for the budget concious weight loser.

C9 by Champion Boot Cut Pants

These pants are universally flattering. The majority of people love buying things at Target because they're reasonably priced and we're already there for something else. These great form-fitting bootcuts hug your form, are ultra-comfortable and cheap! Not only that, but there's a bonus... they come in Petite, Regular and Tall lengths.

I've never found a pair of athletic/yoga style pants that fit so well and looked so good.

Get them here.

Moving Comfort "Fiona" High Impact Sports Bra

Having finally moved into a bra size you can find in regular department stores after 7 years of.. well... honkers, this is a big girl's dream bra. Made for high impact sports or activity, this one really supports. It has adjustable straps, so you can move as needed and comes in an array of adorable colors.

Secret spot to get them for almost HALF OFF!

I would put something else up about what kind of shoes I love to buy, etc... but I generally take other people's left over shoes so that wouldn't help you much. I do have a pair of North Face trail runners that I found at REIs Scratch and Dent sale last year for $26. They appeared to be brand new and I've loved them ever since.

Again, with the lack of food pictures, I ate sushi for lunch with Jessica today while she flat ironed my hair. We also ate Sugar Free Rice Pudding and had a pillow fight. WWBB.

What would I have lost today...

Let's play a little game called....
What would I have lost today if my weigh-in day was still Friday?

Dun Dun... Da Dun Duhhhh.... Dun Dun.... Dun Dun Duhhhh... DoDoDoDo Dun Duhhhh!

"Today our contestant is... Ms. Nicole from Minneapolis, MN. Well, Nicole, last week you weighed 157.8 pounds. Wow... gained a little bit from the previous week. Eh? Eh? Eh?

Anyway! Let's see what you weigh today, Friday November 7th.

She's stepping on the scale folks.

*ding ding ding* 154! A 3.8lb loss!

What's that? Ohhhh, too bad. You changed your weigh-in days to Monday?
To hold yourself more accountable on the weekends? I can see the point in that. Ok, Ms. Nicole from Minneapolis, MN... we'll see you back here Monday. Be good this weekend" *wink wink nudge*

So it looks like my hard work has been paying off, at least so far. I promised myself this morning, while I was in the bathroom digging sleep out of my eye, that this would be the only Friday I was allowed to convince myself it was ok to step on the scale. Simply because this is my first week with the new weigh-in day, and I'm extremely curious. I can't do it every week, or it will drive me nuts.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Workout Stats: Thursday 11/06/08

Workout Stats: Thursday = 1013 calories

+ c25k Week 5 Day 3 (.... most of it.)
+ 15 minutes StepMill
+ 60 minutes Zumba!

10 APS! How exciting! I haven't been to Zumba in a long time, I forgot what a great calorie burner it is.

Kashi Garden Vegetable Pasta + Quorn Chik'n Cutlet + Green Giant Healthy Vision Veggies + Wilted Spinach = 8 points

Look at all the yummy food I got to eat for just 8 points, and with the 10 APs I earned at the gym, I still have 2 of my regular points left, as well as the TEN APs I earned. Know what I'm going to do with it? I bought a pint of Hagaan Das Frozen Yogurt in Vanilla Honey Granola, and if I feel like it, I'm going to eat the whole thing - which will be about 9 points I think. Maybe I better figure that out first, I can't eat more than I have, and probably shouldn't even do that anyway. Maybe I'll just use a really small bowl and give myself two BIG scoops so it seems like it's huge.

Yeah... who am I kidding? I'll probably eat the whole thing.

Lunch 11/06/08: Oppsnickers

Two Snickers Fun Size Bars = 5 points
This is pretty much all I've eaten today. Bad Nicole. I did have a latte for breakfast, but didn't eat the Kashi bar I purchased at the same time. Too bad I could have had a delicious filling piece of meatloaf for the same points value. Oh well, bad decision.

Tonight, a co-worker who calls me her "inspiration" wants to try Zumba, my favorite class at the gym. So after I try Day 3 of Week 5 for c25k, I am going to Zumba. I'm hoping this means tons and tons of APs, but most likely it will just end with me face down with people salsa dancing all over me.

Breakfast thoughts 11/06/08

However, you can safely assume I am drinking my regular morning coffee with light soy milk totalling a whopping .5 points. It's delicious, but it's very dark out and I'm having one of those mornings where I'm realizing how amazing it is that I can walk through my house virtually blind.

I get up very early each day and the sun is rarely up when I am, even in the summer. I navigate through the rooms with no eyes.

Anyhow, I'm thinking about stopping at the coffee shop this morning to grab my favorite Kashi bar and a skim latte for breakfast. I have a very strange day ahead of me, followed by what could be a strange evening, followed by what will most certainly be a strange interview tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Workout Stats: Wednesday 11/05/08

Workout Stats: Wednesday = 524 calories
+ c25k Week 5 day 2 (about 3/4ths)
+ 15 minutes on stationary bike
+ 4 minutes jump rope
+ ab ripper 100

Lame workout today. I started off with c25k but because we went to the gym directly after we ate with Justin's parents, I got a gigantic crampy stitch in my side and I just couldn't finish. It was so horribly painful, like the lining of my stomach was stuck to my rib and would not come off.

I was hurting and I couldn't give it my all so I felt lame. I'm also annoyed because I just "lost" a day of training. Oh well, I have to make it up tomorrow. I'm thinking about getting up early to run, but I'm not sure how I could possibly get up any earlier.

Hummus pita with cucumbers, tomatoes and sprouts.

I ordered that to save on points, but then ended up trading Justin half of it for the sandwich he got, which was what I really wanted (Turkey Avocado) and ate both halves and half of a salad that comes dressed in point ridden dressing.

Oh well, I've been pretty good so far this week and active enough. I'm expecting a loss regardless of that little mess up. Plus I've planned a relatively boring low points dinner which will help even things out.

celebration, consession, and coffee

morning coffee + 1/4 cup light soy milk = .5 points
What a fabulous morning. I didn't make it through the end of everything last night, I tend to go to bed around 10pm most nights so I am listening to the candidates speeches this morning. I'm a little embarrassed to admit there were tears shed, but it's an important time. Now we have to figure out how to let all of the people who showed up at the polls know that this is not the end. That was not enough. To make real change in this country we have to be the change - and I'm hoping I can be a significant part of that, at least in my own world.
I haven't felt hungry enough for breakfast yet, but I know I need to keep it light. Justin's parents are in town and we'll be joining them for lunch today. I'm not sure where we're going, but I hope there is a good option for me. I'm voting for Cliquot Club, especially because I haven't been there in months. While my favorite things tend to involve lots of points, because ANYTHING I don't prepare myself is always more points than I would have eaten at home, it's still pretty reasonable for eating out. I believe the sandwich/salad combo I generally get comes in at around 14 points when I only eat half the sandwich. I always tend to overestimate to be safe, but there is the bread (2 points), the turkey (around 2-3 points, so I say 3), the sprouts ( 0 points), the greens (0 points), the onions (0 points), the avocado spread (2-3 points so I say 3 ) and the 1 slice of bacon I ask for (3 points) as well as the dressing for the salad which I estimated a long time ago to be about 3 points when you ask them to dress it light.

It LOOKS like a really healthy sandwich, but if I ate the other half, It would come in at almost 20 points for the meal. I think a lot of people struggle on WW because they underestimate everything. I'm not saying the sandwich is UNhealthy, well... the bacon speaks for itself though, because avocado is good for you - it just has a lot of points.

I've got to get on to work. It's going to be a fun day around the office! Hopefully no one will bring donuts again.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

obameatloaf takes ohio!

margarita (to take the edge off) + barley meatloaf + cooked spinach = 11 points.
Awesome dinner. Super super good. I will be sure to post the meatloaf recipe to my favorite WW recipes page. It was really fantastic and satisfying for its 5 point value. I approve.

I also approve of flipping Ohio, New Mexico, Iowa and Pennslyvania. We are on the right track.

Mighty Meatloaf.

Workout Stats: Tuesday - 714 calories burned
+ c25k week 5 day 2
+ elliptical 30 minutes
+ ab ripper 100

Another pretty good workout for me raking in 7 activity points. The gym was a little busy, but I was able to get the machine I wanted for the time I wanted and right in front of one of the CNN televisions so it all worked out. I have decided I really don't like running. I don't like it, it's hard, and I'm bad at it. I don't tend to like doing things I'm bad at, but I'm really determined to get better at it so that I might like it. Either way, the training is still on, though I'm incredibly far behind as I'm week 5 of a 9 week program and my 5k is in 3 weeks.


I am making the most delicious smelling turkey meatloaf for dinner. It has barley rather than breadcrumbs to up the fiber and grain content. I'm really excited to eat it, but it takes an hour to cook. Boo. I will just watch/listen to election updates while I work on some data entry I have to get done for work before I crack open the celebratroy (or defeat) champagne I bought.

coffee au patriotism

large skim latte = 3 points

upholding my patriotic duty = 1 billion cool kid points

A lunch to vote by...

"Poll Pie" = 5 points

I really wish I could say this tastes a lot better than it looks, but it really doesn't. I think I accurately described it to Sarah, who ate it along with me on Saturday night that its "not that bad... but it's really NOT good." Either way it has vegetables and it's something I could toss in the microwave which will keep me full while I wait 5 hours in line at the polls. Justin and I are headed out to vote. I'm going to have to put in overtime at the gym because I managed to bump into a co-worker today who force fed me a donut (ok, so I willingly took it, but she did ASK me if I wanted one....) and now I'm eating this piece of crappy poll pie and then it's off to the coffee shop for my 3 point latte.
After all that I'll have 9.5 points left for dinner, which is totally do-able, but I'd really like to earn some delicious dessert.
I hope you're voting! GO VOTE!

Time for a little chuckle.

Looking for a new weight loss solution?

Mmmmmm... Nutritious and Delicious.

good morning USA.

morning coffee + 1/4 cup light soy milk + fiberone vanilla yogurt = 1.5 points

Today is election day, a big day. I felt a tiny bit of kinship with George W this morning as I choked on my calcium pill. I felt that if he had been here he might have said "Heyyyy me TOO! (only with popcorn.) Huh huh." Then we both would have felt like idiots and gone on our merry way. So I use my Don't Mess With Texas mug in rememberance of a pretty horrible but highly entertaining president. It's kind of like a romantic goodbye... like the relationship that strung on way too long just because you didn't want to hurt his feelings.

I'm having a small but filling breakfast this morning because it's going to be a busy one. I work in nonprofits, and the first half of my day from about 6:30am to about 1pm, is generally pretty crazy. I run around a lot, sometimes literally.

Today I am a "voucher" for the election. I work with the homeless, so I am registered to be able to bring them to the polls and attest to the fact that they live in the shelter and that they may use our address. Anything I can do to get out the vote, since I wasn't all that into phone banking this year.

Please vote. Please please vote. What else are you going to do?

Monday, November 3, 2008

dine time.

Tofu Edamame Stirfry with Black Bean Sauce and Potstickers: 11.5 points.
It's a good thing I really wanted those potstickers, because they are PURE POINTS! Plus I cooked with oil, so had to account for that. It's a big points dinner for me, and I'm using 1.5 of my APs (activity points) just to eat it. I'll use 2 more of those for dessert, but of course, you'll see that.

a date with the gym.

Workout stats: Monday [548 calories burned]
+ strength training: 35 minutes
+ couch to 5k: Week 5 Day 2
+ ab ripper 100 (hey, that's just what it's called)

What a great workout today. The gym was darn near empty, which always makes for the most pleasant environment. The track was completely empty, which tends to help my run because I am not constantly worried about the guy jogging extra slow behind me to watch my backside bounce with my stride.

It's always a little hard to feel like you're killing yourself (which I did) and "only" earn 5 Activity Points. It's easier if I just remember that I burn less calories because my body runs more efficiently now than when I could burn 700 calories in 25 minutes on the elliptical. I also would rather have to work harder and not be 190+ pounds anymore, so I guess it evens out.

After the gym, I stopped at Subway to get my pre-dinner (aka lunch). I ordered my favorite (and only) sandwich. 6" Turkey on 9 Grain Honey Oat with pepperjack cheese, spinach, tomato, green pepper, red onion, cucumbers, black olives, a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and a small amount of sweet onion.

Subway Turkey Sandwich (with my fav fixins) + apples = 7.5 points


bluebran vitamuffin + 6 oz 8th continent light vanilla soy milk = 2 points.
I'm headed to the gym in a bit. Needed to fuel up. I'm not used to eating lunch any earlier than about 3pm or so, and most of the time I don't make such a delicious protein packed breakfast. My general stand-by is a skim latte and a honey almond flax Kashi bar and that will get me through for about 5-6 hours. I'm desperately awaiting the UPS guy who is carrying my 2 brand new sports bras in his truck. I need them. I can't work out in the bras I own anymore, it literally leads to aches and pains... I'm nervous they'll fall off if I keep bouncing them around.

Please UPS guy. Please save my boobies.


1 egg (+ white) omelette with spinach & laughing cow cheese + WW multigrain bread = 4 points

best way to start the day... every day.

morning coffee + 1/4 cup vanilla soy milk = .5 points

I have decided to change my weigh-in day to Monday. This was my original weigh-in day when I first began Weight Watchers, but I switched it to Friday mornings when I realized it would make it easier for me to do whatever I wanted on the weekend and still have a whole week to make up for it.

Well, that theory can't fly anymore. I'm kickin' it into high gear.

By knowing that my weigh-in will come first thing Monday morning, I will have to be more accountable for my choices over the weekend, which to be honest, lately, haven't even been choices. It's just been a free for all.

I am hoping the creation of this new blog, coupled with my little meal picture project will really help me stay on track. Plus, who doesn't like looking at pictures of food? Recipes will be posted along side the ones that actually require them and/or even look appetizing to the outsiders eye.

Time to get some work done.