Thursday, October 30, 2008

Week 46: New Blog


My frustration with, my previous blog host has ended, much like my relationship with that damn URL. Too many mornings of "Temporary Unavailability." I felt like I was trying much harder than they were, so I had to kick them to the curb.

So here we are, starting fresh. I've decided to focus this blog on the struggle to lose the last 20lbs of my weight loss goal. I'm at a race to 135lbs, only I'm not really competing with anyone and I'm not exactly timing myself, or really in a hurry...

I've been at this for 46 weeks.

I (re)joined Weight Watchers in December of 2007, this is my second round of Weight Watchers. If you don't know, WW (as I will most often abbreviate) is a program set to teach you how to eat right - hopefully for the rest of your life. It's a diet, but it's not a diet exactly. You can eat whatever you want, there's no need to purchase prepackaged meals that fill up your freezer. Each food (in the whole entire world) is assigned a "points" value. You, as a weight watcher, are assigned a certain points goal per day. Currently, I get 24 points per day. You can earn "activity points" that you can and should swap for food as well as 35 "flex" points per week that you can use on whatever you'd like. Weight Watchers can attend meetings to learn in a community forum or they can participate online at

I chose the online route, simply because I'm more self-motivated and don't like to be in a room with a bunch of crying whining people who want to blame their fat on anything but themselves. I'm sure that statement will offend people, but I feel ok about it since I was fat. I whined and cried and blamed it on other people - now I'm an adult, and owning my fat has made it possible for me to get rid of (some of) it.

Originally I joined in 2003, losing 23lbs in a mere 3 months. In my early twenties, this lead me to be.... quite cocky in my weight loss efforts. I thought I had learned all the tricks, so I cancelled my online account and I went on my way.... to gaining 45lbs.

This time around, I've taken it quite seriously, making sure to bring fitness to the forefront of my personal goals. In this blog you'll follow my efforts to see the scale budge, and my attempt to hold myself accountable for everything that goes in my mouth by snapping a quick photo.

My goals for now are simple: run a 5k. Luckily, the 5k is scheduled for Thanksgiving morning and I am already registered. $23! There's no backing out. Plus, I really want that shirt. The goal within that goal is to finish the darn thing in under 40 minutes. I am not fast. I'm also not yet accustomed to running in 20 degree weather. I've been following the Couch-to-5k program from .

We'll see how this goes.