Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A little every day.

I'm on another upswing of focusing on health and wellness, which means I've logged back into this blog in an attempt to stay on track.

Some highlights:

  • I'm on a 104 day streak logging my meals on My Fitness Pal. (I'm nicycle, let's be friends!)
  • I've been logging at least 30 miles per week on my bike, which is not a high number for me, but is consistent and thus worth celebrating. 
  • I've been preparing my meals with intention, whole foods, while on a budget. This is tough, so this is a big one. 
  • I've committed to focusing on ONE goal per week, which will be implemented every day. 

That last list item is a new one. It's basically what all health experts tell you to do: choose one small thing to focus on and do it every day for X amount of time... then build on it. 

This week, I'm committed to intentional exercise each day. 

The last several mornings I've been working out in my living room. On Tuesday AM I did a strength training routine that I love from Fitness Magazine.  It requires only a stability ball and a set of dumbbells, and because it utilizes "supersets," which are compounded, it goes quickly and works a ton of muscle groups in together. 

The other two mornings I've been using YouTube videos by adding them to a playlist which I can access through the YouTube app on my Roku player. This is super convenient because it's MUCH easier to work out in front of the TV than the laptop. Some of my favorite YouTube workout videos are Kettlebells with Sgt Shanahan, almost anything from JessicaSmithTV , and this Cardio Dance workout from PopSugar Fitness

I'm excited for Spring to stick around for a while so that I can get back out on my inline skates, my favorite - however nerdy- outdoor activity. It absolutely feels like I'm running at incredibly speeds, but without the high impact of running. Plus... THE SUN!

To further support my goals for activity this Summer, I purchased a used road bike for bike camping or just longer rides. The gear ratio allows me to be SUPER FAST, which is a fun change from my tank of a winter bike, and my light single speed. I'm psyched. 

Hopefully I won't forget to come back here and talk about stuff. xo.