Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Weighing In - 11/18/2015

Previous weight: 171.0
Today's weight: 170.0

This week's result:  -1.0lbs!

HOORAY! Another loss. 

Slow and steady wins the race, right? 

JUST KIDDING! There's no race. I can't think of way to explain how obvious that is to myself when I've been at this for nearly 10 years, and it's still a constant diligence. Still not second nature. Still not always something I want to do, and so I don't do it then, and then I start over again. 

I ebb and flow between points of loving and cherishing my body, and being disappointed and punishing it. I think this is normal. Well, I know it's normal given the culture of fear based beauty we've built. The high rate of eating disorders due to the strict demands on female acceptability forces me to keep an eye on my habits so I don't swing too hard the other way. 

I also just really like gummy bears, so...

This week was not the greatest in regard to eating well. I didn't spend time slowing down like I thought I would, and in fact the week seemed to go at hyperspeed (PLAID). The weekend accidentally disappeared when I recruited my Manpanion to assist me in a small project: pick up this couch I found on Craigslist. I found the couch on Tuesday, and the guy agreed to hold it till Saturday (the first day off I'd have in which to pick up a couch). Plus, there's that whole you-can't-pick-up-a-couch-on-a-bike thing, so I had to find a truck. 

I took to Facebook with my request and ended up learning that two of my neighbor friends have trucks (GOOD TO KNOW), and another buddy has a utility trailer. Given the fact that I wasn't entirely sure I would want this couch, we opted for the trailer because it somehow seemed to carry less borrowing risk. Now that everything is over, I'm not entirely sure how I arrived at that conclusion. 

The couch was a hit. It's a little dirty, and because of that I talked him down to $50 to make up the difference of needing to rent a steam cleaner. Then I took to Facebook and asked for a steam cleaner. 

Note: household steam cleaners are not really very powerful. So, still need to rent that steam cleaner, unless someone knows a trick to cleaning upholstery. Eh? Eh? 

FINALLY getting a comfortable couch in the bachelorette pad, and at only 12% of what I'd saved for said couch, meant I got to go on a little spree to get OTHER THINGS for the living room. When you're a broke 30 something, you still have your decorating sprees at IKEA, just like when you're in you're 20s. So, you still have that to look forward to you guys. 

In the end, two days and $387.27 later, I came in under budget and LOVE MY LIVING ROOM again. I cannot wait to have people over. 

The rearrangement also spurred a serious purge, and I am getting rid of a bunch of stuff. Probably not as much stuff as I should get rid of, but it's a start! I'm proud of me, and I'm grateful to Manpanion for really running with this project. 

This week, I have a lot going on again. Work every night, and lots of exams coming up before the Thanksgiving break. So this week I'm falling back on my Lean Cuisines + vegetables template because it's easy, and helps me get used to reasonable portions. I do know this is working, because I went out to eat this weekend (during the spree) and I only ate half my meal because I was FULL. AND I RECOGNIZED THAT I WAS FULL. And I stopped. 

That's kind of a big deal over here. 

Go me. 

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