Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Weighing In - 11/11/15

Previous weight: 172.8
Today's weight: 171.0

This week's result:  -1.8lbs!

HOORAY! I did something!

This week I definitely focused on getting my exercise on. Every single day I did something active, whether it was my kettlebell workout, or some form of cardio like in-line skating (hilarious, fun, and a great workout), jogging (really it's wogging, walking and jogging, because I'm horrifically out of shape), or a YouTube cardio video like Zumba or a dance tutorial. 

Yesterday I had a horrible day. SO stressful. My anxiety was sky-high and my rumination consumed most of my afternoon. I decided to turn things around by heading to TwerkHop, a hilarious barre//cardio class at ExperTease Fitness, a little studio in my town that houses one of the best burlesque troops and some of the top dancers. They also offer arial classes, burlesque choreography, and pole dancing (which I used to be super into, so I know a thing or two).  I laughed my way through class because I am just awful at it, but you can't get better at something if you don't do it. I was still seethingly angry at the afternoon situation when I left, but physiologically I definitely felt more at peace, so I'll call that a win. 

As for the rest of the week, I've been trying to be very intentional with meal times. Carefully crafting my meals, making them look pretty, and eating them slowly. Well, slower than I usually do, which is hungry-wolf-pace. Because I wasn't sure I was up to the task of cooking something in bulk and eating the same thing all week, which generally sends me in a DELIVERY FOOD spin by Wednesday, I bought a bunch of Lean Cuisines, and then simple staples to bulk them up or eat as snacks like kale, onions, snap peas, carrots, leeks, hummus, eggs, and sandwich materials. 

Steak Portabello Lean Cuisine with wilted kale, and sauteed peas and onions

Scrambled eggs with carrot sticks and spicy avocado hummus

Roasted turkey sandwich with smashed avocado, spinach and horseradish mustard; carrot sticks, spicy avocado hummus, with grapes

SmartOnes Lasagna Florentine with wilted kale, sauteed carrots, onions, and cabbage with NightWine

Fat free plain greek yogurt with bananas and cinnamon, wilted spinach in white wine vinegar, and scrambled eggs with coffee

Parmesan Crusted Fish Lean Cuisine with spinach dressed in Annie's and wilted kale with sauteed carrots, peas and leeks

While I don't necessarily want to be eating frozen, processed foods... right now I am attempting to reorganize my idea of portion size by only allowing additional vegetables to my meals. It's working. It's also super tough to live alone and try to eat a variety diet because EVERYTHING GOES BAD before you can get to it, or you end up having to buy more than you need even when you attempt to shop bulk to control size. 

So, this was my solution and I'm digging it, and it seems to be working out. 

My goals for the coming week are...
  • Keep working on my fitness. The weather is supposed to turn starting today. We've really scooted by on these 60 degree, sunny days here in Minnesota, but today the rain comes and the weather drops. I have to start getting more creative with indoor workouts since I don't belong to a gym. 
  • Keep valuing meal time. I want to slow my consumption even more. I want to focus on taking the time to savor my meals, and start to learn to register when I am full so that I'm not instantly reaching for dessert after I gobble up my dinner. Maybe I don't even want dessert! Time to start listening. 
  • Get in some social time. Luckily, being super busy means I'm not consuming a ton of extra happy hour calories, but it also means that I am not taking care of my social self. I already have a date night booked with Manpanion for Saturday, and I'm super psyched to spend more than 10 minutes with him as we pass each other between classes, and it will be really fun to hear his voice instead of the little notification sign from Google Hangouts. 
Keeping things simple and mostly on repeat this week. Attempting to develop habits and make them stick. 

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