Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Weighing In - 11/04/2015

Previous weight: 169.8
Today's weight: 172.8

This week's result:  +3.0lbs

Awe. I thought I did a pretty good job with Halloween. I didn't go crazy with candy (didn't buy any, only ate the gifts I was given from lovely kiddos in my life... and the handful I stole from my BIL/SIL house). I only had 2 drinks that night. 

...I did eat a whole pizza after that, but that's because I hadn't eaten since breakfast. My own fault. 

So, I guess you can't eat whole pizzas and expect to maintain or lose, huh? What a rip off. 

I did NOT workout last week. I got swept up with an unwritable paper that I just couldn't seem to start or finish, so every day I would stress out about it, try to write it, fail, and then try some more. I lost a lot of sleep over it. 

I handed it in yesterday. 

My goals for the week are...

  •  to continue tracking. I'm on a 30 day streak! Keeping tabs on what I'm consuming inevitably leads to smarter choices. So, keep doing this, Me. 
  • to work out at least twice. I ride my bike every day, but that's not really a work out. I also walk [a lot] when I'm at work. These are things that are part of my base rate at this point. I need to put in extra effort. A couple weeks ago I managed to fit in a kettlebell workout, and a 30 Day Shred workout. I can do those. They take 30 minutes. I can do this. 
  • to get more sleep. It's been a killer 2 weeks. Last night I went to bed at 7pm and woke up this morning at 5:30am. I needed the sleep. I love sleep. I should sleep. 

I've already prepped the majority of the food I'll be eating this week. The compromise between budget shopping and healthy meals is hard, and something I'm still trying to figure out. 

What healthy foods do you eat when you're broke? 

Soup. The answer is probably soup. 

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