Friday, November 6, 2015

Hell's Bells.

After my gain this week, I was on a one day roll. I didn't even have my [well deserved] glass of NightWine. I love NightWine. It's wine you have at night! As a gal who lives alone, I'm such a huge fan of BotaBox for several reasons: it takes a very long time to go bad, it's delicious, and because the box is opaque you can't see how many glasses you've had.

Hence, NightWine is also a huge flaw when you're trying to do a little hip shrinking.

Yesterday, I had a hard day. Thursdays are on-campus days from 9am until 4pm after 2 days of full classes and 2 nights of work. When all was said and done yesterday, I made myself a delightful little dinner, which I chased with 2 HUGE bowls of cereal.

My stomach was distended. It was literally huge. I ate way too much, and I was thinking about eating more. I just wanted to eat eat eat eat eat. If you're a binger, you know what that's like.

I hadn't binged in a while. Save for that whole pizza I ate on Halloween, which I can't even consider a binge because I hadn't eaten all day, and a whole pizza is still a better choice than a whole pizza and two bowls of cereal and several other things. Right? I mean... justified. It's not the best choice, but it's not ridiculous. I didn't go to bed feeling like I had swallowed two 5 pound bags of flour.

After last night's binge, I decided today was going to be different. The old adage of "every day is an opportunity for a new start" or whatever they say. I'm probably close.

This morning, for breakfast, instead of my favorite 2 fried eggs + Multi-grain One Bun + avocado + plain yogurt + honey [which is roughly 550 calories], I opted to have a rotisserie chicken leg and a half cup of roasted carrots, turnips, and sweet potatoes.

I remembered that some of my most successful calorie reigning happens when I both load up on protein in the morning, and save my eggs for dinner.

There's something about our ideas of what each meal should contain. I like dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. I've read several times that our biggest meal should be breakfast, and continually shrink on down. If I eat my socialized idea of dinner for breakfast, I am generally pretty happy having two scrambled eggs for dinner with some steamed vegetables.

In addition to trying to overhaul my menus, I knew I could sneak in a workout between my class this morning and my work shift tonight. So I did this kettlebell workout, complete with charming Canadian accent. It's SHORT, sweet, and better than nothing.

If you're into kettlebells, my other go-to video is this one, which is SUPER QUIET. QUIET enough that someone who lives on the 3rd floor can totally do it at 6am with zero complaints from neighbors, I know from experience.

Kettlebells are awesome. They combine strength training with cardio, they're small, and they work so many muscle groups. Because you combine all those little muscles with the big ones, you get to get in and get out a little faster, which I will always be a fan of. Because a kettlebell is all you need, you can basically do this anywhere, which makes it super accessible. No gym required, just about a 3 foot shield of space around you and you're golden.

So... kettlebells!

Do you love them too? What are your favorite kettlebell workouts that I can add to my routine?

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