Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Weighing In - 10/21/2015

Previous weight: 174.4
Today's weight: 170.2

This week's result:  -4.2 lbs!

Ok, maybe it's cheating to not do an official weigh in for nearly 2 weeks but DAMN IF IT ISN'T SATISFYING. 
It wouldn't be reasonable to expect such a loss in just one week, and I don't, and I wont. However, when you are starting, or re-starting, or re-re-starting any sort of weight loss journey... it's extremely helpful and motivating to see a good, solid loss after you've been struggling to change some habits. 

Because I'd more or less been living on Lean Cuisines for convenience the last couple weeks, and maybe I'd be eating 2 of them at a time, I might be a little surprised about this loss. I might have also eaten a couple pints of ice cream. HOWEVER, I tracked all of it. My goal for these weeks was just to track everything I eat. Don't lie to myself. Don't lie to my tracker. Don't try too hard to change eating habits, because you know that tracking automatically influences your choices. I did it! 

Now when I log into MyFitnessPal (let's be friends!), it tells me I'm on a 16 day streak! That's pretty exciting. 

This week and next, I'm being smacked in the face by Midterms. 5 tests in 7 days. 

I took the first one yesterday and just CRUSHED it. The super fun thing about going to school in the Future is that sometimes you have to take tests in the proctored lab. This has it's downsides, like... 55 other students clacking away at computers around you while you're trying to think. Also, that whole encoding specificity principle (we test best in the same context under which we learned [encoded] the information). The upside though, is that you get to see your score right away. 94%!

As a reward for myself, I went grocery shopping at the Co-op. I picked up all the root vegetables that I love roasting when the weather turns cool, though Mother Nature is really sleeping on this here in Minneapolis. It's been about 70 degrees and sunny every day. I WANT MY CHILLS! I picked up a pork roast for the slow cooker, some mixed greens, avocados, snap pea pods, peppers, kimchee, Ozery bakery one buns, and lots of eggs. I wanted to give myself a chance to replace my Lean Cuisines with REAL food, but I needed meals that would be easy to assemble. One doesn't necessarily eat Lean Cuisines because they love them, but because they're too busy. That was me. 

I roasted up all the vegetables (parsnips, beets, Brussels sprouts, carrots, onions), braised the pork roast in the slow cooker, and prepared some rice. From this I can assemble rice bowls with vegetables and kimchee, to which I can add pork if I'm craving more protein. I can eat pork roast with roasted vegetables and a salad. I can make a salad with cold roasted vegetables, and add some pork roast if that's not doing it. I can put an egg on any of these things to make it feel more rich. For breakfast I can smash an avocado into a toasted one bun and put an egg on that. I can bring pepper slices, snap pea pods, and apples [from an orchard outing a while ago] with me to school, as snacks to get me through. 

These things are all easy to prepare, and easy is what you need when you flit from classes, to work, to home. Particularly important when you work in two different restaurants with delicious food, booze, and easy to grab snacks (bread and butter at the white linen place, tortilla chips at the taco joint). Being prepared is my best defense. 

So that is my goal for this upcoming week. BE PREPARED. Be a girl scout. Be Scar from the Lion King. Be a pie. Be prepared. My secondary goal is to try to remember to stretch at least 3 mornings a week. I am notoriously awful at this, and 3 sounds like a manageable amount of days. 

What are some of your go-to assembly meals? What do you do to BE PREPARED for a particularly busy week so that you can stay on track? 

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