Monday, July 7, 2014

Long Weekends in Summer.


A very lovely weekend, indeed. Manpanion, kiddo and I headed up to their family cabin in Nisswa, MN. It's quite beautiful there, and even if it weren't, I was elated to have 3 days off in a row. IN A ROW, you guys. Now that I have 2 jobs and school, there's little time for things like... well... this:

However, when you gather a bunch of people in one place, there tends to be a lot of eating. And there was pie. And chocolate. And cookies. I don't expect that I've maintained or lost any weight this week, but I also cannot honestly say that I've tried. 

Instead, I had fun. 

I picked strawberries right off the ground. 

I swam and splashed. 

I saw a heron. 

I went out on the paddleboard. A lot. 

A butterfly wanted to be my friend. 

I had to work on Sunday, so I had to leave the cabin life behind a little early. The time to get back on track is here, and while I wasn't feeling very motivated this morning, I did decide to do the 7 Minute Workout (made easy by this app but there are several others available). 

7 minutes is really not a proper workout, but SCIENCE says this is a good daily routine. I like SCIENCE, and I like shortcuts. I also fully intend to go for a long walk today, and get out on my bike as well. It's very clear to me that exercise and activity are not difficult for me, though I'm not motivated to be an all-star athlete or anything, it's the intentional food choices. Or rather, unintentional food choices. I need to stop eating crap. 

Sounds simple enough. Now how do I do that? 

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