Monday, July 21, 2014

Hottest Day Off.

It's 90 some degrees in Minneapolis, with about 99% humidity. It is THIS day I chose to take my maiden voyage on my early-birthday-present set of inline skates.

You see, I never had Rollerblades growing up, despite living in the state in which they were created and even MODELING FOR THEIR CATALOG.

This winter, in a fit of stir-crazy boredom, we set off to the roller rink with the kiddo and his adorable friend. I chose to use inline skates instead of roller skates since the kiddos were new to rollerskating, I figured I should do something I'd never done too.

Turns out it's mostly like ice skating, which is great, because I (sort of) know how to do that with my adult body. I HAD A BLAST, and Manpanion took note, which is why he surprised me with a pair of skates for my upcoming birthday on Friday! He is so good at doing things that make me smile.

We found an awesome pair of basically brand new K2 skates at Play It Again Sports in St. Paul for a steal. Here's me modeling them the way I modeled for the Rollerblade catalog in the early 90s. 

Today, I went for my inaugural ride. It was hot, and I was very nervous. Inline skating is... not very cool. I mean, I live in the #1 bicycle city. I rode a skateboard as a kid. I understand the stigma of the rollerbladers. However, I have a massive hero-crush on the groups of speed skaters who are always woooooshing down the Greenway in close groups. They're flying, and it's amazing. They're also always ripped. This is my training plan to get a little closer to speed skating. 

Inline skating is a bit harder in the real world. There are cracks, there are pebbles and debris. There are other people snickering at you. 

My first roadblock was to figure out how to get from my house down to the Greenway. I didn't really understand how to use the stopper on the skates. I mean... I understood it in theory, but I'd never tried it. I needed to transport myself 2 blocks to the entry point for the trail, which is a 45 degree angle. I could have walked over and put the skates on once I was down there... but then what do I do with my shoes? It's too hot for a backpack, guys. 

I decided to just GO FOR IT. 

I laced up, I ratcheted up, I stood up. I tightened my nerdy wrist guards to protect my working hands because they earn all my money for me, and I took off. I was confident, I didn't wobble, and I made it down that stupid descent. I only skated 1.5 miles, and it was a short but sweet workout. Endomondo seems to think I burned 176 calories in those 16 minutes, so that's pretty rad. I had a great time too. 

I also took my car share HourCar out this morning and did some grocery shopping. I've been eating out a lot lately because I've been avoiding food preparation. Because today was going to be insanely hot and I was going to keep the AC running (reserved only for Excessive Heat Warnings from the Weather Channel), I knew today would be a good day to do a little prep work. I made a dozen hard boiled eggs. I chopped, diced and juiced my way to a black bean and pepper salad. I washed and spun the spinach. I DID ALL THE THINGS. 

It's been a struggle keeping up with things lately. I've been attempting to be more sociable and more of a yes-girl, so weight loss hasn't been at the fore front of my mind. I'm trying to maintain balance. 

Happiness right alongside the routine. 

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