Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weighing In - 6/10/2014

Previous weight: 164.6
Today's weight:  166.2

This week's result: +1.6 pounds

No big deal. Seems like the first week back to really staying on track is always a very positive result, or negative as it were. This week, I was a little hasty with the rewarding, and also the laziness. I also realize that by having my meals delivered, while it simplifies most everything, I don't always know the actual makeup of my food, how much of what went in, and where things might have been a little liberal.

I also ate a whole bag of caramel corn and a whole pint of ice cream, which I made a special trip to the store for. I had the calories for it, but I definitely ate back most of the calories I burned this week, so a gain makes some sense.

As the first day back, I'm motivated to track seriously this week. I like starting my weeks on Tuesday now because Tuesdays are both meal delivery day, and my on-the-farm pick up of my CSA share. It's a day full of food, and it's a great day to have my head in the game.

I've been spending a little time reviewing some math for a placement test, and drinking lots of coffee this morning. I'm somewhat avoiding taking to the streets for my run, but also splitting up my necessary actions this morning because both of these things need to get done.

I'm rearranging my running route today to make a stop by the gym to drop off the Rewards form for my new(ish) health insurance so I can start getting my reimbursement again, but that would mean also stopping by the gym at all, so that is in the cards for the week: Get thy butt to the gym, and turn in the form that rewards these actions.

You know what is not interesting? Attempting to relearn college algebra.


It makes running look GOOD.

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