Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Weighing In - 6/03/2014

Previous weight:  166.8
Today's weight:  164.6

This week's results: -2.2 pounds!!!

Hooray! I forgot that if you just track, and stay the course, this weight loss thing can actually be pretty simple. The abundance of spring vegetables and fruit doesn't hurt either, nor the extra excuses to be actively outside. 'Tis the season for yardwork, longer bike rides, chasing butterflies, festivals, et al. It's CSA season, so there will be TONS of veggies to go around. 

My reward for being back on track was both delightful and necessary: NEW BRAS. Figleaves.com  was having a 20% off sale that I jumped on. Here in America, it's harder to find small band/large cup wonders, even the companies that are dedicated to such a thing generally start at a band size 30, and those only go up to DDD, and the E-K sizes are reserved for larger women in general. I wear an OBNOXIOUS bra size, which fluctuates between 28G-H. European styles offer a GG, which is like a glove for my chest, and Freya is my favorite. Now I own this pretty, this pretty, and this amazing bra-sized bikini top that is going to save my summer! 

Having good undergarments really REALLY helps boost my confidence about my figure, plus... when the letters get that high, you can generally assume the boobs aren't. High, I mean. I'm trying to make a joke about sad, saggy, weight-loss boobs. 

I've been utilizing this amazing meal service that opened here in Minneapolis a few months ago called The Green Fork.  It's a plant-based diet plan (diet meaning the food we consume, not the way we eliminate calories), and Renee delivers it straight to my door. I get all the benefits of bulk batch cooking, which ends up with a heavy variety of vegetables prepared in interesting and delicious ways, all at a way less cost to me than if I bought and prepared it on my own. The container labels are water-soluble and can be reused and/or recycled. It's such a winning situation for this ultra busy time in my life, I am extremely grateful it exists. Today is delivery day and I'm psyched for my second round of Jackfruit, something I'd never even *heard* of prior to the Jackfruit "Carnitas" Tacos that were part of my delivery a few weeks ago. Cheers to new food!

Today is the beginning of my health-week, so it's time to get out and complete my Couch-to-5k training, which I started over last week. I'm starting all over again... from scratch. I'm trying to give myself a break that I went from completing personal record races to suddenly having a difficult time running for 1.5 minutes off and on, but that's endurance. It goes away if you don't practice, so I'll be practicing. It's also food delivery day, so that saves me all the time of a meal plan and prep. Tuesdays are also a day off for me, so there will be errands, mowing the lawn, and general tidying up. 

What do you plan for your days off? Fun in the sun? TV lounging time? Catching up with old friends? 

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Melis.sa said...

Nice work!!

Ha-I feel the same way. I think I get too wrapped up in thinking I have to work out a ton and then I overeat because I worked out. My best weeks with tracking are weeks that I focus on food first and activity second.

Here's to another good week!!