Thursday, June 5, 2014

Small Successes: Take 2.

Today is my BFFfffFFFFFffffFFFf's birthday, and a ladate (lady date) celebration was of utmost importance. First we did a little lunching at Barbette, a lovely little french bistro in town, and then we rode over to Glamdoll Donuts for our version of cake.

Glamdoll's "Night Moves" donut: blackberry jam and 
blackberry Hennesy (yeah, like the pimpin' liquor) glaze with brown sugar bits.

So not only am I celebrating the BFFfffFFFfffffFFF's transition into her next year of life, but also... the little things. 

Like how today, I skipped out on having a bloody mary at lunch, even though it sounded pretty good. I stuck to coffee. There's definitely nothing wrong with having a bloody mary at a birthday brunch, but I needed to keep my wits about me throughout the day to stay on track. I'm also trying to limit drinking during the work week to make the weekends a little bit more special and cut back on empty calories, so chalk that decision up as a win!

I rode my bike. 

I stuck to one donut, even though after I finished it I really really wanted another one. When I got home I treated myself to a La Croix pamplemousse water instead. 

I found a $10 bill in my dryer. Score! (I love finding my own money.)

I'm here, blogging at you. That means I'm keeping my health goals in the forefront of my mind. HOORAY!

What are you celebrating today?  

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