Thursday, October 10, 2013

Weighing In - 10/10/2013

A slight gain of 0.6lbs, to be expected at this time of the month. Y'know... Time Of the Month.

This week, I started tracking with My Fitness Pal. I had intended to double track between this app and my Weight Watchers app, but that became annoying really quickly. Since I've been a Weight Watcher for a decade, I thought maybe I'd give something else my undivided attention for a bit... plus, it's FREE.

What I love:

  • It's FREE!
  • SO MUCH NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION with MFP. I can see Calories, Fat, Sodium, ETC. I can track it all and see where I'm over-consuming and what needs to get reigned in. It's designed to teach you, and it makes sense. PointsPlus don't make sense. (To be fair, points used to make sense.)
  • Reasonable and explained caloric goals based on height/weight/activity level and age. 
  • I can connect MFP to other fitness apps that I use (like Endomondo!) to track activity.
  • MFP recognizes spelling errors. That's one of the WW application's HUGE downfalls in my opinion. 
  • MFP also has a GIANT database of prepared foods. I was able to find absolutely every branded food I searched for this week in only one attempt. WW can't even compare on that front. 
So, I've been tracking every day, because it's new. It's a new toy, and that's always work at least 2 weeks of dedication. I'm hoping I can make it three (21 days makes a habit) and keep on trucking. That's the goal, and I'm pretty motivated right now. 

I'm not at all deterred by this tiny gain, because I had an AMAZING workout yesterday at the gym. I haven't truly gone and cranked it out in about 45 days. I've been busy with school and I came down with a crazy cold that, while mostly gone, is still lingering a bit in my nose and chest. It felt so good to get covered in sweat because I earned it and feel it today in my sore muscles. Can't wait to do it again tomorrow. 

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