Thursday, September 26, 2013

Weighing In - 09/26/2013

                         09/26/2013 164.4 (+3.0lbs)

09/19/2013 161.4 (+1.6lbs)
09/12/2013 159.8 (-3.2lbs)
09/05/2013 163.0 (+4.8lbs)

08/29/2013 158.2 (-0.8lbs)

08/15/2013 159.0 (+3.6lbs)
08/08/2013 155.4 (-0.4lbs)
08/01/2013 155.8 (-0.4lbs)
07/25/2013 156.2 (+0.2lbs)
07/18/2013 156.0 (-0.2lbs)

07/11/2013 156.2 (+1.8lbs)

Guys. Look at this. 

Since I quit smoking in early July, I have netted a 10 pound gain between all the losses and gains. I'm so frustrated, but I realize that frustration doesn't help the situation. 

Something is not clicking. I've removed a giant pacifier for my life, and I'm clearly rewarding myself with food. 

I feel like I'm starting all over again, but with less gusto and motivation. I have forgotten everything I know. I've NEVER gained this much weight back since my initial loss. 5 pounds, sure. But 10? No. 

I might have to change this blog to the-last-thirty. 

I am committed to tracking 5 days this week, with a REAL goal of 7 days. I am attempting to plan my meals as best as one can when their life is severely unpredictable. 

If you have ANY tips for getting back in the swing of things, please please share. I'm desperate. 


Jessica said...

BUT but!!! You quit smoking! That is an amazing and really tough accomplishment and don't forget that!

Doug said...

yea dudes, quitting smoking sucks but it's so awesome. take some time to appreciate that and then focus on the underlying emotions/boredom/whatever it is. (mostly talking to myself now but maybe it helps you too :))