Thursday, September 5, 2013

Weighing In - 09/05/2013

4.8 pounds.

That's how much I've gained this week.

13.4 pounds.

That's how much I've gained in 4 months.

7.6 pounds.

That's how much I've gained in just the last couple of weeks.

Quitting smoking is a drag.

Though I totally don't get what's going on this week. I want to suspect the burrito I had for dinner last night which was completely salty-rice laden for this morning's completely ridiculous gain. I had a decent week. I moved so much more because my car is completely dead and gone forever.

There was some damage to the subframe and a few of the bolts were stripped and stuck in the body, which basically made it a ridiculously time consuming rescue. I had decided to junk the car and was feeling very sour about the $300 the yards were offering, when Manpanion made the fantastic recommendation to list it on Craigslist and see if anyone would bite.

The car only had 90k miles on it, and it was technically repairable. I was completely transparent and honest about all of the damage and the hassle. I asked $1k figuring I might get 500 from someone's lowball offer. I ended up selling it less than 24 hours later for $600, which was probably the best deal I was going to get. The man I sold it to is a mechanical engineer (like Manpanion) and is going to tinker around with it as a winter project. He was very nice, and his last name was Carr, which made me giggle given the context.

So now I'm carless, which means I am riding my bike daily and for more miles than I was previously.

School is back in session which is making it harder to get to the gym regularly, but I am also eating a little less because I find snacking during class a little distracting. However, school is back in session which means I'm consuming more alcohol at Happy Hours.

I'm not in a real hurry to find a car, especially because we're encroaching on my favorite season here in MN: Autumn. I will probably try to make sure I find a good deal on something before the roads ice over, but until then I'll be perfectly fine.

Manpanion and I had the unique opportunity to attend a private Mayoral town hall forum on Tuesday night, hosted by The Growler and Fulton Brewing here in Minneapolis. I had submitted a few questions to ask the candidates and I was selected to attend (with a +1) and also to ask my question. It was a great experience and definitely gave me a swift kick in the ass to do a little more research about the candidates. I have been VERY spoiled with the world's most fantastic mayor for many years and I'm still a little bit in denial that R.T. will not be in charge of my awesome city anymore.

OH! In addition to my car, my microwave broke last night. Normally, I'm not sure this would bother me, but I am a busy student and I work, so I don't really have all the time in the world to prepare food. I'll do some creative assembling for the next week, and find someone to give me a ride to Target to pick out a new one. Maybe a red one this time! Hooray!

Not too much else is happening for me. I'm going to promise to myself that I will track at least 4 whole days this week, no excuses. That's not even committing to the entire week, and so I should be able to accomplish this. I will start with today.

Hope all is going a little better for y'all than the universe has thrown at me the last couple of weeks, but I'm laughing my way through it.

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Tiffany said...

Ugh, what a bummer. Keep moving forward though, right?