Monday, September 30, 2013

Sick Haze

Today I went outside for the first time since Thursday afternoon.

Somehow, during my school day, I caught the plague. I was knocked out for two days and hobbling around for one more.

I did a lot of boredom eating, all of which I tracked to keep myself accountable. I tried to make good choices, like snacking on frozen grapes instead of eating 39490384903 popsicles. And really it's genius because snacking on frozen grapes is LIKE eating billions of popsicles. WIN.

I also did a lot of sleeping and a lot of watching TV and not a lot of moving in general.

Today, I was out of most everything. Carless me had to get out there and get stuff done. I made a run to the bank on my bike and swung by Target to grab some decongestants and tissues. Next up was the coop to grab some groceries to make some food for the week.

Currently I'm brewing up some ham and potato soup in the crock pot, a WW recipe I found online that seems easy enough and good for busy days. I also got a ton of vegetables for roasting.

This is always my favorite time of year because everything can just be roasted and it tastes like heaven. Brussels Sprouts? Perfect. Cauliflower? Delicious. Squash? Onions? Apples? ROAST THEM ALL.

I'm excited to get back into the world tomorrow and try to have a normal day, though Tuesdays are my longest and busiest day of the week, so not necessarily the best one to ease into, but best to throw ones self back in the routine, eh?

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