Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to School.

Today is my first day back to school. I'm completely excited for the structure of attending classes and having coursework and being in a routine again.

I've fallen off track. I've been tracking, but going wildly over each day.

I quit smoking in early July, I didn't want to mention it in case I failed at it again, but it's been over a month now, so I'm feeling pretty good about this stretch. I really want to make it forever. However, with quitting smoking, I've picked up quite a few extra pounds.

I didn't officially weigh in last Thursday because I TOTALLY FORGOT. It is Minnesota State Fair time, and I volunteer each year at the Kick Gas! Booth in the Eco Experience building helping people figure out how to commute and get around in general without being the sole person in the car. Public transit, bicycles, bike shares, car shares, etc. Anyhow, that shift was on Thursday and I went out to the fair fairly early after hitting the gym and it just skipped my mind completely.

Manpanion starts his day with ice cream.

I start my day with Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Our favorite honey sticks from the Agriculture building

Quick MN Craft Beer flight from Grumpy Gus

Paul's Pina Colada from Manny's

More Coffee for me

Comet Corn, new at the fair this year. Flash frozen puff corn with cheese powder and goldfish and questionable caramel flavor. I voted NO. Manpanion loved it.

Also new at the fair, the dough-sant, a cro-nut. Wasn't that great. 

Signed my name on the QuitPlan MN!!!

 Our booth

Dinner thief.

pig hug.

Every year I get a delicious organic pork brat before I visit the pig barns to give thanks to my favorite delicious animals and the farmers who love and raise them.

We love MN Trees!


My favorite water fountains that tell you how many plastic bottles have been avoided by using your refillable container. 

Manpanion charming folks into considering alternatives to driving. 

My unofficial weigh in, on Friday when I remembered (and after a day of sweets at the fair), was around 161. So I'm UP up up, but it's a decent sacrifice for being able to quit smoking. I've used food as a pacifier for a month now, so it's time to get my head back in the game and try to figure out life as a non-smoker.

I joined a soccer team, unexpectedly. Manpanion joined one for Fall with an old co-worker and apparently they needed more ladies, so he volunteered me. I've never played soccer, but I do play broomball and the rules are nearly the same, except there are no boards, you can't use your hands and the field is 3x bigger.

Our first game was this last Sunday. It was 98 degrees at 5pm, and we played from 5-7pm in direct sun with very very few subs (1). It was incredibly difficult and I'm not very good, but I'm very excited to figure it out.

Atletico Borracho sharing the only strip of shade from a light pole on a 100 degree day.

I grocery shopped last night, filling up on vegetables and fruit and some easy to grab protein like shrimp and pork. I still have about 5 frozen meals from an embarrassing 15-frozen-meal trip to Target a few weeks ago in an effort to get portions back under control, and I've been eating frozen grapes to try to curb my desire for sweets snacking.

Any tips on volume food while I'm still working on settling nerves from quitting smoking? I'm not much of a plain popcorn fan.

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Tiffany said...

I chewed a lot of gum. I also ate a lot of candy. I'm not the best person to answer this question because I gained quite a bit of weight when I quit. Wish I could give some better advise. One thing I will tell you, desires to smoke will creep up on you, ride it out. It gets better. I still get the occasional craving, and I quit in 2007. Congrats on quitting. You'll find the right combo of coping.
Love the fair pics btw.