Thursday, July 18, 2013

Weighing In - 7/18/2013

Previous weight: 
Today's weight:  156.0

This week's results: -0.2lbs

Hey, a loss is a loss. This is really more of a maintain, but it's still good inspiration for reigning things in. 

I did track THE ENTIRE day yesterday, even when I decided to eat something that I didn't have points for. I still tracked it. 

I made it to the gym yesterday and today, and left completely saturated with sweat both times. I've been doing short bursts at the gym; 30-45 minute sessions generally, so I'm going to try to make them count because I don't have a lot more time. I'm trying to create interval sessions that are HIIT for all of my favorite cardio equipment and also make playlists to correspond with each thing so I don't get bored and don't notice how much time is going by. I'm also looking up some new strength training programs so my muscles don't get bored as well. 

On the cancer front, I got my biopsy results back: mild dysplasia, which could mean cancer... or not. No one has called to explain them to me. I'm sitting on it for now. I'll give them a call on Friday if I don't hear from someone today. But... how rude. Don't leave a lady wondering if she has cancer. C'mon. 

I'm headed to the chiropractor today. I woke up on Tuesday with some pain, so I went in that afternoon after work, was adjusted and felt much better. I met with a new doc that I'd never seen before at my clinic, so I'm going back for a re-exam with him soon to discuss reoccurring pain and see what we can do about it. Pretty excited about that. 

The co-op is next on the list, and then I'll be working tonight at the job I dislike. I found out that I CAN pick up another shift at the job I do like starting in August (which is VERY SOON) and I think I'll quit the job I dislike, but I always get nervous quitting jobs. For me, as a student, I just don't have room in my life for things that don't make me money, inspire a lot of fun/make me happy, or provide time to study, and this job is none of those things. Something to think on. 

Hope you have a great week! I'll likely be back to keep the momentum up. 

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Tiffany said...

You might look at for workout inspiration. They email you daily with workouts. They are great in a time crunch....and they kick ass. Hope the doc gets back to you about the test results! What a gnarly thing, to leave you hanging like that!
Have a great day.