Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day Off.

I've been working so much lately. Saturdays are my only days off, and I live for them.

My birthday is coming up this Thursday, and while I haven't been in birthday mode in the slightest, this week I was inspired to stop fucking around with things that don't make me happy. I have to choose happy. I need to make my own happy.

So I quit that job that I dislike... because, well, I dislike it.

I wasn't really making any money, and socially I was miserable. The crew is a tightknit group of friends and they were just not letting me in, not at all. I felt isolated and lame, and it was not a fun environment.

I'll be done there soon, and I've left very few days for them to schedule me, so I can avoid the toxicity in the meantime.

So, day off. I've been on a roll of getting things done this week. Yesterday, I took my car in for 4 new tires and I renewed my AAA membership. Today I'm bringing the car in for an oil change and new brakes. I'll bike home from the shop and make a giant pot of atar allecha, my new favorite thing. (I like it cold.) It's also finally not OPPRESSIVELY hot here in MN, so I plan to take a walk with my iPhone and catch up on podcasts that I've been neglecting, as well as sit in the sun and finish up a book I've been reading on the train on my way to work.

Tonight we're heading out to Pizza Farm, so I'll definitely update about that tomorrow.

I've been tracking like a fiend, but I've been going over every day. Not OVER over, but over my daily points and the APs I earned for that day. I'm still not in "reign it back" mode, but I am at least being honest and not denying what I've eaten, so that's progress. I still feel mushy, but the workouts are making that thought process less prevalent.

Off to the shop!

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