Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weighing In - 6/27/2013

Previous weight:  153.4
Today's weight:  152.8

This week's results: -0.6lbs!

Another loss! Another week of not at all tracking, but being mindful and being active. The heat in Minnesota means I'm eating less, and a vicious storm that ripped through my neighborhood like a tornado (70 mph winds) took out my power for 2 days and ruined all my food. I tried to get things into a cooler ASAP, but I had been at work and unaware of the power outage, and then it was too late, and then the power had been off for too long to rescue much more than my condiments.

It was a chance to clean out the fridge, literally, and start fresh. In with the spring/summer veggies! I've been eating mostly cold salads all week with a handful of protein tossed in. Either black beans, chickpeas or chicken and sometimes shrimp. I've been biking around, I went running outside when I remembered that GymPact allows for "Anywhere" workouts now, and I've been working on house projects with Manpanion. Add 6 days a week of work where I'm on my feet for hours at a time running back and forth and carrying things, and you've got a pretty good recipe for success.

I know I could be eating less, but it's summer and I want to enjoy my time. Naturally, as more fruits and vegetables are available to eat fresh, this will take care of itself, and now that power has been restored to my home, I won't be eating what's convenient, I'll be eating what I want and what I've planned for (by buying it.... obviously).

All in all, I'm happy with this test of not obsessing over what's going into my mouth. My body has met it's set point. I could maintain this weight pretty easily without concentrating on anything, and while I know I could still stand to lose about 15 pounds (much more based on the insurance folks), I'm not sure it's realistic for me. I've given it a REAL shot, and my body doesn't like to move beyond this, and even when it does, it's a serious struggle to keep it off.

I've got new muscles popping up all the time, and I am really truly content with where my body is right now. I'm happy that I wake up excited to move, and that when I start to feel stressed I turn to the gym first because I know that sweating it out will move me forward (literally and figuratively) and that eating a whole carton of frozen yogurt (which I also do) will just make me feel like I'm sweating frozen yogurt in this heat. Which is gross. Seriously. Think about it.

Tonight, Manpanion and I are headed over the river to St. Paul to dance some Polka! I love polka. We are serious nerds with our favorites of square dancing and polka-ing, but we're so good at it because we laugh our way through and make up our moves and are pretty in tune with each other's bodies. There have been MANY times people come up to us and compliment our dancing, saying we look like we're having so much fun, which is 100000% true.

Can't wait!

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Tiffany said...

I know exactly what you are saying! Here's to living life!!