Monday, June 3, 2013

Checking In: 6/03/2013

I royally sucked at my photographing project this weekend. I mostly (totally) forgot to snap a pic of pretty much anything I ate, but I did take the time to painstakingly track every single bite, lick or taste. It wasn't very pretty, but it wasn't totally awful either.

We were working hard all weekend putting together Oro's Super Hero birthday party, which we threw 2 weeks early so we could catch all his kindergarten school friends before summer vacation started and kids start to lose touch a bit.

We put together little super juices, which were actually Gatorade, a huge step outside our normal, but they were super cute. Banh mi sandwiches became HERO sandwiches (we made at home and wrapped in parchment), and of course... the CAKES! We had a photobooth, which you can see my test shot, and Paul dressed up as a super hero. 

It was the best!

I ate a lot of fondant, but I tracked it all. I'm not usually a frosting girl, but damn do I love fondant. I didn't actually eat any cake, I just pulled all the candy off. YUM. We also had plenty of veggie and fruit snacks on the table as well. Carrots, celery, cucumbers with hummus. Watermelon, grapes, that sort of thing. 

The kids had a great time, the weather was fantastic, and we spent very little money, so everyone won. 

The weekend was otherwise pretty tame. I didn't binge, but I did have an unexpected high point sandwich on Saturday night because I stayed up too late and suddenly became extremely hungry because I tried to eat dinner early, and had run out of points, thinking I'd be going to bed at my normal time (old person early). 

Time is one of my biggest struggles with Weight Watchers. I'm unsure of how to fit 26 pointsplus into my general 16-18 hour days. I don't sleep very much, and that's natural. I wake up when I wake up, it's not an alarm thing, I just wake up. 

Being awake from about 5:30am until as late as 11:30pm, makes it hard to divvy up a normal eating cycle into three meals. That's a LOT of time to go between, so I snack, but even 3 meals + snacks is really hard to divvy up, and the points just keep coming. Even on days I mostly eat raw vegetables, I still have SOMETHING. 

This week, I work 6 days between my two jobs, so there'll be ample on-my-feet time, and it's supposed to be pretty decent weather, so I'll probably go off route and sneak in a long bike ride on my way home from work today. 

How was your weekend? 

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Tiffany said...

The party looks FUN! Have a great week!