Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weighing In - 5/23/2013

Previous Weight: 153.4
Today's Weight: 153.2

This week's results: -0.2lbs

I'll take it! This week I did what a lot of us do after a big gain. I weighed in frequently. Daily even. There may have been a day or two where I weighed more than once (or thrice). Each day, the scale told me I was up about 4 more pounds from last week. All damn week I was hovering around 157, and I just could not shake it.

This stress, you know - the stress of possibly gaining SEVEN POUNDS in 2 weeks, caused me to do a little emotional eating, which would have made it easy to actually gain SEVEN POUNDS IN TWO WEEKS.

But I didn't. Instead, I evened things out and managed to rescue the week with a maintain.

This week was tough. I switched my WW Plan Manager to draw from my weekly points before my activity points, but this strategy mostly caused more stress for me as I saw that number dwindling. I think a piece of the swapping from Activity Points first that really works for me is the attempt to always keep or rebuild my Weekly Points at 49, which is the number I start with at the week. It's a personal challenge, plus, if I'm only eating the extra points I've earned, that should pretty much guarantee a loss, yes? It also motivates me to fit in extra workouts if I have the time, and I always feel my best when I'm working out.

I don't feel discouraged like I did last week.

Sure, I wish I had seen a nice, big, well-deserved loss, but I didn't actually deserve the loss this week. I binged on frozen yogurt. I binged on almond butter and chocolate chips. I binged on frozen yogurt smothered in almond butter and chocolate chips. I licked the bowl until I got every last drop, not even noticing the smudge on my forehead.

But then again, it's been a rainy bunch of days here in Minnesota. It has rained nearly every day with the exception of Saturday. The sun has returned today, and I plan to soak up a whole bunch of it before heading off to work tonight.

Until then, it's off to the gym to sweat it out and earn some APs.

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