Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weighing In - 5/16/2013

Previous weight:  149.4
Today's weight:  153.4

This week's results: +4 pounds. 

W. T. F. 

I call bullshit. FOUR POUNDS? I stayed within my allotted points, I earned 50+ APs. I sweat my ass off EVERY day (literally) at the gym. In fact, I have been there the last 17 days in a row.

Something is up, and this feels like a freak accident.

I'm trying my best not to let it derail me and my motivation and determination.

So, while I feel cut this morning, I'm going to eat a healthy breakfast and head off the to the gym and keep doing what I'd been doing and hope things even out. I'm going to drink more water. I'm going to figure out how to stop thinking about this and keep my eyes on the long term goal of simply learning to eat healthfully, which I did this week. I will not relate eating healthfully to gaining FOUR POUNDS in one week.

I won't.


erin said...

That totally stinks! Sometimes the scale just really doesn't make sense! I am sure you will see a good loss next week.

Amanda said...

The same exact thing happened to me this week. I started a Pilates regimen, ate mindfully, mostly counted my points. I went to WW yesterday and had gained 4.6 pounds. Still not totally over it.