Thursday, May 9, 2013

Weighing In - 5/09/2013

previous weight:  150.4
Today's weight:  149.4

This week's results: -1.0lb!


I'm back in the 140s, ever so slightly, but I'm there.

Thursday was a bigger day because I stopped at a local pub for a $2 pint while I worked on a paper, and even though I made myself a perfectly healthy dinner, I chased it with two mini ice cream sandwiches. 

Friday ended up being a perfectly on point day, while Saturday jumped just a tad over, with the treat of a big glass of white wine. Sunday ended with two of those ice cream sandwiches again (I moved them to the back of the freezer) but also involved eating a big chunk of fresh mozzarella as a snack. I trended toward higher point snacks that day which also included a heavy bowl of granola doused in yogurt. 

Monday reeled me back in and actually ended with an extra point I didn't eat because I just wasn't hungry, while Tuesday jumped back up after a birthday celebration for my dad. I picked my meal beforehand on the restaurant's website, but decided to indulge in a small slice of carrot cake after sticking to my plan. When I got home, I went a little overboard with snacks and consumed another 10 points. And the last day, Wednesday, I ate very clean, but still went over points by about 7. 

I ended the week banking 51 Activity Points and I hit the gym all 7 days. 

I'm so excited to see a loss this week because I really earned it. 

One thing I'm still desperately trying to see, with Weight Watchers, is that the Weekly Points are there to USE. 26 pointsplus per day is barely enough to sustain a normal person of limited activity. The reason the points are low is because vegetables and fruits are free, so you should eat those. I get that. However, to add a decent amount of protein to meals and eat my healthy oils and eat dairy for calcium and just... eat... food, you should probably divy up your Weekly Points to allow for 7 of them to be added to each day, and utilize Activity Points for big treats of nights out. 

I'd always preferred to pull from Activity Points first, because I wanted to earn any extra points I was using, but that was before fruit and vegetables were considered 0 points. I think I may change my planner to draw from the Weeklies first, now, to attempt to rewire my brain into using those because they are PART OF MY PLAN, and then use activity points for anything above and beyond so that I earn those bigger treats. 

A 33 point day shouldn't feel like I went "off my plan." That's still a REALLY REALLY clean eating day, I just chose to have protein at all 3 meals, and with the rate I've been working out lately, I kind of need it. So I will stop feeling guilty about that and find a way to make it work. 

Speaking of working out, the fitter you get, the less calories you burn and the harder you laugh when you walk down the stairs of the gym, literally blinded by sweat and see that you only burned 400 calories in that intense hour. C'mon now. 

I'm not phased because it feels SO good to be working out really consistently for the last 5 months, and I can see definite changes in my body beyond the scale. The scale has never been a good judge for me, so I'm focusing less and less on it, but I do still want to lose the weight. 

I hope you had a successful week! 

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Great job and insights!