Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weighing In - 05/30/2013

Previous Weight:  153.2
Today's Weight:  154.6

This week's results: +1.4lbs

Alright, gang. I've gained 4 pounds this month. This recent gain is a combination of TOM, quitting a job, gaining and starting a job, and celebrating the return of my manpanion from a week long trip away from home.

I'd sit and make excuses, but I only half-heartedly tracked. I skipped a workout. I drank a fair amount and I ate things that were probably more points than I ended up tracking.

I am, however, extremely frustrated to have ended May with a FOUR pound gain, when it was the same month I made it down and into the 140s. Progress demolished.

I'm having a hard time committing to the program. There's some sort of panic built in around the fact that you've spent all but 6 points of your food budget before dinner. 6 points would make a decent dinner if one were inclined to be creative, or... gasp... plan. But for me, that sends me into a tizzy and instead of eating 6 points, I have 16.

I've been binging a LOT lately, on relatively low point food, but I'm still binging, later at night before bed.

There's been a lot of change going on around me, and eating has always been my stress response. I am worried, though, because I am still someone who works out at least 5x a week, but almost always 7x, with bouts of activity in between when I ride my bike to work, or go on a date to the climbing gym, or do laundry and run up and down the stairs in between.

I truly cannot, scientifically, see how this gain is possible - but that doesn't make it less of a thing that's happened. The numbers are there.

It seems like it may be time to start doing some realistic goal planning, so this week I will commit to:

  • Drinking a full glass of water before I start any sort of meal or snacking. 
  • While I'm drinking my water, I will take a picture of any food I eat before I eat it. This will cause me to be more mindful of what I'm shoveling into my mouth, and then I have a handy reel of proof if I don't track my food immediately. This could potentially be a HUGE bonus. Slow down, and be accountable? The whole point!
  • Distracting myself with hard candy when I want to binge late at night. (I am prepared with my GIANT BAG of Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops that I use to help keep study binging at bay during the school year)
  • Loosely planning my meals (which can be swapped around to leave room for tastes) and STICKING TO THAT LOOSE PLAN because it's a loose plan, so c'mon. 
  • Keep on keeping on with my 7 day a week gym routine. That's 3 days lifting and 4 days of cardio. 
These are all things I mostly already do, which is a great place to start making a goal list, because then you get to celebrate and pat yourself on the back more often, feeling all ceremoniously awesome. The binge trick is the one to beat, and if I can feel strong enough to get that out of the way, that will make a big difference in next week's weigh in. 

Now that I work 6 days a week, I'm moving around more. My new job is closer to home, so rather than taking the train, I just bike, which hopefully will have it's own pleasant side effect because it will be a regular thing. The set up of the new restaurant prevents any sort of snacking, just like the other job I kept, so the french fry bowl is completely out of the picture because I QUIT, and it felt good. 

Do you have any other recommendations? Say a friend told you that she gained four pounds in a month. What would you think? What would you tell her to do? 


Missy said...

I would say - as I'm telling myself right now - just TRACK IT ALL. And honestly. Even if you don't abide by the numbers, track everything for a few days and see where you're at. I've done that and then had the moment of "Oh, so that's where the pounds are coming from."

Your plan sounds like a great one! You should talk more about your work-outs. I know I need to strength train but I hate it. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated!

Tiffany said...

Same boat as you...about 4 lbs up for the month. Part of my problem comes from this "freak out" I do when I'm happy with where I am....working on that. The other part was some emotional junk I was bottling up. I've decided to really spend the month of June retraining my habits. Just because I'm overeating "healthy" foods does negate the fact that I am OVEREATING. I would also suggest you back off a bit on the workouts (yeah, you read that right). Be active, walk, ride your bike, but don't kill yourself at the gym. Do you want to spend 7 days a week working out for the rest of your life? Strength train 3 days, do 1-2 sessions of HIIT and live a generally active lifestyle. Have a great week!