Thursday, May 2, 2013

Weighing In - 05/02/2013

Previous weight: 151.0
Today's weight:  150.4

This week's results: -0.6lbs!

STILL SO CLOSE. Staying close is just as good as getting there right now. As long as I'm hovering around the same weight, I know I'm reorganizing my caloric intake to adjust for maintenance at lower weights, and I think that's an important lesson to learn. Even though it still feels like "dieting," because I still have a distorted view of the way I want to be eating. 

I've been religiously sticking to my fitness routine, and with that comes a certain level of hunger that I've become accustomed to. However, balancing work, school and some semblance of a "life," (aka... sleeping?) has made it continually difficult to plan ahead for healthy options and instead I've been resorting to convenience food. Luckily, for me, that means reaching for the Co-op's deli grab-and-go case, so I'm still eating healthfully REAL foods, but I'm wasting money by not preparing my own, and I can only generalize the amounts of ingredients that went into the dish, despite them being listed on the container. 

So, I decided to plan this week and hit up the Co-op's May Day bulk sale, where all bulk items were an additional 10% off. I stocked up on oats, quinoa, millet, almonds, dark chocolate chips (which I keep in the freezer and serve as a wonderful late night sweet-tooth solution) and a host of other things that will keep me on track. I also stuck to the produce section for the majority of my cart options, having picked a few recipes I wanted to try before heading out. Long story short, I made a list and I stuck to it. 

My fridge and counter are full of amazing options. 

In an effort to attempt to better understand what I am eating, I downloaded another calorie counting app to supplement Weight Watchers. I'm interested because I no longer understand the system that classifies their PointsPlus in the way I could understand that traditional points. In essence, I have no idea how many calories I'm consuming. The Weight Watchers system scares me weekly, if not daily, into thinking I'm eating too much. With this other app, I'm being told that my net caloric intake is INSANELY LOW with the amount of activity I perform on a daily basis. Basically, I don't know who to trust. 

So I'm going to continue doubling up for a while, finding a middle ground between these two systems. I definitely trend towards believing that WW doesn't allow me to have enough food, unless I'm consuming nearly 80% vegetables and fruit, which would be a good thing, but I lift weights. I strength train with HEAVY things, and I need protein, and finding a way to balance that muscle building program with Weight Watchers has been a delicate thing for me so far. I'm losing, but very little and very slowly. I'm OK with that. Trust me. As long as I'm maintaining or losing I am A-OK, but I am concerned that I'm not giving my body enough fuel, so I'm trying to play with eating more lean protein and good fats to see how that will work. 

For example: 

Last night's dinner of raw broccoli, avocado and almonds in a mustard vinaigrette with mango.  Whole, raw vegetables with good fats and a little sweet stuff. 

Today's Lunch of caprese salad (tomatoes, fresh mozz, basil and a balsamic reduction). Whole, raw vegetables with [questionably] good fats and a little sweetness tossed in. 

This formula makes sense to me, and from a summer-food standpoint it seems as though it'd be easy to follow. I cannot wait until Spring finally arrives in Minnesota and I can start buying more fresh vegetables because they'll be plentiful. I want STRAWBERRIES, DAMMIT. I want tasty things. Bring them to me!

Is Winter over where you are? Are you enjoying the sunshine and the diminished craving for all things carb? I need vitamin D. 

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Tiffany said...

Holy smokes, it's 95* here today...ugh. Your food pics look great. I think combining the two tracking methods will be helpful....