Friday, May 31, 2013

Checking In: 5/31/2013

Alright, the first 24 hours of attempting to take a picture of anything I put in my mouth, before I put it in my mouth, had about a 75% return rate. That's not too bad, but I'm a little embarrassed I lapsed at the height of my motivation.

Here's what I remembered to snap:

Dinner: Mixed greens salad with asparagus, peapods, shrimp and dressed in a mustard vinaigrette. Polenta rounds topped with cottage cheese and black bean salsa.

Breakfast: scrambled egg + whites with shrimp and a small mixed greens salad

Snack/Light Lunch: cherries, apple, organic greek yogurt with berries mixed in.

Not Pictured are the 2 manhattens I had, and 2oz of proscuitto, 1/2 oz of chicken liver mousse and 3 slices of baguette I stole from Manpanion's charcutterie plate at La Belle Vie after our date night to the Walker Art Museum. 

I had a nice active day, beginning with a strength training session at the gym. This month I've gone WAY BACK to the Love Your Shape workout, which completely redefined my body after I first lost all the weight 5 years ago. It's a tough one, but it works, and right now I need something that works. Basically, you're working in SuperSets, which means you have 3 moves that you do back to back, 3 times and then you move to the next set. Not only does it tone, but it keeps your heart rate up. Doing this entire workout (if I don't wimp out on the extra set of lunges/squats/leg lifts I have to do for being a Pear) takes about 45-50 minutes, and I typically burn around 400 calories, which is pretty good considering it's not necessarily cardio. 

In the late morning, I headed off to my new serving job for more training. I ran around, logging serious pedometer steps, and then biked home against 20mph winds. 

This morning I skipped the gym in favor of a very very lazy and dozing morning in bed with Manpanion because I don't think we've had that opportunity for almost a year, so we seized it, plus I may or may not have been feeling braindead from the double Manhattan party I had with myself last night. I'll be heading off to my other serving job for the evening to rake in some cash and log more steps on my pedometer before scooting over to a RISK party this evening. Oh, I'm a huge nerd, in case you didn't know. Totally love strategy games. 

I'm going to do my best to remember to log my pictures and be mindful of food choices tonight, especially when I know there will be lots of snacky business while we RISK the night away. 


Missy said...

The yogurt with berries looks so good! I've got to remember that.

Tiffany said...

I love that you skipped the workout in favor of time with your guy. That is important too. Taking pictures of everything you eat is not easy. Keep trucking. Sounds like you are getting to a good place. Have fun tonight :)