Thursday, April 18, 2013

Weighing In - 04/18/2013

Previous weight: 150.2
Today's weight:  151.4

This week's results: +1.2lbs

Meh. Here's the gain I should have probably had this week, mixed with the 50/50 chance of a loss this week. I'll take it, because it's there on the scale so I have no choice. No point trying to fiddle with the numbers, that's reality. 

I'm definitely disappointed, as I'm SO VERY CLOSE to the 140s and I'm not there. I'm also fully in acknowledgment of the fact that I was working more in maintenance mode this week than losing mode, and I was surprised as hell last week that I didn't gain: so here it is. 

Spring is taking her sweet as time arriving in MN this year, and we've got another 5" of snow on the way tonight. It's almost May and I'm still planning to shovel, which is a complete downer. I'll be completely honest that the weather as of late has taken quite a toll of my mood, sleeping habits and eating choices. It's really difficult to eat fresh vegetables when it's 20 degrees and all you want is a bowl of melted butter. 

I'm still hopeful, however, because 60 degree days will be here soon, and I must keep trucking because I'm still very set on my goals, regardless of the time it takes to accomplish them. The time will pass anyhow, I may as well be productive with it. 

I picked up an extra shift at the restaurant where I tend to snack way too much, so I'm busy this morning trying to plan on how to not touch a damn thing in the kitchen while still taking care of the business I must perform while in the kitchen. I think this is going to just have to be one of those WILLPOWER things that I struggle with so much. I've packed myself a dinner (this is a purely night shift) and I'm going to drink as much water as humanly possible. I'll keep my mind on the 140s and just push on through. It's only 6 hours, I can do it. 

As far as fitness goes, I've been pushing myself at the gym more and more. I reinvent my strength training workouts every 3 weeks to keep my body guessing, and always alternate them through out the week to make sure there's nothing expected on a day to day basis. I still struggle with finding entertaining cardio, but I've been using the elliptical more and more, a machine I'd previously written off as "the lazy girl's workout." And it is. Or it can be. But there are a few programs on there that won't let you be lazy, especially when you crank up the resistance and use your running playlist to make sure you must hit those beats at a very rapid rate. 

When spring and summer finally roll around, I'll have some free time. Some much needed free time for taking care of the mental side of all of this, something that gets sorely rejected and neglected throughout the school year. I want to read books for my own pleasure and write because I want to. I want to sleep until I wake up naturally and spend time in the sun. I want to ride my bike and sprint on sand and swim in the lakes and go paddleboarding. 

All these things will be here soon. 

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