Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weighing In - 04/11/2013

Previous weight: 150.4
Today's weight:  150.2

This week's results: -0.2lbs


I didn't deserve this loss, per se. I used every available point and then some, but added additional workouts and reigned it in on Tuesday and Wednesday to break completely even. 

It was TOM. I ate two sandwiches from my favorite sandwich shop at one time. I ate a pint of ice cream. I went out for fancy cocktails with my BFFfffFFF. I simply was not TRYING to watch points, but I tracked them all to stay accountable. 

I'm so very close to breaking back into the 140s that I am super motivated to get back to the basics this week. I am very busy with picking up extra shifts at work and the upcoming end to my current semester at school. I've been having a bit of spring cleaning fever inspired by a clothing swap I attended this past weekend. I now own magenta pants. 

It's snowing right now in Minnesota and I'm in denial even though I'm watching it from my window. It's supposed to snow 6-7 more inches than it's already snowed. I have a full school day and then a full work night. Tomorrow, I'll be celebrating a friend's birthday with a hilariously fun show at the Triple Rock Social Club and Saturday I'll be sending my brother off for his 5th summer of working in Alaska. There are many things that will be opportunities to derail this week, but I'm already brainstorming plans for all of them. 

I really really want to see the 140s next week. REALLY REALLY. 

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Tiffany Campiotti said...

First, yay for magenta pants :) I love it. You can totally make the 140's for next week. Have a great week!!!