Friday, April 19, 2013

Thoughts on a Snowy Day

It dumbed another 6" of snow between yesterday afternoon and this morning and the flakes are still blowing around in wind.

I'm tired of shoveling. I'm tired of gray sky and slushy shoes. I'm tired of feeling cooped up.


But I'll settle for some semblance of Spring.

I managed to crank out a killer workout this morning after rocking my car out of a mound of snow. As part of my constant strength training switch-up, one of my leg workouts this month is from Fitness Magazine.  The Pistol Squat is a killer and I can't do it at all without holding on to something, and even them my range of motion is pretty infantile. I'll get there.

I also have a gym boyfriend now. He doesn't know he's my gym boyfriend, but it's one of those classroom crushes that you always catch looking at you, and thus, vice versa. He inspires me to work harder because I'd be embarrassed if he caught me lazying through my workout. Plus, CUTE BOYS!

I'm still disappointed by my gain this week, so I've been attempting to plan my meals out and make better use of my points. Lots and lots of vegetables and lots and lots of fruit. Again, longing for Spring when warm weather helps me to crave these sorts of meals rather than a giant bowl of biscuits, give or take anything to go with them.

What's your strategy for the winter-blahs? I am in a RUT.

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