Friday, March 15, 2013

Off the rails at work.

While I had an OP day (for me meaning that my daily points allowance and activity was greater than points eaten), I had a snacky day at work.

Our expo cooler (a nifty little fridge that basically RIGHT WHERE I AM MOST OF THE TIME) has been broken for two weeks, which forces my awesome snack lunchbox into the walk-in cooler -- out of sight and out of mind.

Rather than enter the walk-in, I grab a french fry here, and a french fry there, and then a slice of baguette there, and a french fry here, etc.

Unfortunately, the snacking at work took up almost half of the points I ate for the day:

I used generalized items to get a sense of what I ate, but I had a couple bites of our red potato salad which is delicious and vinegar based, so not nearly as terrible as potato salad could be. I had 3 small slices of baguette (but no butter, thank god), 12 french fries (I kept track) and a quarter of a mistake cheeseburger that I split with my coworkers. Oh, and a cold press coffee with soy milk. 

Those STUPID french fries. I'm so very glad that I'm starting my first "shift" at the new restaurant tomorrow, and that they do NOT serve french fries, but they do make housemade corn tortilla chips, which will probably be just as dangerous. However, I have an opportunity to form new habits where I just do not pick at work, and I'm going to give that my best shot tomorrow during our mock opening. 

Also, can I just say, do you realize that TWELVE french fries are 7 points? Holy hell. I hate the points values of the french fries every time I indulge, and that worst part is that I don't even like fries very much, so it's completely worthless. 

Either way, it happened. I'm done with it. I've tracked it and I've held myself accountable. 

This morning I had a fantastic full-body strength training workout and even felt so motivated that I added 20 minutes of cardio which all-together earned me 6 Activity Points (APs). My pedometer tracking at work earned me another 9 APs, so even though I ate 32 points today, I am allowed 26 and earned 15 more which still puts me at a net deficit for the day. OP!

Send me strength to ignore those delicious chips tomorrow as I embark on a new-restaurant-opening adventure. Have a GREAT weekend!

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