Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lunching forward.

 You may be inundated by blog posts from me as I attempt to keep my momentum and motivation high. I've always been a fan of people posting meals because it helps to give me new ideas of things I could/should be eating that I may not have thought of.

While I doubt this lunch will inspire you, because it's mostly just a bunch of things thrown together from the hodge-podge that is my fridge, I'll post it anyway.

Here's the WW tracker break down of my meal, totally 8 pointsplus for all this food.

and of course, the meal itself.

Deli roll ups: avocado (weighed) inside deli sliced chicken breast with spicy mustard. 
Mixed greens with 1/4 cup (weighed) each of edamame, black beans and yellow pepper in 1 tbsp Annie's Lite Honey Mustard. 
1 oz part-skim mozzarella (weighed)
1/2 large banana, cut into spears

The deli roll ups are something I love to take in my lunch box. They're basically a sandwich without the bread, and easy to grab and snack on. 

As for the banana spears, this is something I've been doing in an attempt to keep eating bananas, which I love, but recognizing that they're far more calorie dense than other fruits. Because WW gives us all fruits for "free" (they have no pointsplus value), I've started halving my bananas, eating half at breakfast and half at lunch. Because I usually slice my bananas into oatmeal for breakfast, I figured why not make a lunch portion? The spears help me feel like I get more banana, plus... they're pretty inside, and I don't look at them that way very often. 

So, a HUGE lunch for low points. Lots of protein packed in between the beans, edamame, cheese and chicken. 

Big win. 

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Tiffany Campiotti said...

Yum! Why have I never thought to roll stuff into my meat like that? Totally doing that today!my kids and I love our "turkey rollups". Can't wait to add avocado.