Monday, March 11, 2013

Always Something.

So, I've continued spiraling out of control.

Isn't it funny how a week (or two) of sickness can just derail you? I started the week with some poor choices, and I indulged a little too much at work on Friday. Saturday, I kept it under control all morning and afternoon because a friend was having a birthday gathering at a local burger joint. I even split the burger with Manpanion, but had 2.5 beers and was easily convinced to get ice cream to take home for the evening to share with him.

Sunday wasn't much better, though I did end the day with a healthy dinner. I didn't really track any of this, only the activity that counteracted about .01% of it.

The hard part, now, is that I'm feeling ready to get back on track and back to my routine, I'm starting a new job, and when you're in the restaurant industry, that means you have to eat and drink EVERYTHING ON THE MENU.

I did make a point to schedule my training all on one day, rather than spacing it out through the week, so today I'll be sitting in mostly one place, for 12 hours, drinking tequila and eating delicious latin street food. It should be an interesting several hours, and it will force me to keep things in check because I certainly can't get drunk at work. It's perfect.

Tomorrow's meals are already planned out to help detox the weekend and what will inevitably be a 200 pointsplus day today.

Hey, one week isn't going to kill me, but I can't keep this up. I want my routine back!


I literally had to eat EVERYTHING on the entire menu for the new restaurant. I tried to keep it to very small bites just to taste, but even THAT was about 8 complete meals. I am beyond full, I feel like I might burst, and attempting to track all of that is just not even comprehensible to me. I'm giving up for the week, not at all counting on a loss, or even a maintain. It's TOM, and I've eaten about 5 pounds worth of gain at the training session. I'm almost hilariously excited to see HOW MUCH I was able to gain this week. Ridiculous.

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