Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weighing In - 02/28/2013

Previous weight: 152.6
Today's weight:  154.0

This week's results: +1.4lbs

A gain, an expected gain. Between the incredibly fun weekend we had and the sickness that followed (and continues), I definitely went overboard this week. 

On Friday, we had our Valentine's day redux to give the day some attention as we were attending a funeral and supporting friends on the holiday. There was drinking and eating and tap dancing and squeezing of oranges for the friend-brunch we held on Saturday morning. 

I made donuts. Before they looked this amazing, I screwed a ton of them up... and thus, ate them. Paul came up with a genius copy-cat recipe of Haute Dish's Vanilla Frozen Screwdriver (think Orange Julius with booze) and I may or may not have had that, and some brisket hash, and quiche, and  yogurt with blueberries and DONUTS. 

Sunday was my Mom's birthday and we went out to Barrio, a local latin-flare restaurant. Margaritas, tons of tacos, guacamole, etc. BOMB. 

Monday, I was completely sick and while I attempted to go to work, I was sent home only an hour later for puking in a garbage can. I had been dizzy all morning. I remained dizzy all day. Tuesday I woke up with a searing sore throat that I assumed was from... ahem... vomiting. However, it followed with stuffy nose/head/face/ouch. I went to my morning lab but I skipped all my other classes and slept the day away. 

However, yesterday I powered through being at the airport from 9:30am (for a job interview) until 9pm (at the end of my shift). I got another job at the airport and I'm going to split my time between the two restaurants and see which one is the best deal. I need to leave my current job by September because they'll be shutting down for construction for more than a month and replacing all the servers with iPads, so... this is good progress. That is NOT scheduled to happen at this new restaurant, and hence it is extremely attractive to me. 

So, an off week. I am not showing you my tracker because I kind of stopped tracking somewhere around Sunday night. 

I'm determined to be back on track today. I have my tracker open, and very limited options for food, so health is pretty much the only option now. I'm downing copious amounts of apple cider vinegar diluted in water because it has long been my head cold solution of choice.

How did your week go? 

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Tiffany Campiotti said...

SO much going on for you! Yikes, after a week like that, it's amazing to only have +1.4.
Hope you feel better soon! Sick kiddos in my house and I've got a sore throat and stuffy nose, but nothing too serious, thankfully (*knock on wood*). Food-wise I've been eating really clean. I took a step back and analyzed whether or not how I was eating was conducive to my goals..turns out I was giving myself too many allowances :) Time to strap it down and get closer to my ultimate goals.