Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weighing In - 02/21/2013

Previous weight: 153.2
Today's weight:  152.6

This week's results: -0.6lbs

HOORAY! Another loss. A smaller one, obviously, but a loss none-the-less, which keeps me heading in the right direction. 

On Valentine's Day we attended a funeral. I had classes in the morning and left the house without eating breakfast by mistake. I didn't leave myself enough time to get anything to eat, nor did I pack snacks, so by the time the service was over, I'd been up and moving for almost 9 hours without anything to eat. When they put out the church basementy buffet, I SNACKED. I ate a lot of terrible things and I tracked it as best I could. 

After the service, we went out to happy hour at a hilarious chain restaurant in the suburb we were in. This was very novel for Manpanion and I because we're foodie snobs and very rarely eat at big chain restaurants. There was a lot of crappy food passed among the group, most of which I passed on because I had filled up on little cream cheese sandwiches and cookies at the church. I did entertain myself with a Long Island Ice Tea because they were $3 and I haven't had one since before I was old enough to drink legally. Those things are FULL of points (and booze). 

As you can see, I didn't get in as much activity this week. That's because on Monday I had the genius plan to attempt my own HIIT (high intensity interval training) on the track at the gym. I walked 3/4 way around the track and then sprinted the remaining 1/4, repeat. I did this for an hour. 



Sprinting is not something I do often, so this was a terrible idea. I have delayed onset muscle pain/fatigue and now work has become extremely uncomfortable since I have to walk around for 10 hours with limited use of my shins. I'm walking like a duck. 

Tracking my food is obviously helping out, so I'm continuing down that track this week. I'm not changing too much in the way of how I'm eating, I'm just keeping it all in the log and trying to listen to my hunger signals and ignore the boredom snacking signals. I'm hopeful the shin pain will subside soon so I can get back to my regular level of activity and get some serious sweat happening. 

How was your week? 

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Missy said...

Great job on seeing another loss!! I think tracking/eating well is key...and exercise helps.

Hope you're having a good week!