Thursday, February 14, 2013

Weighing In - 02/14/2013

Previous weight: 155.2
Today's weight:  153.2

This week's results: -2.0lbs!!

YAY! A two pound loss. This week, while I didn't have much of a plan for eating, I did keep an eye on my tracker and attempt to rebuild my Weekly Points Allowance whenever I dipped into it. The point in the Weight Watchers program where I was able to lose the bulk of my weight was when I only ate my Activity Points, and not my weeklies. I "earned" any extra calories or treats I chose to consume. Somehow that in//out view works well for me... probably because it's backed in science. Hmmph. 

As you can see, I definitely ate this week. Saturday being the heaviest of days (and a date), with most of the days coming in a bit above 30 pp/day. 

I earned nearly 75 Activity Points this week. I cranked up my activity during intentional workouts at the gym, and also did a fair amount of shoveling and small bursts of cardio throughout the day which I decided to track this week. Running up a couple flights of stairs and back down to the floor I was originally intended to go. Cutting through deep snow when I could take a sidewalk. Anything to challenge my muscles. Seems to actually work out!

I also went back to a cardio class I had taken last week and burned 600+ calories in that hour. I think I will make that class a regular outing, but I need to find new outlets for favorite cardio. I had mostly eliminated anything that wasn't walking from my routine, and it's pretty obvious that I need that hard cardio for results, and also just for my body type. 

I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing this week and hope the results keep showing up. 

Happy Valentine's Day, by the way. This is a surreal holiday for me, one which I don't normally celebrate heavily either way, but today I'll be attending memorial services for a friend's father who passed earlier this week, so it's not a very romantic day. Though this man lead an incredibly joyous and romantic life, so it certainly still can be once people start reminiscing of him at the service. 

Until then, I'm heading off to the gym for a strength training session and then back here to shovel... again... before heading out to my classes for the morning/afternoon and then out to the services. 

I hope YOU have a lovely Valentine's Day!


Tiffany Campiotti said...

Congrats on your loss! I'm totally not into V Day. It just irritates me that people (men mostly) are pressured into buying stupid things to "prove" their love. I much prefer my husband to show his love every day in little ways...*end rant,sorry*
Anyway, have a great week!!

Missy said...

Yay for a significant loss!!! Great job!