Wednesday, February 27, 2013

All of the Ailments.

I have been all kinds of sick this week. It came on fast, and seems to be weakening. On Monday, I had spinny-dizzy-pukey sickness that resulted in a horrendous wretching into the trashcan at work. However, puking in a trashcan is an immediate "GO HOME," in my line of work, so I did.

Later that afternoon, the dizziness gave way to a sore throat, crazy body aches and 13 hours of tossing/turning sleep.

I attended  my science lab on Tuesday morning but skipped all remaining classes in favor of laying in bed, sleeping on and off between episodes of New Girl.

It's Wednesday now and I have a toothache. What is happening to my body!?!

I know a lot of people lose their appetite when they're sick, but I seem to gain someone else's. I've eaten a ton of terrible things the past few days, probably out of desperation for comfort and the useless convincing that I need LOTS OF FOOD to help fight off my various infections.

I'm very interested to see what this will do to my weigh in tomorrow, but way more interested in just feeling normal again.

Today I have a job interview right before my 9 hours shift at work. The other restaurant I'm interviewing for is also at the airport, so I'll just be at the airport all day from 9:30am to 8pm with a weird haze of sick slow dancing in the background.

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