Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Triumphant Return to Tracking

I've been tracking again for 48 hours.

One of those days was a school day, and the other a work day. This gives me a pretty nice view of how I eat in those two separate sectors of my life.

As a reminder, I work in a restaurant. The benefit to my (also triumphant) return to serving over a year ago now, is that I'm constantly on my feet. I left my somewhat active but arguably ridiculously stressful and underpaid job in the nonprofit sector for a new concept at the MSP Airport. I'm glad I did. I not only make more money in less time, but I am better able to focus on school.

Because I work in the airport, and MSP Airport specifically, I get a LOT of walking in. Just to arrive at my restaurant I already have to walk nearly a mile from the LRT (train) to and through security and to the restaurant. I then proceed to walk, stand, pivot and lift for around 7-10 hours each shift. The traffic at the airport is also very different because everyone starts to trickle in near the same time, and they all MUST LEAVE BECAUSE THEY NEED TO CATCH A FLIGHT all at the same time. This happens about once every 1.5 hours. Restaurant fills, restaurant empties. I'm busy most of the time I'm at work, and so grabbing into the fry bowl used to be an easy fix for a desire to snack.

While I've mostly kicked my fry bowl habit, I have graduated to slices of baguette with peanut butter. Not necessarily a lesser evil, but at least contains a shred of nutritional value. Aside from that, I bring a small stainless steel lunchbox full of raw fruits and vegetables to snack on for those moments I exercise small self-control.

Yesterday's work day was slightly out of the ordinary. I was called in early for a coworker who wasn't feeling well, so I worked 9am to 9pm instead of 11:30am to 9pm. That means I missed my morning workout. However, I got in extra steps at the airport, and I think it may have evened out, AP-wise. We were busy most of the day and I drank tons of water. I snacked on only 3 pieces of baguette with peanut butter but stuck to my box of veggies and fruit for the most part and ended the day with 1 daily point left.

Thursday, my first day back to tracking, was a classroom day. On Tuesdays I'm in class from 9am to 2pm, and on Thursdays I only have the last two classes which drops my day to 11am to 2pm. A short one, for sure. I spent the morning in the gym and ate a healthy breakfast and lunch prior to class, but I brought carmel corn to class and that was my first mistake. I ate all of it. When I returned home, a friend for whom I had done some contract data entry work had contacted me with a quick project that took me less than an hour. I ate more carmel corn while I did it.

Thursdays are also my Broomball games. This particular Thursday was -25degrees. The game wasn't till 9pm. It's hard enough for me to stay up until 9pm, let alone be enthusiastic enough to play broomball that late. I did it though, and I earned 11 APs for my game. So even though I over did it on carmel corn, (and cheese and crackers, and some other stuff) I only used a few Weekly points in addition to the activity I earned for the day between the gym and my broomball game.

And because the tracker works retroactively, the activity that I earned yesterday and didn't use gets swapped back to Thursday, so I have 7 activity points remaining in my bank thus far.

This morning I've used my food scale to measure out my yogurt+cereal breakfast, and I'm about to head to Barre class, which I've never been to. This sets February out on the right track because I'm taking that new class I said I would, and I'm measuring and tracking my food.

Superbowl Sunday is tomorrow, and I'm sure I'll blow my APs and Weeklies, but maybe not. I want to try to eat things that only seem worth it, like Emily's pulled pork, because it is so delicious. I'm planning to just bring a boring veggie tray, which I'll appreciate once I'm there.

Do you have a plan for Superbowl Sunday?

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Missy said...

Crazy schedule lady!! Did you go to Barre class downtown by Target field? I have a friend that tried out a Barre class there and loved it. It would be interesting to hear what you thought!