Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weighing In - 01/31/2013

Previous weight
: 155.0

Today's weight:  156.0

This week's results: +1.0lbs

Another gain this week, and while I'm celebrating only gaining 1 pound in 2 weeks, the overall trend is UP, and I'm not delighted about that. 

I started 2013 at 155.8lbs and this morning I am 156lbs. A net gain of .2lbs is definitely a pretty good way to spend a month, I'll be honest, but I feel that I'm straying and being a little too generous to myself with the treats. 

I am tracking food today on my Weight Watchers planner. I'm not going to follow the pointsplus program too seriously, because I don't feel like I'm "allowed" enough food for my high level of activity - even when factoring in all the weekly points allowance and the points I earn for said activity. However, I'm in need of a little accountability for the things I'm deciding to ingest, and tracking definitely provides that. 

I think this week will be challenging as I'm still trying to separate guilt from food. I never want to feel guilty for deciding to eat something, and I think being on any sort of "diet" program, no matter how awesomely long-term oriented it might be, is something that encourages good vs. bad foods. Categorizing things this way leads to a desire for "bad" things, and that desire leads to large-scale binging. 

In good news, I've made my GymPact every single week since I've joined the program. I've earned over $20 just for going to the gym, which I would have done anyway. The last two days in particular, I've managed to push myself back into HARD workouts, something I'd been slacking on for a couple weeks. 

One of my silent New Years Resolutions was to try to make it to a new fitness class every month. I had very good intentions to do this on Tuesday (nearly the last day of the month...), but called upon my BFFfffFFF to rescue me from my committment and we drank sake and talked about the whole range of private girly things that caused the male bartender (who was the only other person in the whole place) to blush. We care not.

I'm feeling excellent and on top of things. I've been spending a lot of time alone, and most time that I am alone I spend reflecting. Well, reflecting and drinking wine, but I think that's a given. 

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Missy said...

I always hated that about WW meetings - this was supposed to be a "you can eat whatever you want in moderation" plan but then in meetings the gals would talk about not letting themselves ever have a cupcake or a beer. Where's the moderation in that?!

Anywho. Sounds like you know what you gotta do. A +0.2 for the month is not bad at all.