Thursday, January 17, 2013

Weighing In - 01/17/2013

Previous weight: 153.4
Today's weight:  155.0

This week's results: +1.6lbs

Gain! I don't see this as a derailment from my project of not tracking my food, I see this as a complete and utter lack of care this past week. I ate everything, all the time. I was ending TOM, and I went to a bunch of much needed, soul-soothing happy hours where I ate whatever my companion was eating whether I was hungry or not. I had about 16 beers this past week, which is about 12 more than I had had the month before. A gain was expected, though I was secretly wishing the universe would toss me a weird miracle where I could drink a bunch of beer and still lose weight. 

Oh well. Universe wins.

This year, as a whole, is going very well. I've lost more than I've gained, which nets me numbers in the "right" direction, or rather toward my goal. I'm taking care of business, and I'm the Foursquare mayor of my local YWCA, which is actually quite an accomplishment, as my location is actually pretty huge. I've maintained this mayorship into the new year, which means I'm still more gung-ho about the gym than any new resolutioners (with Foursquare, obvs) and I'm still excited to go. It is officially a giant piece of my week and I look forward to my work-outs as little bouts of alone time where I get to psych myself up for being awesome. 

Today I even did extra lunges. FOR FUN. 

FOR FUN, you guys. 

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Tiffany Campiotti said...

Yay for extra lunges for fun! Have a great week...