Thursday, December 6, 2012

Weighing In - 12/06/2012

Previous weight: 156.4
Today's weight:  157.0

This week's results: +0.6lbs

GUYS. WHAT THE WHAT? Aside from Saturday//Sunday and Tuesday being a ball full of points, I had a totally OP (on plan) week. EVEN WITH the weekend, because I had the points. I am beyond baffled, and this means I need to revisit a few things. 

Here's my tracker:
So, there were 3 days I went over points in a way that would present these results. Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. ALL other days were at or very close to my daily points target with 28, 25, 26 and 25 respectively. 

Are Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday (66, 47 and 47) enough to cause a gain even though I ended the week with 7 Weekly Points left? Am I really sensitive enough (with my weight) that I can only eat the points I earn with Activity? Am I even able to do that? 

This will be a week of discovery for that, I guess, because I'm pretty tired of working all week and seeing a gain. Granted, I definitely had some fun over the weekend. I'm not pretending those numbers aren't there, and I'm bringing them to you honestly, just like my gain. 
On to the celebrations!
I celebrate that I earned an average of 6 Activity Points per day this week, and I met my pact with GymPact. 
I celebrate my determination in the face of these gains. I need to figure out how the plan is going to work for me and really get down to the business of losing weight. I know that I'm making it more difficult for myself by following the New Rules of Lifting for Women, because it's not a program to lose weight, and it causes my hunger to spike, and I'm building muscle... but it's a goal parallel to this program and I'm determined in both. I celebrate my commitment to tracking my weight even though I'm annoyed that I'm annoyed about it. 

This week I need to focus on:
  • Eating only what I earn. While Weight Watchers allots me 49 Weekly Points to play with, I'm finding out more and more that I can't eat those and lose (OBVIOUSLY). So, I will need to step up my activity in order to earn extra points if I intend to eat over my daily target. 
  • PLANNING splurges. On Saturday, Manpanion and I planned our date night. I looked up what I wanted to eat and we sought it out. We enjoyed ourselves, guilt free. Sunday, however, was an accident. I had a caramel roll on an impromptu buy-some-time trip to the coffee shop while waiting for the electronics store to open. Late that evening, we had an impromptu date with our friends and I ate a very heavy meal I had no intention of having. Sunday should not have happened. I should have planned better or said no. 
  • Getting back to basics. I didn't do very well with this goal this last week because I happened to eat out so often. When at home, I made a point to measure about half of the time, but I'm committed to weighing/measuring all of my food this week.  
  • Positive Self-Talk. Still love this goal!!!
  • EXERCISE! I've started the 2nd stage of NRL4W and it's very difficult. I'm trying to work in cardio around it, but the two combined feels hard on my body. I'm not sure I"m willing to give up the benefits of cardio to follow the program and vice versa, so I'm slowly figuring out what will work for me. However, exercise will be critical this week as I figure out how to stay closer to my daily target, something I have been meaning to do the entire time. 
This is not a big change from last week. In 2 weeks I've gained a little more than a pound, but I also did a little celebrating. However, I'm worried and frustrated that I could be gaining from staying within the programs outlines. I didn't eat over the points I was allotted or the activity I earned, so what will maintenance look like for me? Will I just be gaining .5lbs a week until I'm back up to the start? 

I'm worried that in order to lose, I'm going to have to be incredibly restrictive in a way that I could never maintain. It's a scary thought. 

Until then, I'm going to hit the gym and give this week an honest try. I'm going to PLAN my days and stop eating when I've hit my target. No late night ice cream if there aren't points for it. Time to wise up. 


Tiffany Campiotti said...

It's tough when the scale doesn't do what you think it should. I did X, the scale should do Y. Unfortunately weight loss isn't linear. Something else to consider is that especially during weight training the scale may not move but you lose inches. Do you take measurements?
Hang in there.
On the cardio while strength training topic- I'm having the same dilemma. If I do cardio my legs feel wrecked. My solution has been speed walking. It's not as intense, but I get moving on my "off weights" days and get cardio benefits. Finding balance is the key.

nic said...

YES! Tiffany, I took measurements last week and NOTHING has changed except for some loss in my waist. I actually gained half an inch in my hips.

I know I need to be reigning back more. I need to stick to my daily target, they call it a target for a reason.

I'm just feeling whiney today, and I hate being the blogger that comes back with gains all the freaking time. Not inspiring.

Tiffany Campiotti said...

We all get frustrated sometimes :) and you are not the blogger who gains all the time. Especially this time of year it can be difficult with "life" getting in the way of weight loss efforts.
Consistency is rewarded long term. You could just say "F -it" like many people do... but instead you are pushing on. Nobody needs to be perfect. Perfect is boring :)